X-Files My Struggle on FOX PODCAST 2 Philes and a Newborn

X-files My Struggle PODCAST

2 Philes and a Newborn with Walt (@WALTFRASIER) Laurice (@LAURICEF) and Pat (@THEPATREIDY)

X-files My Struggle PODCAST: Walt, Laurice and Pat are back talking about a whole bunch of stuff including the review of “My Struggle”, attending and meeting some of the cast and writers at X-files premiere party in LA and singing on stage at a David Duchovny Concert. We argue over very important issues including noromos vs shippers, reboots with new actors, the X-files theme song, scruffy Mulder’s stubble and how in the world CSM is still alive. All this while Pat & Laurice have to deal with Walter’s emergency issues.


X-files My Struggle First Minute (Opening Sequence)

“My name is Fox Mulder…” brought a huge roar form the crowd at the New York Comic Con. I was the only one at the LA Premiere to vocalize my thanks to Chris Carter and the gang for bringing back my favorite TV show of all time. And then when that flying saucer crashes “OMG!” I said to my self surrounded by stiff critics focused on finding fault while I just ate it all up like over eater at Golden Corral.

X-files My Struggle

X-files My Struggle

X-files My Struggle GREETINGS

Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) are reunited when Tad O’Malley (Joel McHale) requests a meeting through FBI / Walter Skinner (Mitch Pileggi). The initial greeting is a little cold. Clearly Mulder and Scully have not been together as a couple for some unknown time. THAT SHIP HAS SAILED… for now…

X-files My Struggle MEET Tad O’Malley and Sveta

Tad O’Malley takes the two on a drive in his mobile bunker disguised as a stretch limo. After showing his sincerity in Mulder’s cause, The trio visits Sveta, an alien abductee that previously knew Mulder from a past case.

X-Files My Struggle

Sveta shows off her melon scooper scooped belly.

X-files My Struggle SKINNER JOINS THE FUN Masquerade

Mulder finds his old office empty of many of his old files as Skinner tries to ground Mulder.

MSR Shippers Hating on Tad & Sveta

Some X-Files fans cannot deal with ANYTHING coming between their MSR “Mulder Scully Relationship”. A many are totally hating on Tad. Especially after he makes his moves. Was Scully on a date with Tad and his expensive bubbly when Mulder calls. She needs to get out of the car to deal. AWKWARD!!!


F U TAD!!!


Is he Santa? A Garden Gnome? Or just that little doctor form Roswell that carried away the alien? (PICK C) Mulder has a new conspiracy theory confident to basically misdirect him at will.

deep throat


ARV to the rescue?

Lets just say things do not work out well for everyone.

X-Files My Struggle




Merry X-Files: “My Struggle” My Review – Do not open till January 25th

The X-Files “My Struggle” shatters all Ratings Expectations. Season 11 guaranteed!!!?

X-Files My Struggle up to date with the science? Ununpentium Element 115


The X-Files





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