2 Philes and a Newborn PODCAST Ep 7: SHAPES


Episode 19 SHAPES
Originally Aired April 1, 1994
Written by Marilyn Osborn
Directed by David Nutter

WIKI – FBI agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder travel to Browning, Montana to investigate the killing of a Native American man, Joseph Goodensnake, by local ranch owner Jim Parker. Upon arriving in Montana, Mulder informs Scully that forty years previously there was a similar incident in the area, which was investigated by J. Edgar Hoover and became the FBI’s first X-File case. The present killing appears to be motivated by a dispute over the ownership of a tract of land, although Parker claims that he fired on a monstrous animal rather than a human. Parker’s son, Lyle, bears scars that lends credence to the story.

At the scene of the shooting, Scully reasons that at the short range from which Goodensnake was shot, it would have been impossible to mistake him for an animal. However, Mulder finds tracks leading to the area that appear to change from human to something more animal in nature. Scully dismisses this, but finds a large section of human skin nearby. She believes that the Parkers knowingly killed Goodensnake, but knows that they couldn’t have skinned him since no signs of such injury were found on the body.

The matter is complicated by the difficulties Mulder and Scully have with dealing with the Native American population, stemming from the experience of the locals with the FBI at the Wounded Knee incident in 1973. Goodensnake’s sister Gwen is also bitter that her neighbors are too frightened of native legends to confront his death. Despite these misgivings, the agents find a seeming ally in Sheriff Charles Tskany, who permits Scully to make a cursory examination of Goodensnake’s body, but forbids a full autopsy. They discover that he had elongated canines, similar to those of an animal, and bears long-healed scars similar to those borne by Lyle.

Goodensnake’s body is cremated in a traditional ceremony, while the agents watch from a distance. Mulder shares with Scully his belief that both the culprits in both the current case and Hoover’s investigation are werewolves. Scully dismisses this theory and instead credits the belief to clinical lycanthropy. The elder Parker is subsequently ripped apart by an unseen animal outside his home, and Lyle is found naked and unconscious a few hundred yards away.

Ish, one of the elder men of the reservation, explains to Mulder the legend of the manitou, a creature which can possess and transform a man and which can pass to a new host, through a bite, or upon the death of the original host. Ish believes he had seen the creature in his youth, but was too frightened to confront it. He says it happens every eight years to someone in the region, and that it has been that long since the last sighting of a possible manitou.

An examination of Lyle reveals his father’s flesh in his stomach, though not before Scully brings him home from the hospital. After the medical examiner calls, Mulder and Tskany hurry to the Parker ranch. The beast has already arrived at the ranch house, and has stalked Scully into the attic of the Parker home. Just as the creature lunges from the shadows to attack Scully, she shoots it, thinking it was the Parker’s pet mountain lion, escaped. Outside, Mulder and Tskany see that the mountain lion is still in its cage, and discover Lyle’s body in the attic. As the agents leave, they learn that Gwen has left town, while Ish cryptically warns Mulder, “See you in about eight years”.

Episode 20 Darkness Falls
Originally Aired April 15, 1994
Written by Chris Carter
Directed by Joe Napolitano

WIKI – In Olympic National Forest in Washington state, a group of loggers flee through the woods, trying to escape from an unseen force. They are eventually killed by a large swarm of small glowing green insects.

Later, at FBI headquarters, Fox Mulder shows Dana Scully a photo of the missing loggers, telling her that another group of loggers disappeared in the forest in 1934. The two agents head to the forest, where they meet Park Ranger Larry Moore and Steve Humphreys, head of security for the logging company. While driving through the forest, their truck hitscaltrops left in the ground by eco-terrorists, forcing them to walk the rest of the way. Upon arriving at the camp site, Mulder and Scully find the cabins abandoned and the communication equipment destroyed. Searching the forest, they find a corpse encased in a large cocoon hanging from a tree.

While repairing one of the heat generators, Humphreys catches an eco-terrorist named Doug Spinney. He tells the group that there’s a deadly swarm of insects in the forest and that they must avoid darkness to stay alive. The next morning, they find an old-growth tree cut down with an unexplained band of green contained within its growth rings. Spinney suspects that an organism that was dormant in the tree for centuries was disturbed when the tree was illegally cut down. Humphreys hikes down to Moore’s truck, but is killed by the swarm at nightfall. In the cabin, everyone else is kept safe by the light. The next morning, Spinney convinces Mulder to let him hike to his colleagues with gasoline so he can return with a Jeep to pick them up. Scully and Moore confront Mulder, since this will leave them with little fuel for the generator.

The night passes with only a single light bulb lighting the cabin, going out just as morning arrives. Spinney returns with the Jeep, telling the others his friends are all dead. They leave the camp site. The Jeep hits another spike left in the ground, and Spinney is killed when he leaves the Jeep after dark. Moore and the agents are engulfed by the insects, which enter the vehicle through the air conditioning. They are found soon after and brought to a quarantined facility in Winthrop, Washington, where one of the scientists tells Mulder that the forest is being bombarded with pesticides andcontrolled fire in the hopes of eradicating the insects.

  • Jason Beghe as Larry Moore
  • Titus Welliver as Doug Spinney
  • Tom O’Rourke as Steve Humphreys
  • Barry Greene as Perkins
  • Ken Tremblett as Dyer
  • David Hay as Clean-Suited Man

Episode 21 Tooms
Originally Aired April 22, 1994
Written by Glen Morgan and James Wong
Directed by David Nutter

WIKI – After the events of “Squeeze“, Eugene Victor Tooms has been placed in a sanatorium in Baltimore. He attempts to escape by squeezing his arm through the food slot of his cell door, but is forced to abort when he is visited by his psychologist, Dr. Aaron Monte.

Dana Scully is called before FBI assistant director Walter Skinner, who is accompanied by the Smoking Man. Despite the success of the X-Files investigations, Skinner criticizes their unconventionalism and wants both Scully and Fox Mulder to do by-the-book work. The agents attend a release hearing for Tooms, where Monte claims that Tooms’ attack on Scully was due to being falsely accused of murder. Mulder tries to point out the physical evidence of Tooms’ physiology and crimes, but is ignored by the hearing’s panel. Tooms is released into the care of an elderly couple, and is ordered to continue his treatment with Dr. Monte.

Scully meets with Frank Briggs, the detective who investigated Tooms’ 1933 murders. Briggs claims that the body of one of the victims from that spree was never discovered. Scully and Briggs visit a chemical plant where a piece of the victim’s liver was found, ultimately discovering a skeleton encased in concrete. Meanwhile, Mulder harasses Tooms at work as he stalks a would-be victim. Later that night, Mulder follows him when he tries to break into a man’s house. Tooms flees without attacking anyone.

A researcher examining the skeleton identifies it as the missing victim from 1933. However, there seems to be no substantial evidence proving that Tooms was the murderer. Scully relieves Mulder, who is watching Tooms’ new residence; they are unaware that Tooms is hiding in the trunk of Mulder’s car. He manages to break into Mulder’s apartment, where he injures himself and imprints Mulder’s shoe print on his face. Tooms’ frameup leads to Mulder being questioned by the police. Skinner forbids Mulder from contacting Tooms.

Further research on the skeleton reveals bite marks matching Tooms’ teeth. When the old couple watching Tooms depart and Tooms is visited by Monte, he kills him and consumes the final liver he needs before his thirty-year hibernation. After discovering Monte’s body, Mulder and Scully head to Tooms’ former residence at 66 Exeter Street, which has been demolished and replaced with a shopping mall. Inside, Mulder crawls below an escalator and finds Tooms’ nest. Tooms bursts out, covered in bile, and pursues Mulder, who makes it to the surface and activates the escalator, trapping and killing Tooms.

Skinner reads Scully’s final report on the Tooms case and asks the Smoking Man if he believes it, to which he replies, “Of course I do.” Outside, Scully finds Mulder, who is observing a caterpillar’s cocoon. Mulder predicts that change is coming to the X-Files.




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