Babylon Recap/Podcast

We didn’t do a blog recap/review of Babylon for Duchovniacs. Mainly because we want to keep this website positive and it wasn’t exactly our favorite episode of the revival.

But we did love David’s work along with Mulder’s mushroom trip!

Sometimes it’s easier to babble about it than write about it! So here’s our podcast!

Long time X-Files fans Walt Frasier and Laurice Fattal are joined by fellow improv comedian and baby-phile new comer Pat Reidy. There’s no way to skirt around the controversy in this episode and backlash from the fan community. We talk about it! We talk about what’s considered PC today in modern tv series vs what was acceptable in the 90s. We also talk about Mulder’s magic mushroom trip along with his epic dance moves, badonkadonk, and Tom Waits.

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