X-Files Podcast “2 X-Philes and a Newborn” Anasazi, The Blessing Way, Paper Clip


Long time X-Files fans Walt Frasier and Laurice Fattal are joined by fellow improv comedian and baby-phile new comer Patrick Reidy. Together Walt, Laurice and Pat rewatch and discuss episodes of the series as well as its impact while visiting 1990s memory lane. See everyone at the New York Comic Con this weekend!!! Anyone going to SESSIONS at WILLOW GROVE to see David sing tonight, send us pictures (See you all in DC, NY and Philly later this month…)

The X-Files episode “Anasazi

A burnt alien corpse, found in a desertedboxcar
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 25
Directed by R. W. Goodwin
Teleplay by Chris Carter
Story by David Duchovny
Chris Carter
Production code 2X25

In the desert near a Navajo Indian reservation in Two Grey Hills, New Mexico, a teenage boy comes across a boxcar buried in the ground. He retrieves the corpse of an alien-like figure from the boxcar, which he takes back to the reservation and presents it to the residents, including Navajo elder Albert Hosteen.

Shortly afterward, Kenneth Soona, a computer hacker known as “The Thinker”, breaks into the Defense Department database and downloads secret files related to extraterrestrial life, putting them onto a digital tape. When the Syndicate learns of the breach, the Smoking Man tells them that he has already resolved the matter. The Lone Gunmen meet with Mulder, and tell him that Soona requests to meet with him. While Mulder is leaving his apartment building, he finds that one of his neighbors has shot her husband.

Soona gives the digital cassette to Mulder at a discreet meeting in a park. An excited Mulder returns to FBI headquarters, only to find that the cassette is encrypted. Scully believes the encryption is based on the Navajo language and takes the tape in order to investigate. When Skinner calls Mulder to his office to question him about the tape, Mulder physically attacks him. Scully is brought before an FBI panel led by Skinner and is questioned about Mulder’s actions. Scully is told that Mulder faces dismissal from the FBI, and that she will suffer a similar punishment if she has lied to them.

On Martha’s Vineyard, the Smoking Man visits Mulder’s father, Bill, and informs him of his son’s likely possession of the tape. Scully meets with a Navajo translator, who refers her to a code talker. Mulder is called away to see Bill; when Scully arrives at his apartment, she is grazed by a bullet shot through his window. When Mulder arrives at Bill’s residence, his father prepares to reveal the truth about everything. However, Bill is shot and mortally wounded by Alex Krycek. When Mulder contacts Scully, she tells him to flee the scene. After Mulder arrives at her apartment, Scully takes his gun from him while he sleeps.

Scully brings the gun to the FBI for comparison against the bullet that killed Bill. When Mulder awakens, he becomes angry and suspicious towards Scully. Later returning to his building, Scully finds his water being contaminated. When Mulder arrives home, he finds Krycek there and prepares to kill him. However, Scully shoots him to prevent him from doing so, allowing Krycek to escape. Scully brings an unconscious Mulder to New Mexico and, when he awakens, reveals that his behavior was caused by a drug placed into his water supply. She introduces him to Hosteen, who has been translating the files on the digital tape.

Scully reveals that the tape contains information on both her and Duane Barry. Hosteen introduces Mulder to his grandson, who drives him to the buried boxcar. Just before he heads in, he is called by the Smoking Man, who is able to trace Mulder’s location through the call. Mulder heads inside the boxcar, finding a pile of the dead creatures, each with smallpox vaccination scars on their arms. The Smoking Man arrives by helicopter with eight armed commandos and, not finding Mulder inside, orders the boxcar to be burned.

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The Blessing Way
The X-Files episode
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 1
Directed by R. W. Goodwin
Written by Chris Carter
Production code 3X01
Original air date September 22, 1995

In Two Grey Hills, New Mexico, Albert Hosteen (Floyd Red Crow Westerman) and his family are beaten by the Men in Black as they search for the whereabouts of Fox Mulder (David Duchovny). Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) is pursued by a black helicopter before soldiers retrieve her printed copies of Albert’s translations of the digital tape. Scully denies having the original tape, saying it is in Mulder’s possession. Upon returning to Washington, the FBI puts Scully on mandatory leave and forces her to turn in her badge and gun. Upon entering Mulder’s office, she finds the tape missing.

Meanwhile, in New York City, The Smoking Man (William B. Davis) appears before the Syndicate, who question him over the whereabouts of the tape. Mulder, alive but severely wounded, is found buried under some rocks near the buried boxcar. Hosteen has Mulder taken to a Navajo sweat lodge to be healed during a “Blessing Way” ritual. During the ritual, Mulder has ghostly visions of Deep Throat and his father, who urge him to recover and continue his search for the truth.

Melvin Frohike visits Scully’s apartment and shows her a newspaper article about Kenneth Soona’s murder. When she returns to FBI headquarters, the metal detector curiously goes off. Scully presents Skinner with the newspaper article, thinking that the data from Soona’s death can clear Mulder in his father’s murder. Skinner, however, refuses to do any follow-up on it. Leaving the building, Scully has a hunch upon seeing the metal detector again that leads to locating metal in the back of her neck. Scully sees a doctor, who removes a small metal implant.

Scully’s sister Melissa urges her to see a hypnotherapist to recover lost memories of her abduction. Scully heads there, but becomes scared and stops the session. Returning home, Scully finds Skinner leaving her apartment and driving off; he later denies being there. Mulder, recovered from the Blessing Way ritual, is told by Albert that he cannot bathe or change clothes for four days. Scully heads to Boston to attend Bill’s funeral, where she introduces herself to Mulder’s mother, Teena. At the cemetery, Scully is approached by a Syndicate member known as the Well-Manicured Man, who warns her that she is about to be killed, either by a pair of assassins or by someone she knows. Mulder goes to Connecticut and questions Teena about an old photo of his father standing with the other members of the Syndicate in front of a mysterious building.

Melissa calls Scully and tells her she is coming over. After receiving a call from someone who immediately hangs up, Scully leaves her apartment and tells Melissa that she’ll head to her home instead. As she leaves, Skinner pulls up in his car, telling her they need to speak in private. Melissa shows up soon afterwards and is mistakenly shot by Luis Cardinal, who is hiding there with Alex Krycek. Realizing they shot the wrong person, the two flee. Meanwhile, after taking Skinner to Mulder’s apartment, Scully holds him at gunpoint, believing he is the traitor the Well-Manicured Man spoke of. Skinner tells Scully that he is in possession of the digital tape. Just then, someone steps outside the door. This distracts Scully enough for Skinner to pull out his gun on her.

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The X-Files episode “Paper Clip
Paper Clip

Mulder below an alien spaceship
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 2
Directed by Rob Bowman
Written by Chris Carter
Production code 3X02
Original air date September 29, 1995

Continuing from the previous episode, Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) and Walter Skinner (Mitch Pileggi) hold each other at gunpoint. Fox Mulder (David Duchovny), the person lingering outside his apartment, bursts in and forces Skinner to put his gun down. He also demands that Skinner surrender the digital tape. Skinner insists on keeping the tape, saying it is their only leverage in exposing the conspiracy.

The agents visit The Lone Gunmen, showing them an old photo featuring Bill Mulder, The Smoking Man, Deep Throat, and other members of the Syndicate. The Lone Gunmen also recognize Victor Klemper, a notorious Nazi scientist who was brought to the United States under Operation Paperclip. Melvin Frohike informs Scully of her sister Melissa’s condition. Mulder persuades Scully not to visit Melissa at the hospital, since she could be targeted there.

Furious that the wrong person was murdered, the Syndicate demands that the Smoking Man produce the tape. The Smoking Man promises to do so the following day. Meanwhile, Mulder and Scully visit Klemper, who says that the photo was taken at a former mining facility in West Virginia. After the agents leave, Klemper calls the Well-Manicured Man and informs him that Mulder is alive. The news causes the Syndicate to further mistrust the Smoking Man. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Albert Hosteen visits Melissa while a suited man loiters nearby.

Mulder and Scully arrive at the mining facility and, using the code for Napier’s constant given to them by Klemper, unlock one of the reinforced doors inside. The agents discover a large complex of filing cabinets containing smallpox vaccination records and tissue samples. Mulder finds his sister’s file and finds that it was originally meant for him. Meanwhile, Skinner tells the Smoking Man that he may have found the digital tape. The Smoking Man is agitated at this, insisting that he will not make a deal with Skinner and tacitly threatening his life.

Hearing noise, Mulder heads outside and witnesses a UFO flying overhead; inside, small beings run past Scully. Cars full of armed soldiers arrive, forcing the agents to flee. The agents meet with Skinner at a diner in rural Maryland. Skinner wants to turn over the tape in exchange for their reinstatement and safety. After initially objecting, Mulder agrees to let Skinner turn the tape over. Skinner heads to see Melissa in the hospital and is told by Albert of the mysterious blue-suited man outside. Skinner chases the man to a stairwell where he is attacked by Alex Krycek and Luis Cardinal, who beat him unconscious and steal the tape.

Krycek narrowly escapes an attempt on his life when his car explodes. He subsequently phones the Smoking Man, telling him that he has the tape and will make its contents public should anyone come after him. The Smoking Man lies to the rest of the Syndicate, telling them that Scully’s would-be assassin was killed in the car bombing and that the tape has been destroyed with him. Mulder and Scully return to Klemper’s greenhouse, finding the Well Manicured Man there. He admits to knowing Mulder’s father and states that he helped gather genetic data for post-apocalyptic identification, data Klemper used to work on alien-human hybrids. Samantha was taken to ensure Bill Mulder’s silence after he learned of the experiments.

Mulder confronts his mother, who tells him that his father chose that Samantha be taken. At FBI headquarters, Skinner once again meets with the Smoking Man about the tape. The Smoking Man calls Skinner’s bluff, knowing he no longer has the tape, but Skinner reveals that Albert and twenty other Navajo have memorized the contents of the tape and are ready to reveal it if either Mulder or Scully are harmed. Mulder meets with Scully at the hospital, who reveals that her sister died a few hours before. Mulder tells Scully that he believes that the truth is still in the X-Files. Scully tells him that she’s heard the truth, and now what she wants are the answers.

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