‘X-Files’ Revival Sci-Fi-Heavy Scripts Help David Duchovny Get Back Into Fox Mulder’s Suit

Christian Saclao
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Aug, 03, 2015, 06:51 AM


David Duchovny, who is reprising his role as Fox Mulder in the upcoming “The X-Files” revival, revealed that the sci-fi-heavy scripts of the six-episode reboot has helped him get back into the character.

“It felt very familiar, I thought, ‘Let’s do it; let’s do these characters.’ Unfortunately I had about five pages of expositional dialogue, and that was interesting because I hadn’t been asked to say that kind of c**p in a long time,” the 54-year-old actor told SFX magazine (via Irish Independent).

“There were things like ‘electrogravitic propulsion’. You say that!” he laughed. “That’s just a tidbit, but there were five pages of it. It was great that that was the first day because it was like, ‘OK, this is how the guy speaks. This is the world we are in. Let’s get in shape for it.'”

Duchovny’s co-star Gillian Anderson, on the other hand, admitted that she’s had a little trouble reprising her role as Dana Scully.

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“It feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve played her,” Anderson told TVLine of her role in Chris Carter’s sci-fi franchise. “I can’t remember what year the movie was, but it felt like [Dana] was further away from me than I’d thought she would be. But I’ve also worked really hard at putting her entirely to sleep, so that was successful; she’s just taken longer to wake up.”

Despite the difficulties, Duchovny believes that he and Anderson are “capable of doing more” in the revival.

“If I were to look back at the first or second year of the show, I wouldn’t try to act like that guy,” Duchovny told The New York Times. “I’m capable of doing more. She’s capable of doing more. It’ll be interesting to see how we keep the characters the same but also the actors are better.”

Duchovny and Anderson last played their respective characters in the 2008 feature film “The X-Files: I Want to Believe.”

“The X-Files” revival premieres on Sunday, Jan. 24 right after the NFL’s NFC championship game. It will then move to Monday nights, starting on Jan. 25 and continue over the next four weeks.

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