THIS is us THIS is it THIS rocks The X-Files Season 11 Episode 2 recap THE LONE GUNMEN


Other than a blatant jab at Donald Trump, is this not what EVERY low life in history does? This could explain last week’s “REVEAL” but in reverse. NO I’M THE FATHER…

I had a lot of fun with THIS episode. THIS maintained the high speed angst from last weeks, My Struggle III.

HERE is Laurice’s Video Recap

So it is two weeks later, as per Scully’s words questioning whether or not they should even call Skinner for help.

My initial reaction to the opening sequence? Mulder and Scully have been expecting this home invasion in some form since 2002, at the end of season nine when they were on the run. When Mulder says “GO!” it was beyond choreographed for a fight scene. Mulder and Scully had a plan like most families plan escape for fire or flooding emergencies.

I think everyone predicted in one form or another the nature of Richard Langly’s return. His Max Headroom-ish state scream “I am a computer version of me now.” Never mind the “If I am dead…” The teasers gave little help we would get the real Langly, or any of the LGM back in the flesh.

However the exact purpose of the simulated world was in question. In the past year Agents of Shield dealt with a similar dilemma with mad scientist and power players thinking they were solving all problems for humanity by replacing real life with a matrix world.  We do not see Glen Morgan’s matrix but Langly describes how awesome it seems until you realize you are slaves to the rich and powerful, looking for way to defeat death and live beyond our world in the stars.

Before rehashing more specifics lets cover the important plot and X-Files canon points

Scully calls the unremarkable house “Mulder’s”. Later she says we can’t go to “our home”, “our office”. This does not necessarily mean she is talking about the same house. Many want to jump to conclusion this means Scully is now living out there in the middle of nowhere with Mulder. I am not convinced. But I am convinced we have once again moved past hand holding in 2018. Unless Scully’s knowledge of Mulder’s skills while handcuffed are just pre-2008 blasts form the past.

I would argue there’s ZERO sexual tension. Both seem overly comfortable discussing TAINT and food form an alien’s butt. This and falling asleep watching video of 40yo Ramone’s concert live – which I believe to be San Francisco 1979. Pretty sure Mulder and Scully were watching this via their Youtube App on their cable service. (Or more likely Mulder still has it on BETA)

Skinner still cares about Mulder and Scully but has the reality that he was there throughout their absence. The have come and gone on their own whims, but Skinner is there to pick up the pieces. He’s the anchor, the bedrock behind the X-Files show and office within the show. Skinner wants to support our two heroes but not sure they are the winning side, never mind who is right. I fear walking this line not end well. At some point he will have to chose. I assume he will in the end side with Dana and Fox, but the world is much bigger than these two.

Mulder says “The X-Files were ours”. But Skinner rightly gives him the reality check, um, no, they belong to the people. FYI, Mulder, life and the FBI existed before you, during your absence and potentially long after you are gone…


So we are starting to see more of the picture created in 2016. SOMETHING BIG is coming. Plague, Alien invasion, natural disaster – perhaps global warming related – but both CSM and Mr. Y’s team are preparing for a way to beat the inevitable. CSM with his plague and vaccines, MR. Y and Barbara Hershey via uploading consciousness and ruling as supreme beings over intellectual slaves like  Steve Jobs and Richard Langly.

We learn that Deep Throat’s real name revealed to be “Ronald Pakula”. On his tombstone has been hidden a data chip, found by realizing some of the birth dates for the LGM were wrong.

BTW –What was the deal with the other Tombs? All want to know after 2016 tribute to Kim Manners. Terry Hutcheson worked with Frank Spotnitz on Man in the High Castle and numerous other iconic movies and shows (Including Travelers on Netflix which I highly recommend. Loved Falling Skies too!). Maximilian Lyman probably is for a 2018 crew member of the same name (According to Vulture – I cannot confirm or deny this based on my research). Julie Ng was the Director/Producer of Season X and other documentary shorts and other BTS teasers promoting the X-Files in recent years. George Donald Rivers is a mystery. Donald Rivers is a ScyFy Movie producer – perhaps with a connection on projects in development. VULTURE found an Outer Limits episode ” in which Alan Thicke played a man named Donald Rivers who uncovered government conspiracies about cloning?” GEORGE was born on July 4, 1952. George M Cohen reference – July 4th is his mythical Bday. Of Course, George M and I were actually both born on July 3rd, just 92 years apart. More possible random… Actor Jon Polito, who once appeared in Millenium, has December 29 for a birthday (1950). GDR died about 48 hours prior to Y2K….???? RED HERRING form Glen/Chris? Of course “X-625652 was the first X-file case number investigated by Agent Arthur Dales in 1952.” X-Files Wikia


Thanks to GIANT KILLER / CHARNETTE for giving us the low down on t the DREAM MAN cameo… Be sure to read her thread on the subject.


Image result for lone gunman pic dream man x-files THIS

After we see a bowl of the usual sunflower seeds and alien head, there is a quick cut to a case file opened under a stack of other files.  Studies/Experiments have been conducted in Hong Kong and Taiwan (I think)… Searching google  “Perfetti & Bell 1991” their study is referenced in the book “Orthography, Phonology, Morphology and Meaning” and this article and others. I do not recognize this as a case form an old episode.

Does PYC-9103 mean something? This is the license plate.

Like I said above this couch slide and table flip seems rehearse by Mulder & Scully. BAD ASS.

“Better call from a land line” this place has cell service as an option?

LOGICAL CYTOLOGY? or psychological cytology? What are they looking into?

Cytology: The medical and scientific study of cells.Cytology refers to a branch of pathology, the medical specialty that deals with making diagnoses of diseases and conditions through the examination of tissue samples from the body. 

LESSON LEARNED – Oven Mitts make hi-tech cell phone signal disguise? But plastic baggie better for evidence collection.

Was Mulder AIMING for Scully. He MISSED!

Was the kitchen THIS nasty before the first shoot out. Looks like Amish oats surrounded by rat poop.

Guess Mulder really misses his drop ceiling. He just keeps throwing pencils and bouncing off walls.

WE GOTTA TAKE A TRIP TO IKEA – First of all IKEA table would never stop a bullet!

Even more Jason Bourne like action as Mulder and Scully escape being cuffed and captured by professional mercenary army. Blackwater got nothing on our heroes.

Mulder’s phone kill switch has PACMAN death sound, right.


THEY CALLED IT Project X. It was an unusually audacious, highly sensitive assignment: to build a massive skyscraper, capable of withstanding an atomic blast, in the middle of New York City. It would have no windows, 29 floors with three basement levels, and enough food to last 1,500 people two weeks in the event of a catastrophe. But the building’s primary purpose would not be to protect humans from toxic radiation amid nuclear war. Rather, the fortified skyscraper would safeguard powerful computers, cables, and switchboards. It would house one of the most important telecommunications hubs in the United States — the world’s largest center for processing long-distance phone calls, operated by the New York Telephone Company, a subsidiary of AT&T.


BLARNEY is a communications surveillance program of the National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States. It started in 1978, operated under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act [1][2] and was expanded after the September 11 attacks.[3] The collection takes place at top-level telecommunications facilities within the United States, choke points through which most traffic will flow, including wireless. This type of surveillance is referred to as Upstream collection. BLARNEY was first brought to public view in a PRISM slide revealed by Edward Snowden.[2] The FY 2013 budget for BLARNEY was $65.96 million.[4

We learn Scully is just as Sassy as ever – you mean the x-files in our office we can’t get into. Yeah. Oh…

Any symbolism to the spider we see in the foreground as Skinner enters the parking garage? Perhaps the WEBS of intrigue Walter has to navigate in these hard times?

X93985 is HOME, PA

LGM hide a lot inside THE Scully Spank Bank

You know, the one issue I have is the breaking into Titan Point moment. This guy expecting favors of a seemingly sexual nature for letting Scully and the bound Mulder into the possibly most top secret location in the world seems weird. Too easy. Too DATED as a device… REALLY? (Hearing Seth Myers in my head)

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