Spooky Empire X-Files Panels Duchovniacs Activities October 26, 27, 28 Orlando #thexfiles #comiccon

Spooky Empire X-Files Panels Duchovniacs Activities, Orlando Florida,  October 26, 27, 28

Here is our basic plan. Follow us on twitter as we will be posting bars, restaurants and other hang out activities.  @waltfrasier @lauricef @duchovniacs on twitter

PS Join us Monday Nights this fall for X-Files rewatch and live discussion of some of our fave episodes. Monday September 24 8pm Tunguska/Terma rewatch and live tweeting back to back with LIVE Discussion at https://www.youtube.com/superimprovgal

Spooky Empire

Spooky Empire October 26, 27, 28

We will be arriving to Orlando Friday morning. Let us know if you will be at Spooky Empire this year. We would love to see everyone. Here is where you will be able to find most of us.

FRIDAY October 26

Laurice and I will be at Spooky Empire this evening. Many of our friends will be checking out Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Disney World, Orlando, Fl.

8:00pm Pavillion Room Panel with

avatar for Robert Patrick

Robert Patrick

As an actor, and wannabe film maker, I also plan to do the following panels Friday
5pm HORROR: Then & Now
6pm Horrific Beasts
7pm WHERE WOLF? THERE WOLF! Horror Comedy Crossover Discussion

SATURDAY October 27

David & Gillian are only in town Saturday so leave time for photos and signatures this day TBA times.

3pm X-Files Cast Panel with

I hope to get to the 1pm Panel with Elvira and the 2pm Panel with Carl Weathers –  but again Saturday will depend on group photo times (OH BOY THIS WILL BE FUN!!!)

Professional women who grew up with Dana Scully’s example reflect on how she (and Gillian Anderson) influenced their lives, careers, and feminism.

12pm IMPROV 4 KIDS Workshops
Duchovniacs founder, Walt Frasier, teaches is intro to Improv workshop with a focus on scifi and horror characters. Learn some fun theater games, develop self confidence and public speaking skills. This same workshop has been taught to 100s of New York corporate team and 1000s of Schools, Camps and Community Centers.

1pm Pavillion Room X-Files Cast Panel with

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Mitch Pileggi

MONDAY October 28

Universal Studios depending on weather, etc

Coming to Florida next month. Let us know and we will make sure to include you as we plan hang outs etc.

X-Files Pilot 25 Years Rewatch September 10, 2018 9pm est

X-Files Pilot 25 Years Rewatch September 10, 2018 9pm est

We are back!!! It has been a stressful week. So please join us Monday at 9pm EST (New York time) for a group rewatch of the X-Files Pilot and 10pm as we go live on youtube to discuss 25 years of The X-Files.

X-Files Pilot
X-Files Pilot: The first 9 minutes lost

X-Files Pilot 25 Years Rewatch September 10, 2018 9pm est

Follow us on Twitter to join the discussion. You can also find almost all of our original content on these feeds, even though the original blogs on this site are lost. Our experiences and sharing the fun with all has not stopped simply due to the website hiccup!



Use hashtag #xfpilot25years and #duchovniacs

X-Files Pilot
X-Files Pilot: The First Autopsy


If you have not joined us for a live discussion of X-Files Episodes you have missed out on fun 1000s have participated in so far. We started going live after every episode in 2018’s Season 11 – except for when we were down under following David’s band. We also have dozens of additional videos and even more podcasts about the X-Files and other projects.