2 PHILES and a NEWBORN X-FILES REWATCH PODCAST EP 5: Beyond The Sea, Gender Bender, Lazarus

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2 Philes and a Newborn

The mid season one episodes are full of amazing writing, directing and acting from some major talents. While none of the first nine were misses, not all were hits for me. But Episodes 10-15 are just PRICELESS and FLAWLESS (Except MAYBE for that brief Mulder whatever moment at end of Lazarus WTF? lol)

Season 1 Episode 13
“Beyond The Sea”
Original Aired January 7, 1994
Directed by David Nutter
Written by Glen Morgan and James Wong

Wiki – A death row inmate named Luther Lee Boggs claims that he is psychic and can lead Mulder to a serial killer in exchange for a lesser sentence of life in prison. The agents’ roles are reversed in this episode, with Mulder doubting Boggs’s claim and Scully believing him after she is told that she can communicate through him with her recently deceased father. Guest starring Brad Dourif, Don S. Davis and Sheila Larken.

Guest actors

IMDB – Scully believes that the pyschic predictions of a death row inmate are the only hope in apprehending a vicious murderer.

Season 1 Episode 14
“Gender Bender”
Original Aired January 21
Directed by Rob Bowman
Written by Larry Barber

Wiki – A series of identical sexual murders, where the killer appears to be both male and female, draw Mulder and Scully to an Amish-type community of people who may be of alien origin, leading to the discovery of a man who can change sex. Guest starring Nicholas Lea.

Guest actors
  • Brent Hinkley as Brother Andrew – TIC TAC guy from Seinfeld
  • Michele Goodger as Sister Abigail
  • Peter Stebbings as Marty (male)
  • Kate Twa as Marty (female)
  • Nicholas Lea as Michel (COMING SOON as Alex Krycek)
  • Mitchell Kosterman as Detective Horton
  • Paul Batten as Brother Wilson[1]

IMDB – A religious sect member capable of changing gender becomes the prime suspect in a murder spree.

Season 1 Episode 15
Original Aired February 4, 1994
Directed by David Nutter
Written by Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon

Wiki – When FBI Agent Jack Willis and bank robber Warren Dupre are both shot at the same time during a robbery attempt, Dupre dies and Willis is resuscitated. When Willis rushes out of the hospital and begins acting strangely, Mulder concludes that Dupre’s consciousness has been transferred to Willis’ body. Guest starring Cec Verrell and Christopher Allport.

Guest actors
  • Cec Verrell as Lula Phillips
  • Christopher Allport as Agent Jack Willis
  • Jason Schombing as Warren Dupre
  • Jackson Davies as Agent Bruskin
  • Callum Keith Rennie as Tommy – ALSO From Californication (ASHBY, The Rock Producer) and X-FILES IWTB (BAD GUY Dr Frankenstein type, maybe more IGOR)
  • Jay Brazeau as Prof. Varnes
  • Lisa Bunting as Doctor #1
  • Peter Kelamis as O’Dell
  • Brenda Crichlow as Reporter
  • Mark Saunders as Doctor #2
  • Alexander Boynton as Clean Cut Man
  • Russell Hamilton as Officer Daniels

IMDB – The consciousness of a dangerous criminal possesses an FBI agent who is also Scully’s ex-boyfriend.

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