2 Philes and a Newborn PODCAST Ep 6: YOUNG AT HEART, E.B.E., MIRACLE MAN

We finally meet the lone gunman!!!






Originally Aired February 11, 1994
Written by Chris Carter, Scott Kauler
Directed by Michael Lange

WIKI – In 1989, Joe Crandall, an inmate at a federal penitentiary in Pennsylvania, hears screaming from the infirmary. Inside, he discovers the prison’s doctor, Joe Ridley, amputating the hand of fellow inmate John Barnett. Ridley tells Crandall that Barnett is dead, threatening him with a scalpel. However, as Crandall leaves the room, he sees Barnett blinking at him.

Four years later, Fox Mulder is notified by his former FBI supervisor, Reggie Purdue, about a note from a jewelry store robbery mocking Mulder by name. Mulder recognizes the message as being from Barnett, a sociopathic multiple murderer whom he helped capture on his first case with the Bureau. Even though Barnett supposedly died in prison, the note bears his handwriting. Purdue shows Dana Scully a video of Barnett’s capture, which shows that Mulder didn’t fire on Barnett due to him having a hostage, per FBI regulations. Mulder’s hesitancy permitted Barnett to kill both the hostage and a fellow agent.

Scully looks into Barnett’s cause of death and discovers that despite it being listed as heart attack, he had no history of heart problems; he had been sent to the infirmary over problems with his hand. Meanwhile, Barnett leaves Mulder another note in his car, along with photos of him and Scully.

Mulder and Scully visit the prison and meet Crandall, who recounts his experiences with Barnett and Ridley. Barnett makes taunting phone calls to Mulder, and strangles Purdue with his salamander-like hand. Scully looks into Ridley’s past and finds that his medical license was revoked in 1979 due to malpractice; he had performed illegal medical trials on children with progeria, a disease that causes premature aging. Mulder theorizes that Ridley’s experiments helped him find a way to reverse the aging process.

Scully summons Mulder when Ridley suddenly appears at her apartment. He tells the agents that he succeeded in making Barnett age in reverse after replacing his hand using salamander cells. However, Barnett stole Ridley’s government-sponsored research. Deep Throat meets with Mulder and confirms Ridley’s story, saying that the government is negotiating with Barnett to purchase Ridley’s work.

Scully hears someone dialing into her answering machine and spots Barnett’s fingerprint on it. After Barnett calls again, Mulder decides to set up a sting operation at the cello recital for a friend of Scully’s, which Barnett learned about from her answering-machine.

That night, FBI agents wait at the concert hall for Barnett’s arrival. Barnett, who goes completely unseen due to his youthful appearance, poses as a piano tuner. He shoots Scully in the chest during the recital and then flees, taking the cellist hostage. Mulder doesn’t hesitate this time around and fires at Barnett, fatally wounding him. Scully is revealed to have survived the attack, having worn a bullet-proof vest. Despite the efforts of doctors and a mysterious CIA agent to resuscitate Barnett, he dies, and takes the secrets of Ridley’s research to the grave. The episode ends with the camera zooming in on locker number 935 in a train station, implying the secrets along with Barnett’s precaution, a bomb, are contained within and one day will be discovered.[

Episode 17 E.B.E.
Originally Aired February 18, 1994
Written By Glen Morgan & James Wong
Directed by William Graham (No relation Hannibal fans LOL)

WIKI – In the skies over Iraq‘s border with Turkey, an Iraqi fighter pilot shoots down a UFO. Later, in Lexington, Tennessee, a truck driver named Ranheim shoots something in the dark as another UFO flies overhead. Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) investigate the sighting the next day, but Ranheim is quickly let go by the uncooperative local authorities. In a seemingly inconsequential event, a woman briefly borrows Scully’s pen before they leave Tennessee.

Back in Washington, D.C., Mulder introduces Scully to the Lone Gunmen, a trio of eccentric conspiracy theorists with whom he collaborates. After returning to FBI headquarters, Scully discovers a surveillance device within her pen. Mulder meets with Deep Throat, who provides him with documentation of an intercepted Iraqi transmission regarding the downed UFO. Scully continues to investigate the Tennessee incident, learning that two thousand pounds of extra weight had been added to Ranheim’s truck. She also learns Ranheim’s true identity as Frank Druce.

Mulder intends to track Druce’s truck, which is on its way to Colorado. However, before he leaves, Deep Throat approaches Mulder at his apartment, offering the photo of a purported UFO at Fort Benning, Georgia. Mulder initially believes that Druce’s truck is a decoy meant to distract him from the UFO, but discovers that Deep Throat’s photo is a fake. When Mulder confronts Deep Throat, he admits his deception and confirms that the earlier transmission was genuine. He also divulges that the truck is being used to transport an extraterrestrial biological entity, or E.B.E., that was recovered from the Iraqi crash site. Mulder and Scully escape their pursuers and drive towards Las Vegas, the last known location of the truck.

Mulder and Scully catch up with the truck, and while pursuing it encounter strange weather. The truck stalls, but when they head inside it they find both Druce and the E.B.E. have vanished. When they investigate the truck and the area, Mulder concludes that the encounter was a constructed hoax, intended to convince the duo to cease further pursuit. With help from MUFON and NICAP, Mulder tracks Druce and the E.B.E. to a power plant in Mattawa, Washington. With assistance from the Lone Gunmen, the agents are able to enter the plant with fake identification. Their unfamiliarity soon gives them away, but Mulder flees from the guards through a restricted area and is about to approach the creature when armed guards stop him.

Deep Throat appears and calls off the guards, telling Mulder the E.B.E. is dead. He reveals an agreement made between multiple countries after Roswell that any living E.B.E. found would be killed, and that he is one of three men to have executed an E.B.E. Afterwards, Deep Throat lets Mulder and Scully go free.

Episode 18 Miracle Man
Originally Aired March 18, 1994
Written by Chris Carter and Howard Gordon
Directed by Michael Lange

WIKI – In 1983, a young boy, Samuel Hartley, appears at the scene of a car accident and pushes his way past an emergency crew. He opens a body bag and commands the severely burnt cadaver inside to “rise up and heal.” Samuel’s father, Calvin, convinces a fireman to let him continue. The body inside the bag comes alive, grabbing Samuel’s hand.

Ten years later, Dana Scully shows Fox Mulder a videotape of a religious service led by the now-grown Samuel, who has become an evangelical faith healer for a ministry run by Calvin. The video shows a supposed healing which later left the follower dead. The agents travel to Clarksville, Tennessee, where they attend a service featuring an enthusiastic sermon by Leonard Vance, the man whom Samuel raised from the dead a decade earlier. The agents learn from Calvin that Samuel has gone missing.

Samuel eventually turns up drunk at a local bar, his faith shaken by the death. He is taken into custody. The agents doubt his ability, but he is able to convince Mulder that he knows the latter has lost a sister—Samantha—at a young age. Mulder has been seeing visions of Samantha, and continues to see them. At Samuel’s bail hearing, the courtroom fills with a swarm of locusts, which Samuel claims is a sign of God’s wrath against him.

Once he is released, Samuel returns to his ministry and attempts to heal a woman in a wheelchair. However, she suffers a seizure and dies, which leads to Samuel’s second arrest. An autopsy reveals the woman died of cyanide poisoning, whilst Mulder and Scully find evidence that the swarm of locusts, which were actually common grasshoppers, was guided by someone to the courtroom through the building’s ventilation system. Mulder believes Samuel to be innocent. However, the local sheriff, Maurice Daniels, allows two of his men to fatally beat Samuel in his cell.

At his home, Vance is confronted by a ghostly vision of Samuel, who accuses him of betraying the church and perpetrating the murders. Vance confesses and blames his bitterness at having been resurrected with such a scarred and deformed visage. Mulder and Scully, who have been able to trace a large purchase of grasshoppers to Vance, arrive to find the man dying of cyanide poisoning from his own glass of water. He confesses to the agents before falling dead.

As the agents prepare to finish work on the case, they receive a phone call to say that Samuel’s body has gone missing from the morgue, and witnesses have seen him walking around, badly bruised. Meanwhile, Sheriff Daniels is arrested by one of his deputies for questioning by the district attorney over Samuel’s death. As Mulder and Scully leave Tennessee, Samuel’s ministry closes down, and Mulder sees one last vision of his missing sister before he gets into his car.


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