X FILES Season 2 recap, rewatch and PODCASTS


Season 2 Episode 1
16 Sep. 1994

Little Green Men

With the X-Files shut down, Mulder travels to Puerto Rico, where he attempts to uncover the meaning behind the sudden termination of a communications operation.


Season 2 Episode 2
23 Sep. 1994

The Host

Mulder pursues a humanoid, parasitic organism that uses sewage systems as its home.


Season 2 Episode 3
30 Sep. 1994


Mulder and Scully investigate a series of violent killings committed by seemingly normal residents of a small town.


Season 2 Episode 4
7 Oct. 1994


Mulder searches for a Vietnam veteran who can project his consciousness into other people’s minds.


Season 2 Episode 5
14 Oct. 1994

Duane Barry

A former FBI agent who claims he was abducted by aliens takes several people hostage.


Season 2 Episode 6
21 Oct. 1994


Mulder attempts to rescue Scully after she is abducted by a strange man who believes in UFOs.


Season 2 Episode 7
4 Nov. 1994


Whilst Agent Scully is still missing, Agent Mulder embarks upon an investigation involving vampires in Los Angeles, subsequently becoming involved with a sultry female vampire who yearns to escape her lifestyle.


Season 2 Episode 8
11 Nov. 1994

One Breath

When Scully’s comatose body is discovered at a local hospital, Mulder suspects the government was responsible for her disappearance.


Season 2 Episode 9
18 Nov. 1994


When scientists watch as their camera picks up a moving shadow on the inside of a smoldering hot volcano too hot for any living creature to survive, Mulder and Scully investigate the strange occurrence.


Season 2 Episode 10
9 Dec. 1994

Red Museum

A religious cult is accused of kidnapping teenagers for some type of ritual. But Mulder and Scully begin to suspect something else at play.


Season 2 Episode 11
16 Dec. 1994

Excelsis Dei

A series of violent attacks at a convalescent home are linked to angry spirits beyond the grave.


Season 2 Episode 12
6 Jan. 1995


A pregnant woman experiences visions of serial killings that span half a century.


Season 2 Episode 13
13 Jan. 1995


Scully and Mulder hunt down a fetishist who collects pieces of the dead.


Season 2 Episode 14
27 Jan. 1995

Die Hand die verletzt

The agents investigate a murder in a small town populated by devil worshippers.


Season 2 Episode 15
3 Feb. 1995

Fresh Bones

The death of a soldier, who allegedly committed suicide, unearths a disturbing truth at a Haitian refugee camp.


Season 2 Episode 16
10 Feb. 1995


When someone sends Mulder and Scully obituaries showing three separate but identical men apparently having died, the agents investigate, but things take an unexpected turn when Mulder receives a call from his father.


S2, Ep17
17 Feb. 1995

End Game

Mulder attempts to catch an alien bounty hunter who holds the key to his sister’s whereabouts.


Season 2 Episode 18
24 Feb. 1995

Fearful Symmetry

Animals from a zoo in Idaho are suspected of killing several people, but witnesses claim the real culprit is a powerful invincible force.


Season 2 Episode 19
10 Mar. 1995

Død Kalm

When some people on a ship are rescued, it is discovered that they are aging and later, dying. Mulder takes it upon himself to investigate the ship, which he believes has been the target of Philadelphia Experiments.


Season 2 Episode 20
31 Mar. 1995


The agents search for a killer in a Flordia town inhabited by sideshow performers.


Season 2 Episode 21
14 Apr. 1995

The Calusari

The agents investigate when a young boy’s family is plagued by a series of tragic accidents.


Season 2 Episode 22
28 Apr. 1995

F. Emasculata

As Scully investigates the spread of a deadly contagion at a prison, Mulder tracks down two escaped convicts infected with the disease.


Season 2 Episode 23
5 May 1995

Soft Light

The agents hunt down a scientist who is literally afraid of his own shadow.


Season 2 Episode 24
12 May 1995

Our Town

Reports of foxfire on a field in Dudley, Arkansas lead Mulder and Scully to a bizarre situation regarding the townsfolk. Employees of the Chaco Chicken Corporation are displaying bizarre behavior, and the death rate is slowly increasing.


Season 2 Episode 25
19 May 1995


Mulder receives an encrypted computer disk containing the defense department’s top secret files on extraterrestrial life.