X-FILES: “Don’t worry..it gets better” Excuse me, it’s fine now!


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New X-Files episode is loved by most based on hundreds of fans I had the pleasure of interacting with last night. But I am starting to get a little angry by some of the extreme fans and a few critics trying to sell their tabloids with dreary headlines.

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I get the sense that the true fans, those that have been there from day one, absolutely loved the “My Struggle!” It was tense and intense from start to finish. There was gushy nostalgia, romantic drama, and a lot of special effects. So critics be damned. Extreme shippers, chill. I think Chris Carter is at the top of his game with Season ten so far.

I have now watched the episode 4 times. First at the NYCC in October. Last week at the LA premiere in IMAX. Twice last night.

I keep saying, “OK now I am over the emotional response, I can dig down into the critical analysis.”

I know fans hate it when I compare it to Star Wars, but I have a similar visceral response. Watching both MY STRUGGLE and THE FORCE AWAKENS the first time, I noticed “issues” while absolutely falling in love with both installments of their respective franchises.

And the more I watch both the less I find fault. I am able to look past critiques for weak points in favor of all the awesomeness. In both instances, I am beyond happy to have a beyond decent return. THE FORCE AWAKENS is the Star Wars we have been waiting for since mid 1980s. Similarly MY STRUGGLE is the best X-Files I have seen since 1998.

Pull aside the layers, here is the real deal…

“My Struggle” is supposed to be about Mulder’s struggle. Where as “My Struggle pt2” is supposed to represent Scully’s. (According to Chris Carter)

But I put forth MY STRUGGLE pt 1, is really all about Scully’s struggle. Mulder is a static character, the dramatic anchor for the series. But Scully is Chria Carter’s most dynamic character.

At the beginning she has moved on, from Mulder and the X-Files. She is cold and reserved, not happy with all her choices, but trying to survive in the world she inhabits.

Skinner calls Scully looking for Mulder, and in the progress is dragged back into to both X-Files world and Mulder. She has a very high and think wall.

I think she stops short of an eye roll, realizing the seriousness of the conspiracy accusations, but there seems to be an internal eye roll saying “HERE WE GO AGAIN”.

She is not all that interested in Tad, but his advances melt her slightly. Champagne helps for sure. Scully almost blushes.

Until she sees Sveta coming out of Mulder’s house. She realizes just how much she misses Mulder. She tries to run away. Tad stops her.

As Mulder and Tad conspiracy rant, she stays hard and resolute, on the outside. But you can see her subtly getting angry.

And when the powers at large clean up the messes, the rage we see at the end of the pilot “They can’t get away with this!” is back. At the end of MY STRUGGLE, we are – in many ways – back where we were as Mulder & Scully go to investigate Tooms.

Chris Carter has recently said X-Files is really about Scully’s story.

But I put to you, this new 42 minutes is the best since the 1998 movie.

For two years we all wondered WTF? After the infamous bee sting there was a clear desire for Mulder and Scully to be together. But Chris Carter ignored the existence of a relationship for months. Then there were hints that something was going on – maybe even between the sheets between the scenes.

This angered many fans and developed the world of the shippers.

Than we lose Mulder due to contract disputes and Season 8 & 9 are total limbo as far as the core Mulder / Scully story are concerned. We are left with the two spooning in a hotel on the run from everyone.

Skip ahead to 2008 and they are together but not all seems right in their relationship.

THE X-FILES could just as easily be called THE TRAGEDY OF FOX MULDER.

A happy Mulder ceases to fight the future.

A happy Scully is not angry enough to do the science outside of her comfort zones.

X-Files is borderline a modern Shakespeare. There are life and death situations weekly. The world Mulder and Scully navigate is bleak. These forces equally will bring them together and force them apart over time. Shakespeare rarely lets love be a happy ending. And when it happens it is silly (Much Ado) and/or fantasy (Midsummer).

Chris Carter now seems committed to dealing with reality. That current reality is upsetting to many fans, but fans should take heart in the fact that they are dealing with it. It seems more real now, whether you like its current status or not.

So for the critics that would rather watch high art like “Dinner with Andre”, we prefer to stay awake during our preferred TV/FILM choices. To the extreme shippers, perhaps you should remain Twilight fans and stick to dime store romance novels.

For those looking for GRADE A escapism, Chris Carter NAILED IT!

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