The X-Files GIF – Can we have an animated comedy series, 1970s Abbott & Costello Style?

The X-Files GIF


Can we have an animated X-Files comedy series, ala 1970s Abbott & Costello Style?The X-Files

Anyone remember 1970s cartoons. I am thinking of Abbott & Costello, Three Stooges and The Jackson 5ive in particular. Hanna-Barbera and similar Productions gave new life to classics. We even had some great animated Star Trek stories.

Bud Abbott actually voiced the cartoon with another actor playing Lou Costello. For my generation it forced sayings like ‘I WANT MY MOMMA’ and ‘AAAAAABBBOOOOOOTTTTT’ into our psyche as classic A&C. Years later I played Lou Costello at events as part of a tribute comedy team, performing their classic routines and got to know them for their full artistry.


As a superhero geek, I have always been more about the animated and live action adaptations of my favorite characters – Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash – than sitting down with the actual comics.

Similarly I have yet to get into the X-Files comics, and the fan-fiction just is not my thing. Sorry to many friends that read and write popular fan fiction. I will gladly laugh at a brief erotica MSR but I move on quickly.

The X-Files


But I want more of what I see above. The GIF looks very similar to those 1960s and 1970s classics. As David has said, we have three different Mulder/Scully character types. Leave the Monster of the week and Mythology Mulder – Scully alone with 6-8 episode arcs. Peel away the comedy world as a spin off.

Chris Carter could have an outlet for his comedy episodes, protecting our live action time from fiasco’s like Babylon.  Vince and Darren can still contribute comedy to live action. CC is banned, saving him from himself!

FOX can introduce this franchise and these characters to a younger audience, delivering millions of hours of future syndication watching of the original episodes.

The X-Files


David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson could voice over and entire season in under a week, giving us tons of new content w/o inconveniencing the talent. Gillian could record her lines from UK studio.

We could revisit dozens of our favorite monsters. What ever happened to Monkey Boy, Flukeman, and… Darin only played two roles?

The Bounty Hunter can be their retired quirky neighbor.

Mitch Pileggi’s Walter Skinner can be like Mike the Cop, always getting mad at Mulder. You know, exactly what happens now.

The X-Files

8yo Mulder & Scully solve mysteries – Encyclopedia Brown meets Supernatural

And then we can have random celebrity cameos like old Scooby Doo Mysteries.
OR even better, Chris Carter himself can take on Stan Lee type cameos in every episode, playing 1-liner characters – janitor. cabbie, security guard, etc.


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