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Darin Morgan strikes again. I think its safe to say that thus far the comedic episode from DM’s hand steals the show yet another season. – Walt Frasier

Rhys Darby’s Werelizard was by far the fan favorite from 2016.

Darin Morgan has presented a more modern version of the Abbott and Costello styled comedic horror genre. The secret behind Abbott & Costello’s Frankenstein Mummy and Invisible Man comedies is that they were legit MGM horror flicks, if you simply remove gags.

At first glance one might think if The X-files had a token red shirt character, Brian Husky as Reggie Something would never survive the second act. Reggie seems more like the cubical guy than Mulder’s first partner.

The script is as wordy as Abbott & Costello with as many sight gags to boot.

Within the fake Twilight Zone opening, we get a Alien that almost plays a one man three stooges gag with three pairs of hands gasping for mouth, ears, eyes face-palm and other place seemingly important to the alien.


And my name’s not buddy (Meniacal Laugh) …

We learn later that Mulder remembers this as his favorite episode of Twilight Zone ever.

Cut to opening credits, without hidden message. Just the usual “The Truth is Out There” Anyone else feel gypped for about 35 minutes?

After the commercial break Mulder comes in dressed as Sasquatch. “I’ve been out Squatching” he tells Scully.

Squatching sounds like something you do in a hole while camping. More dookie, anyone? Is there anything more relaxing than hanging out in a itchy over heated mascot costume? NOTHING Simple & Uncomplicated about that.

We do get talk of a possible date, right? DINNER FOR TWO?

Hilarious moment wraps up the scene when Scully says she really does not need to hear the 35yo Big Foot mold story, and eventually hangs up. “Scully?”

Later that night Mulder awakes and notices the mysterious X taped to his window. It is a bit smaller than we are used to, and in the wrong place, or so I remember…


Mulder goes to the old rendezvous point to find Reggie. Are those sunflower seeds or is Reggie into a bigger nut?

SIRENS “I think your ride is here.”

Odd exchange seems to imply Mulder’s memory of Reggie has been erased. Reggie explains that Mulder’s favorite episode of The Twilight Zone – from the prologue – is fake; never existed.

They hear foot steps, Mulder makes Rod Serling (Twilight Zone host/creator) joke, Reggie vanishes.

At this point I am thinking about the possible alternate/parallel universe angle. Long before Mulder suggests it (must have been in the trailers) Did Reggie slip into another realm, another plane of existence?

<I took a break at this point and binged first 4 eps of Twilight Zone form 1959. I forgot how amazing that show was!!! All seasons available on CBS online. I forgot I signed up to watch Star Trek. Might as well take advantage of something I’m paying for… lol>


Mulder has torn his house apart looking for his favorite episode. Did his old apartment #42 have room for all this stuff? We get yet another Mulder break down moment.


How dare Scully confuse Twilight Zone and Outer limits. lol

“Can we talk about this over dinner?”

So over this already, Dana seems more hungry than eager to have romantic time with Fox. But still the idea of a date satisfies MSR crew, right?

Like a kid, Mulder declares he will never again be able to eat until he figures this mystery out.

Mulder’s memory of his first experience with The Twilight Zone is hilarious. I love that I was not spoiled by leaks on this bit. The folks at Fox have been doing WAY to much teasing and leaving WAY too little for us to discover Wednesday nights.

I fear spoiling fans with blogs and vlogs and live tweeting, but what is left to spoil after these daily video promo releases.

Does 8yo Mulder NOT look like the NY Lotto Guy. “Little bit O Luck” – Funny story I auditioned for this commercial 10+ years ago lol

Again Scully is done hearing the same old story again.

I am starting to see my own relationship here, with my old numerously recounted stories boring my wife.


Scully finally meets Reggie. Reggie presents the box of knock off Gelatin.


Scared and broken Reggie questions his own existence.  “Prove that I’m real”.


Well now Scully has a mystery memory of her own. She remembers GOOP-O A-B-C.

Mulder presents The Mandela Effect – the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect named for folks remembering falsely that Nelson Mandala died in the 1980s when he was actually imprisoned, later to become president of South Africa. CLICK HERE for a list of 200 classic false memories.

They decide to meet with Reggie together. “It’ll be like a date” looks exchanged…


Well this is romantic…

Ok, maybe not so much a date.

Reggie Something retells his story of the false memory of his favorite childhood book.

In this alternate reality Reggie says The Mendela Effect is actually The Mengele Effect for Josef Mengele (Falsely remembered by some as Joseph Mingla)

Bill Dow (Chuck) returns to the X-Files as Pangborn the purveyor of pop culture junk and useless trivial facts.

NO I remember the logo being racist is a different way

Pangborn puts the idea into Reggie’s head that the government knows and there is a conspiracy behind the Mingle Effect.

Darin Morgan spares no expense taking this gimmick to the Nth degree.

The edit makes it look as though the entire episode is manipulated as Reggie is about to say G-??? there is a skip, with the sound of a scratched record.

Questioning what we saw, we immediately re-watched that moment, catching up to the live view during the next commercial.

Mulder introduces theory of a parrallel universe.

Wait, whaaaaa?

Neither Sculls or Reggie dig that. Reggie’s response suggests he has heard Mulder make this claim before.

that crap gives me a headache

Ozzie’s Razor – Osborn lol

Occam’s (or Ockham’s) razor is a principle … that “Entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily.” or “when you have two competing theories that make exactly the same predictions, the simpler one is the better.” MORE MATH /SCIENCE STUFF HERE

Occam’s Axe?


awkward pause….

You remember those watermelon candies that taste like coconut

Watermelon Slice Coconut Candy Bars (Watermelon flavored coconut bars) 1.65oz, 24 Count

This conversation starts to get into modern times in a scary way. It is near impossible to keep a secret these days with the dawn of social media and instant information online. Flooding the internet with fake news and conspiracy theories allows the rich and powerful to hide in plain site. Folks will believe the many false scenarios and doubt the facts. #FAKENEWS & #ALTERNATIVEFACTS being tweeted by the president and his team makes this common practice among shady con artists in dark allies mainstream.


Apparently THEY is DR THEY.



FOX / X-Files needs to post this DR THEY video online.

HAHA Top Secret Nasa Operation Soy Bomb

Image result for top secret operation soy bomb

Speaking of flooding with fake news, I just spent 20 minutes Easter egg hunting looking for a Space Monkey named Perry from real NASA History, just in case.

Anyone catch the joke about crowd size at the last Presidential election? “100s of Millions in attendance” Considering America has less than 400 million people, that was one crowded mall LOL


Image result for dr the x-files forehead sweat

We finally meet Dr. They.

While talking about the mysterious guy, wondering how to find Dr. They, guess who calls?

This is a fun scene. Upon seeing a few early photos of David Duchovny shooting with the laughing statues, Duchovniacs took a field trip while in Vancouver to see David and the band.

My only issue with this scene? Of all the scenes shot in Canada, supposedly places around Washington DC area and all of America, this clearly is clearly a Vancouver landmark.

But this issue is minor. Otherwise the statues, combined with the bizarre smile, eyes and monologue by Dr. They – against David’s Straight-man Mulder – make an eerie tale. Fake News and Altered Facts leap out of the headlines and into the horror hidden behind slap stick laughs.


Who did not love this alternate opening credits sequence with a Capella voices and REGGIE SOMETHING. (Months ago I predicted this guy was Skinner’s equivalent to Miller & Einstein. In a way I was right).

I know Darin Morgan is reportedly upset he could not get Reggie into the ‘Walking in Memphis’ sequence from Post Modern Prometheus. But are there other insertions that did not make the cut. I could imagine a bunch of gems on future DVD releases. (Does anyone buy DVDs anymore?). Just put on YOUTUBE.


Let’s just say this next sequence is hilariously ridiculous. I LOVED IT! It is beyond words, except this is my new favorite spoof of Donald Trump. FAR surpassing SNL or anything in past 2-40 years.


The rest of universe rejects us because we lie too much.

Think on that.


Turns out THE LAST MARTIAN was not a TTZ episode after all. Yet another knock off brand. The GOOPO of anthology series.

But one last question?

Did Scully skip the tasting because of possible flavors of TAINT or just in case that mold actually might have 35-year old biological remains of a big hairy ape like man beast?

We might never know….



OH and fans are upset as we yet again were robbed of an on screen kiss.

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