The stars of the X-Files were all on hand at the California Science Center this past Tuesday, January 12, 2016. They entered one by one to work the Red Carpet sponsored by Ford.


We are more of a FAN SITE than Press so our goal is always David Duchovny. David was surprised to see us, remarking our dedication to showing up all over the country.

David said our dedication is about to be challenged in May with soon to be released news about a HELL OR HIGH WATER TOUR that would require us to dust off our passports. I tweeted a hint of this out Tuesday from the event and my notifications blew up.

Laurice asked about the HOLY COW animated musical project. David said there are forces at work that are trying to make it happen. While it didn’t sound like it was his primary focus at this time, he mentioned there was still interest. David was in high demand so I quickly moved on to the buffet. It’s my thing.

Perhaps 30-minutes later, while finishing a glass of red wine, I was surprised by a farewell double pat on the shoulder. I turned and he was already almost out of sight… Sorry, let me move on before this turns into a grocery store romance novella. #WALTOVNY is real LOL.

Laurice had a brief meeting with William B. Davis. After 35 years of watching celeb interviews I should realize by now that the villains are always played by the nicest actors. Mr. Davis was incredibly gracious, especially after sharing we just finished the final season of Continuum, a series on Syfy. If you have not watched it is fun. William B. Davis plays the future self of one of the main characters and a driving force of the overall plot line

It was a real pleasure meeting Annet Mahendru. Annet was passing by with her friend when I mentioned I loved her on the Americans. She stopped to chat with us. Our friends at X-Files News joined the conversation. If you are unfamiliar with this actress, go watch FX’s THE AMERICANS. One of my favorite shows on TV in past 10 years, Annet plays a Russian in the USSR DC Embassay and after being recruited by the FBI, also becomes a double agent for the KGB. Alas that was the cold war of the 1980s. In “My Struggle”, Annet brilliantly plays Sveta. Enough for now, as I want this post to be spoiler free, but I expect to see this young actress take Hollywood by storm.

I met Robbie Amell in passing, asking, “When will we finally see you in the X-files?” Robbie held out all 4 fingers and a thumb. “FIVE”.

“Cool. No more Tomorrow People?” What I really wanted to ask was “Will we see you as Firestorm again?” But on my tougue was FIRESTAR and I knew that was the heroin from 1980s cartoons Spiderman and his Amazing Friends. I thought he did a great job on The Flash the past two years. We were also sad to see The Tomorrow People cancelled.

We both tried to talk to Annabeth Gish. But Annabeth moves fast and is in demanad. hard to catch. Annebeth did catch Laurice though…

Annabeth Gish (@annabeth_gish) • Instagram photos and videos.clipular

Original photo – Annabeth Gish Instagram @annabeth_gish

Ashton Irwin was in the house when Laurice noticed the popular 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER drummer hanging out. A major rising star in the music world, 20-year old Ashton was ecstatic to have someone recognize him in the mostly older crowd.

I already posted our meeting with Chris Carter CLICK HERE

My geekiest moment came when we met Joel McHale. We were on our way out. Clearly Joel was trying to get the eff out. But we did want to tell him we were going to try and see him in New York at Carolines next month. He said he was trying to get out of there and had not yet stolen a pillow.

“OK, write your email down for me.” Say Joel. OH CRAP.

The next 5 minutes was all about looking for a pen or perhaps a lone business card hiding in my wallet.

The next 10 minutes was waiting for an opportune moment to give Joel the NJ Transit Ticket I wrote my name and email. The staff was cleaning up. Security was glaring (GET THE EFF OUT)…

Joel was talking to Chris Carter and Vince Gilligan. I saw one more pillow. I grabbed it. A security guard was walking towards me with intent. Not sure if he was more worried about getting me out or taking the pillow back.

I butted in subtly (as subtle goes for me). “Sorry they’re about to kick me out”.

“I was hoping for a pillow with the logo” That’s what I thought but did not want the star to go home empty handed.

I was saving the best for last. While periscoping the Red Carpet activities, emmy award winning editor (wins for “Tempus Fugit“, “Kill Switch“, “S.R. 819”  ALSO American Cinema Editors award for Best Edited One-Hour Series “Unruhe“) Heather MacDougall saddled up next to me. As Heather told me she was the emmy award winning editor, I slowly turned cell phone camera and periscope feed onto my new best friend. We then shared thre Red Carpet experience as we noticed stars arriving. There’s Mitch, and WIlliam, and Annet… It was like X-Files Romper Room Magic Mirror time. I recognized Robbie Amell right away. Our Twitter fans went nuts. “SO COOL” ” OMG”

So that was kind of like my get. Later at the after party Heather approached me “Have you seen CSM?”

I responded “William was sitting over there (all the celebs had their very own plush L-shaped lounge couch VIP section to receive press) but he just got up ans was at the buffet (just feet behind us – I always notice when stars go to the buffet… it’s my thing).

Seconds later I noticed out of the corner of my eye yelling  “HEATHER” we’re on a first name basis now “There he is!” Heather smiled acknowledgement.


So as I often say “SO THAT HAPPENED!”

To be in the right place at the right time you have to be out of the house and in a lot of places. Add to that my own bumbling idiot charm I have to say I have had some amazing times

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