X-Files fans want a 3rd movie, but should they? Chris Carter has some thoughts on this

X-Files fans want a 3rd movie, but should they?

Editorial by Walt Frasier with Summary of Chris Carter 1/21 conference call

As many of you know, I saw X-Files Fight the Future three times opening night back in 1998. LOVED IT!!! (What about my men?) While I enjoyed the 2008 film, I never understood doing a “Monster of the Week” Movie. I wanted more epic aliens.

After seeing “My Struggle” twice, I am more excited to see more X-Files mini series than a third movie as a fan and as a member of the entertainment industry. It makes a lot more sense. FYI I started this article before, but finished it seconds after getting off of the Chris Carter Conference Call.


There are so many factors that go into this view point…

  • Actor Schedules – TV works faster. In the same amount of time actors can shoot 6 – episodes or on feature length film.
  • More stories – Chris Carter can satisfy all the fans with 6 story arcs.  We can get more of our favorite writers and directors involved. We have 6-hours of content to rewatch instead of 2. Chris Carter also confirmed this is a reason he likes TV option.
  • Budgets – Overall TV is cheaper to produce and commercials will pay for production. You can more easily guarantee investors getting paid. And 6-hours of content can eventually make more money for investors and studios. Over time that means, REINVESTMENT into more content. More content means more royalties in the after market (DVDs, Streaming, Digital Downloads etc)
  • Easier to build a TV audience. Social media is better to generate audience and keep the fans involved. Look at all the action on twitter for season 10. How many movies have seen that much attention. Chris Carter says, regarding fans at Comic Cons and Social Media  “the drum beat is loud and clear” for more X-Files content.
  • Chris Carter’s idea for a third movie is thwarted by the current run in 2016. Chris Carter says he has a finished script for XF3 but would have to rewrite it in consideration of how the 2016 story arc evolved.

All most fans care about is getting more Mulder, Scully et al.

Chris Carter says we need to continue to beat that drum, and he thinks everyone involved had a great time making Season 10. Everyone needs to get the word out, so the show gets the ratings in order for us to get more.

FYI Here are a few bullet points from Chris Carter Conference Call

  • William will not appear in new season, however he is an absentee character. His existence plays a major role in episodes 2 & 4 specifically.
  • There is an episode Chris has wanted to do for 20 years, and he could not make it work in 2016 arc. 6-episodes do give more freedom than a movie, but still the stand-alones have to connect. A 20-24 episode season allows stand-alones to better stand alone.
  • Chris Carter has a completed script for X-Files 3. However, it would have to be rewritten based on the Season 10 episodes.
  • 2016 Mythology takes a strong right turn. What Mulder thought to be true is a fraction of the greater conspiracy.
  • Chris Carter is amazed the press is not in tune with the strong undercurrents of conspiracy theories. He attends conferences and follows online and radio programming (inspiration for Tad I imagine). The mistrust of government has never been stronger. There has never been a better time for X-Files.
  • “THEY WERE A COUPLE – NOW THEY ARE APART” He used the “C” word without the “P” word. Progress?
  • Chris is impressed with the fans. The direct experience at Comic Cons inspires him to deliver. He is not on social media (except for a few instagram photos) but is amazed at the culture of fans online. He says that will drive the continue demand for the show.

There was more. A transcript will be released tonight. Did not write good notes on 2-3 other points so I will leave be in fear of miss paraphrasing.

Chris Carter

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