X-Files Season 11 with James, Glen, Darin, Vince, Howard, Alex?

X-Files Season 11

with James Wong, Glen Morgan, Darin Morgan, Vince Gilligan, Howard Gordon, Alex Gansa?

X-Files Season 10 is proving to be a huge success. This should come as no surprise after the biggest build up without any burn out in fan history. It is almost unheard of to have so many years of wanting to lead up to such a grand slam. Most fandoms would have peaked too soon – years ago – with the schedule we keep. Other fandoms are not gifted with such amazing work after such a long wait. (Trust me as a DC Heroes fan with decades of disappointment.)

Editorial by WALT FRASIER @WALTFRASIER on twitter


This article / editorial stems from a paragraph I wrote this morning simply trying to beef up the post about last night’s ratings to 300 characters (SEO magic) but is swimming in my mind now as the dream Season 11, 12, 13, 14 etc etc etc

Every fan has their favorites. Vince Gilligan’s Bad Blood, Morgan and Wong’s super scary monster’s of the week (Tooms etc), Darin Morgans Humbug and other laugh a minute episodes,  or Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa’s police procedurals.

This X-Files writing and directing squad has gone on to create the best TV in the past 20 years – 24, Homeland, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Supernatural etc etc etc. A few great movies too.


Every year, we get a master episode from each of these greats. It would be the greatest anthology series of writers and directors that just happen to be glued together by our favorite FBI agents and the serial mythology.

Future seasons become a friendly competition among TV’s best writers to create a masterpiece. Each after a Emmy or Golden Globe as the ultimate prize. Each season will have all the flavors of Seasons 1-5 suped up on crack.

Morgan and Wong will continue to do their best to kill Mulder and Scully every week.

Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa will bring the intense police drama and serial killers.

Vince Gilligan will make us fall in love with the bad guys in worlds that are never black and white.

Darin Morgan will make David look like an idiot in the most adorable ways.

Oh, and Chris Carter will bring the whole team together while trying to do everything in his power to split up the dynamic duo, anyway possible.

These grade-A scripts and directors will attract the best guest stars in Hollywood and New York to Vancouver to join our amazing cast of Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny and Mitch Pileggi.

Fans will drive viewership.

FOX can use its continued success to launch all of its new series.

Look at what Lucifer did last night. The comics have not done well with its lesser known commodities. Anyone watch Constantine? I did and felt very alone. Metropolis and Gotham are almost always good for 3-4 seasons at their worst. 1980s Superboy still leaves a bad taste. Now Central and Star City are dominating the Fantasy TV world.

Thinking back, I remember how alone I felt as a X-Files fan back in 1993. Chat groups online were the home of deviants back then, or so the rumors said. I did not know any of the other 10 million viewers. I now know I am surrounded online by 1000s of fans, millions worldwide, and very proud to be along for the ride again as the next chapters unfold…


PS HEY X-FILES FANS!!! There are about 10 million of you out there that are fairly reliable. If you have not checked out David Duchovny’s Aquarius, give it a shot. Season 2 comes out late Spring/Summer 2016. I love Season 1. Great cast and writing. Summertime is perfect for checking out the summer of love.

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