Millennium – This Is Who We Are – Graphic Novel by Joe Harris

Millennium – This Is Who We Are – Graphic Novel by Joe Harris
1990s series revisited with Frank Black and Fox Mulder team up…

Review by Walt Frasier @waltfrasier


By far the greatest gem I stumbled upon this year at New York Comic Con 2018 is the Millennium comic – truly a Graphic Novel in all meaning.

Millennium – This Is Who We Are – Graphic Novel by Joe Harris

Laurice wanted the “No Collusion” poster Joe Harris had promoted on Twitter. She had met him at least once before. This was my first time.

While Laurice and Joe talked about the poster, I noticed the comic. T

he cover art alone grabbed my attention. The brilliance of comics, their entire nature is to sell themselves off the shelf with eye catching art.

Upon seeing I had interest, Joe told us the premise. I was immediately sold.

To set up this book, let us go back to September 10, 1993, The X-Files Pilot. We see Agent Dana Scully in Section Chief Blevin’s office. When asked if she is familiar with Agent Fox Mulder, Scully replies, “By reputation only… he wrote a monograph on serial killers and the occult that helped catch Monte Propps back in 1988…”

Chris Carter never again mentions Monty Propps in 25 years of The X-Files.

Joe Harris starts this new graphic novel – after a brief scene showing a terror plot unfolding in 1999 seven days before THE Millennium- with Mulder at the parole hearing for Monte Propps. Immediately my mind returns again to season one images of John Barnett trial from 1989. Another pre X-Files case that would later haunt Mulder as an X-File.

  • SIDE BAR – I always loved those early episodes showing Mulder and Scully dealing with their past lives together.

Their are some very harrowing, creepy images of how Monte Propps victims perished. A series of drowning deaths – with supernaturalĀ  / demonic – causes – these deaths were deemed to be indirectly caused by Propps, but lacked evidence to be considered outright murders.

Frank Black was their too. He is hearing voices, seeing visions.Ā  His gifts are a curse for sure.

Mulder and Frank loosely team up to uncover who/what did not let Propps survive his first night of freedom.

This book is compelling me to return and binge the original series.

We never see Scully but we hear Mulder checking in, and leaves Franks asking “… not to mention whatever happened back there between me and Lucy to my partner of the TRUE fiery red hair and inner fury…”

Did Mulder just call Scully an angry woman?

Either way, this is an amazing tale of a warrior fighting past his prime, while dealing with his own demons.