NYCC Screening: X-Files Episode 10-01 Duchovniacs Recap/Review SPOILER ALERT

X-FILES BIGGER BADDER & UNCUT 2016 by Walt Frasier October 15, 2015

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So I am guessing I am one of about 5000 that have seen the premier episode that will be seen on FOX in January 2016. Maybe more as I have heard rumors that the truth is out there online somewhere.

If you have NOT seen episode CLOSE THIS WINDOW NOW!!!

Overall, I cannot dismiss the fact I was giddy with happy tears the entire 90 minutes of watching new episode and listening to panel with Chris Carter, David Duchovny and Mitch Pileggi. Perhaps I was out of control emotionally due to extreme exhaustion after waiting in lines for 8 hours to get a front row seat only to get a 4th row seat… I digress. Except for a brief awkward moment when Deadpool asked a question about Supernatural (Mitch fans, right?) it was pure ecstasy!


So this entire episode felt like one big hug, saying we thank you and miss you too. Scully, Mulder, Skinner and even… well you know, right… they all had a specific entrance. Every major character had a welcome back moment, and each moment had thunderous applause. We ate it up like candy.

VINI VIDI VICI! This episode took no prisoners!!!

There is a noticeable style shift. At times this episode seemed like a 45-minute teaser trailer. The episode flies by at break neck speed. The old dark imagery – mainly due to hiding low budget effects – has been replaced by “let’s show everything.”





While discussing the episode over burgers and milkshakes I joked with my crew – Chris Carter basically took all of our critism of the 2008 movie and said – in a fit of rage  –

“FINE, you want to see aliens? (SMACK IN FACE) HERE is a mothra ducking alien!!!”

“You want to see UFOS? (SMACK IN FACE)  HERE is a Gosh Darn UFO!”

“You want action? Let’s blow it all up!!!” (GAUNTLET THROWN)

(Insert maniacal hysterical insane laughter here- Chris Carter as Dr. Evil LOL)

My guess is 18-35 year old demographic will love the big action fast paced feel. Fans of the old show’s tone my think Chris Carter has been replaced by George Lucas or Michael Bay at the helm.

And to quickly address the elephant in the room, I love the new direction of Mulder/Scully. We don’t know if they were ever married at this time. Not even sure we should take David Duchovny’s use of the term at face value.

When we last saw Mulder and Scully they were together.

Since then it appears Mulder’s inability to deal with the world outside the FBI has lead to a dark place. Scully left him. Now he is even more depressed. What is clear?

They are currently apart.

There is a lot of resentment from both sides.

They both still love each other.

Chances are working together on 4 monster of the week episodes will have tons of tension.

But this is far different from the old days when so many were consumed by “Are they together? Are they apart? Where would they be if not for that damn bee?” So many lost way too much sleep on such questions.

Going forward I think Chris Carter is more successful when he collaborates. That’s why we get Glen Morgan, James Wong and Darin Morgan in the next 4 episodes.

I am haunted by the final moments of the episode. I fear we will have to wait till mid March to see the outcome of the long ominous gaze by… well, you will just have to watch in January. Those that have seen it know exactly what I am talking about.

I have an alternate review planned for January 25 that will go into far more detail…

See everyone in DC 10/26!!!



For those that missed it: THE X-FILES | Official Trailer | FOX BROADCASTING

Published on Sep 29, 2015

In 2016 FOX presents the next mind-bending chapter of, THE X-FILES, with a six-episode event series from creator/executive producer Chris Carter. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson return as Mulder and Scully in, THE X-FILES!

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Thirteen years after the original series run, the next mind-bending chapter of THE X-FILES is a thrilling, six-episode event series from creator/executive producer Chris Carter, with stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson re-inhabiting their roles as iconic FBI Agents FOX MULDER and DANA SCULLY. Mitch Pileggi also returns as FBI ASST. DIR. WALTER SKINNER, Mulder and Scully’s boss, who walks a fine line between loyalty to these investigators and accountability to his superiors. This marks the momentous return of the Emmy- and Golden Globe Award-winning pop culture phenomenon, which remains one of the longest-running sci-fi series in network television history. THE X-FILES debuts with a special two-night event beginning Sunday, Jan. 24, 2016 (10:00-11:00 PM ET/7:00-8:00 PM PT), following the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME, and continuing with its time period premiere on Monday, Jan. 25 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT). The upcoming event series will encompass a mixture of stand-alone episodes and those that further the original show’s seminal mythology. In the opening episode, Mulder and Scully take on a case of a possible alien abductee. The all-new episodes will feature appearances by guest stars, including Joel McHale (“Community”), Robbie Amell (“The Flash”), Lauren Ambrose (“Dig,” “Six Feet Under”), Annabeth Gish (“The Bridge”), Annet Mahendru (“The Americans”), Rhys Darby (“Flight of the Conchords”), Kumail Nanjiani (“Silicon Valley”) and William B. Davis, who reprises his role as “Cigarette Smoking Man.” Three of the episodes are written and directed by Chris Carter, with the remaining new episodes written and directed by original series veterans Glen Morgan, Darin Morgan and James Wong.


STAY TUNED – We are announcing a very cool NYCC event in New York next week and minute now… Co-producing with X-Files News (XFN Productions)… VERY COOL!!!

2 X-Philes and a Newborn: Død Kalm, Humbug, The Calusari

LONG TIME X-Files fans, Walt Frasier and Laurice Fattal are joined by improv comedian and newborn baby x-phile Patrick Reidy. Together Walt, Laurice and Pat discuss The X-files series and its impact on 1990s memory lane. In this episode we talk about Død Kalm, Humbug and The Calusari


The X-Files episode “Død Kalm
Død Kalm

Mulder is ravaged by unnatural aging. Many critics wrote negatively of the make-up effects.
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 19
Directed by Rob Bowman
Teleplay by Howard Gordon
Alex Gansa
Story by Howard Gordon
Production code 2X19
Original air date March 10, 1995
Running time 45 minutes

In the Norwegian Sea, chaos erupts on board the USS Ardent, an American destroyer escort. Due to mysterious yet unspecified events, half of the Ardent’s crew board lifeboats and abandon ship against their Captain’s orders. Eighteen hours later, they are spotted by a Canadian fishing vessel; however, in that short span of time, the young crew members have undergone rapid aging.

Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) and Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) visit the ship’s sole surviving crew member, Lt. Harper, who has been quarantined at the Bethesda Naval Hospital. Scully finds that Harper, despite being in his twenties, has aged to the point of being unrecognizable. Mulder explains that the Ardent vanished at the 65th parallel, a location with a history of ship disappearances. Mulder believes that a “wrinkle in time” exists there, and that the Ardent was the subject of government experimentation related to the Philadelphia Experiment from World War II.

In Norway, Mulder and Scully get Henry Trondheim (John Savage), a naval trawler captain, to take them to the Ardent’s last known location. After crashing into the bow of the Ardent, Mulder, Scully, and Trondheim find signs of advanced corrosion, even though the Ardent is only a few years old. Below decks, the party finds the mummified remains of several crew members. They also find the wizened commanding officer of the Ardent, Captain Barclay, who claims that “time got lost” after his ship encountered a “glowing light” in the ocean. Trondheim’s boat is stolen and his first mate is murdered.

Trondheim is later attacked by a Norwegian pirate whaler named Olafsson, who has not aged despite being on the ship for the past two days. Mulder, Scully, and Trondheim eventually begin to age unnaturally. Scully develops a theory that the Ardent is sailing near a metallic object beneath the ocean, and that it has caused free radicals to rapidly oxidize their bodies and age them. When Mulder notices that the ship’s sewage pipe is the only one not corroded through, the agents realize that something from the ocean contaminated the Ardent’s potable water and led to the aging; Olafsson’s men remained unaffected due to their consumption of recycled water from the sewage system. Desperate to survive, Trondheim kills Olafsson after he reveals the secret, and sets out to keep the water for himself.

Scully learns from blood tests that the contaminated water causes rapid cellular damage and dramatically increases sodium chloride in the body. She tries to ration the drinkable water amongst the three, but discovers Trondheim attempting to hoard what little that remains. Trondheim locks Scully out of the sewage hold, forcing her to use minuscule supplies to keep Mulder alive. The corrosion eventually eats through the ship’s hull, flooding the hold and drowning Trondheim, who cannot seem to lock the door. The agents both lose consciousness shortly before Navy rescuers arrive at their former ship. Scully comes to at the hospital, where she is told that her written observations on the case helped naval doctors reverse their aging and save Mulder from near-certain death. Scully says that she wants to return to the Ardent for more research, but the doctor tells her that the ship sank shortly after their rescue due to the flooding.

Guest actors
  • John Savage as Henry Trondheim
  • Mar Anderson as Halverson
  • Vladimir Kulich as Olafsson
  • David Cubitt as Captain Barclay, US Navy
  • Dmitri Chepovetsky as Lieutenant Richard Harper, US Navy
  • Claire Riley as Dr. Laskos
  • Stephen Dimopoulos as Ionesco
  • John McConnach as Sailor
  • Bob Metcalfe as Nurse
The X-Files episode “Humbug

The Conundrum consumes a raw fish.
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 20
Directed by Kim Manners
Written by Darin Morgan
Production code 2X20
Original air date March 31, 1995
Running time 45 minutes

In the town of Gibsonton, Florida one night, two brothers are playing in their home outdoor swimming pool. A mysterious figure approaches them from the woods surrounding their home and jumps into the pool without them noticing. As the brothers play, they notice something is wrong and before they leave the pool, the figure emerges from the water. It’s revealed to be the boys’ father, “Alligator Man”, who scares his sons for fun.

Image result for x-files humbug

After some laughs in the pool, the “Alligator Man” tells his children to go back into the house as it’s late and time for them to go to bed. The boys leave the pool and their father stays behind to swim. An unknown mysterious figure approaches the pool from the woods. It attacks and kills “Alligator Man” in his pool.

Agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) travel to Gibsonton to investigate a 28-year series of attacks by an unknown assailant in a community of former circus sideshow performers. They attend the funeral of the “Alligator Man” (who suffered from Ichthyosis). Among the people they meet afterwards are “self-made freaks” human blockhead Dr. Blockhead (Jim Rose) (who interrupted the funeral by hammering a railroad spike into his own chest) and his “geek” sidekick The Conundrum (The Enigma), who will eat anything, but says nothing. The agents also meet former performer Jim Jim, the Dogface Boy, who later became the local sheriff after his face went through hair loss.

Mulder and Scully stay at the Gulf Breeze trailer court, whose name is a reference to the 1987 Gulf Breeze UFO incident, also mentioned in season 1 episode, “Fallen Angel”.[1] Here, they meet the distrustful manager Mr. Nutt (Michael J. Anderson), and Lanny (Vincent Schiavelli), an alcoholic with an underdeveloped conjoined twin named Leonard. The agents hear a story about the legendary Fiji mermaid, a common sideshow act in the 19th century that generally turned out to be a monkey with a fish tail attached—the “humbug” referred to by the episode’s title.[2] Despite Scully’s usual skepticism, Mulder is intrigued because of what look like simian tracks left by the mystery attacker.

One night, Mr. Nutt is fatally attacked by a creature. The agents eventually discover that the attacker is Lanny’s twin, Leonard, who is able to detach himself from Lanny’s body. According to Lanny, Leonard attacks people and attempts to burrow into them because he is looking for a new brother to replace Lanny, who is dying from liver failure due to years of alcohol abuse. Lanny voluntarily locks himself in the local jail in an effort to keep Leonard from escaping, but dies during the night, and Leonard is able to slip through the bars on the cell window and flee. Mulder and Scully try to capture Leonard, who goes inside a funhouse, but he manages to get away. Upon leaving the funhouse, they find The Conundrum lying on the ground, rubbing his stomach, apparently having been attacked by Leonard. As Dr. Blockhead prepares to leave town with The Conundrum the following morning, he comments to Scully that with modern science eradicating genetic anomalies, it will be up to self-made freaks like him to remind people that “nature abhors normality.” The Conundrum looks unwell and Mulder asks what the matter is. The Conundrum — in his only line of the episode — replies, “probably something I ate.”[3] As Dr. Blockhead drives away with The Conundrum, Mulder and Scully turn to each other with confused and somewhat shocked expressions.

Guest actors


The Calusari
The X-Files episode
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 21
Directed by Mike Vejar
Written by Sara Charno
Production code 2X21
Original air date April 14, 1995
Running time 44 minutes

In Murray, Virginia, the Holvey family visits a local amusement park. When the youngest child, Teddy, lets his balloon fly away, his father, Steve, gives him the balloon that belongs to his older brother, Charlie (Joel Palmer). When the boys’ mother, Maggie (Helene Clarkson), is in the bathroom, the strap in Teddy’s stroller comes undone. Teddy follows the balloon floating under its own power out of the restroom and onto the tracks of the park’s tour train, leading to his death. Charlie is the only member of the Holvey family not to grieve Teddy’s death at the scene.

Three months later, Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) shows Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) a photo taken moments before Teddy’s death, showing that the balloon moved horizontally against the wind. Chuck Burks (Bill Dow), a digital photo expert, uses software to uncover evidence of electromagnetic disturbances in the shape of a child, holding the balloon. During a visit by the agents, the Holveys adamantly dispute Mulder’s theory that Teddy was led onto the tracks. Scully sees Golda (Lilyan Chauvin), Maggie’s elderly Romanian mother, drawing a swastika on Charlie’s hand. Scully theorizes that the Holvey children may be victims of Munchausen by proxy, perpetrated by their grandmother. At a meeting with Steve Holvey, he explains that Golda was against his marriage to Maggie, and that strange things began to happen when Teddy was born and Golda came to live with the family. Steve hints that Golda might be hurting Charlie, leading Scully to suggest that they visit a social worker named Karen Kosseff (Christine Willes). While preparing to take Charlie to a session with Kosseff, Steve is strangled when his tie is caught in the seemingly-malfunctioning garage door. Charlie, having been mysteriously locked in the car, starts crying over his father’s death.

Investigating Steve’s death, the police find evidence of the ritualistic sacrifices in Golda’s room. Mulder finds a film of fine dust in the garage, which Chuck identifies it as vibhuti, a residual sign of spiritual energy. Golda and three elderly Căluşari mystics conduct a ritual in her room. Meanwhile, during Charlie’s appointment with Kosseff, the child goes into convulsions. Kosseff and Maggie see smoke coming from under Golda’s door, coming across their ritual. Maggie is horrified, and forces the old men to leave the house. However, Golda grabs Charlie and pulls him into her room in an attempt to complete the ritual. However, Charlie quickly gains the upper hand and brings a pair of dead chickens back to life and makes them kill her.

When Kosseff asks Charlie about the incident, he insists that he was not in his grandmother’s room, and that it was a boy named Michael. Maggie is terrified at the claim, explaining to the agents that Michael was Charlie’s stillborn twin, about whom she and Steve agreed to never tell Charlie. Maggie also explains that Golda had told the parents that a ritual should be performed to separate the spirits of the twins, but Steve refused. Charlie has another seizure and is hospitalized. Michael knocks out the nurse and afterward convinces Maggie, by pretending to be Charlie, to take him home. Scully sees them leaving, and checks on Charlie. They find the nurse and Charlie still in the hospital room. Mulder, now convinced that Michael’s spirit is behind the killings, sends Scully to the Holvey residence to stop him.

Maggie tries to complete her mother’s ritual, but Michael tries to intervene. Back at the hospital, Mulder joins the Căluşari as they perform an exorcism on Charlie. As Mulder helps with the ritual, Scully arrives at the Holvey house, and finds Maggie being attacked by Michael. Scully is tossed across the room by an unseen force. Just as Michael is about to stab Scully, the exorcism ends, and Michael’s spirit disappears, sparing both Scully and Maggie’s lives.[1] Maggie returns to the hospital and is reunited with Charlie. Before the agents leave, the head elder of the Căluşari says it’s over for the time being and cautiously forewarns Mulder that “it knows you.”

Guest actors
  • Joel Palmer as Charlie/Michael Holvey
  • Lilyan Chauvin as Golda
  • Helene Clarkson as Maggie Holvey
  • Ric Reid as Steve Holvey
  • Oliver and Jeremy Isaac Wildsmith as Teddy Holvey
  • Christine Willes as Karen Kosseff
  • Bill Dow as Charles Burk
  • Kay E. Kuter as Head Calusari
  • Jacqueline Dandeneau as Nurse Castor
  • Bill Croft as Calusari No. 2
  • Campbell Lane as Calusari No. 3
  • George Josef as Calusari No. 4


David Duchovny and Mitch Pileggi Q&A at Wizard Con

With a great panelist and amazing fans, the moderator had it easy!!!!

Thanks for posting these, Gina




NEW X-FILES PODCAST: 2 X-Philes and a Newborn: Irresistible, Die Hand Die Verletzt, Fresh Bones


Episode info from WIKI CLICK HERE for MORE



In Minneapolis, a funeral is held for a young girl. The ceremony is observed by Donnie Pfaster, the eerie assistant director for the funeral home. Later that night, as the girl’s body is being stored for burial the following day, Pfaster’s boss finds him cutting off the corpse’s hair. Pfaster is promptly fired.



Some time later, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are summoned to Minneapolis by Moe Bocks, an FBI field agent who is investigating the exhumation and desecration of a body in a local cemetery. Mulder discounts Bocks’ theory that this act is a variation of extraterrestrial cattle mutilation, and suggests they search for a human culprit. Scully is disturbed at the sight of the disheveled corpse. Two more bodies are found exhumed, with their hair cut and fingernails removed. Mulder develops a psychological profile of the criminal, believing him to be an escalating “death fetishist” who may resort to murder to satisfy his desires. Scully keeps her discomfort with the case to herself, and writes up a field report on necrophilia.


Pfaster, who was behind the exhumations, proves Mulder’s prediction correct when he brings a prostitute to his apartment. When the prostitute discovers a collection of funerary wreaths in Pfaster’s bedroom, he kills her and removes her fingers. Later, Pfaster—having been hired as a frozen food delivery man—meets an appointment at a house, where he steals cut hair from the bathroom. Pfaster attends a night class at a community college, where a female classmate defends herself after he makes threatening advances. He is arrested and is placed in a jail cell across from a suspect being interrogated by Mulder, Scully, and Bocks. Pfaster learns Scully’s name from the suspect after they leave. He is later released.


Scully is deeply troubled by Pfaster’s crimes, and has unsettling hallucinations about the case. In Washington, she has a counseling session with a social worker, during which she shares her anxiety about the investigation. After the session, Scully learns that someone from Minnesota had called for her. When she contacts Mulder, she learns that neither he nor Bocks made the call. Tracing a fingerprint to Pfaster from his arrest, Bocks and Mulder raid his apartment, finding one of the prostitute’s fingers in his refrigerator. Meanwhile, after Scully arrives in Minneapolis, Pfaster forces her car off the road. He kidnaps Scully and takes her to his late mother’s abandoned house, where she is tied and gagged in a closet.


Mulder and Bocks discover that Pfaster’s mother had owned a car which matches paint found on Scully’s, tracking down her former residence. Meanwhile, Scully escapes from Pfaster as he prepares a bath for her, resulting in a pursuit through the house. Scully and Pfaster have a struggle that sends them falling down a staircase onto the foyer, where a task force led by Mulder and Bocks breaks in moments later and apprehends Pfaster. Scully initially insists that she is okay, but then breaks down and cries in Mulder’s arms. In a voice-over narration, Mulder traces Pfaster’s pathology to his childhood, when he was raised in a family of four older sisters. Mulder also reflects on Pfaster’s nature and the nature of evil in general.


Episode no. Season 2 Episode 13
Directed by David Nutter
Written by Chris Carter
Production code 2X13
Original air date January 13, 1995
Running time 45 minutes
Guest actors



Die Hand Die VerletztDiehand

In fictional Milford Haven, New Hampshire, a group of high school faculty members meet to discuss various social events. The adults initially appear to be socially conservative, debating whether students should perform the musicals Grease and Jesus Christ Superstar. However, when the group ends the meeting in a prayer, they recite a Satanic chant.


Later, a group of students go out into the woods at night to play with black magic. The experiment causes unexplainable things to happen, causing all but one of the teenagers to flee. The one teen’s mutilated body is discovered the next day, leading Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) to investigate. Locals—including the faculty members—claim that the children have unleashed a demonic force with their rituals; the theory which is given validity by strange occurrences, such as frogs falling from the sky and water in the drinking fountain draining counter-clockwise, contrary to the Coriolis effect. Unknown to the agents, substitute teacher Mrs. Paddock (Susan Blommaert) is behind the murder, keeping the eyes and heart of the victim in her desk. One of the faculty members, Jim Ausbury (Dan Butler) suspects one of his colleagues killed the boy, but the others believe it was an outside force. Ausbury’s stepdaughter, Shannon (Heather McComb), suffers a breakdown during science class while dissecting a hog fetus.


Meeting with Mulder and Scully, she tells them that Ausbury raped and impregnated her as part of a Satanic ritual, sacrificing their babies. When the agents confront Ausbury with the accusations, he angrily denies them. Shannon stays after school to make up her assignment of dissecting the pig. Mrs. Paddock takes her bracelet and uses it as part of a spell that causes Shannon to slit her wrists. When Ausbury learns that the other faculty members plan to use Shannon as a scapegoat, he admits the sect’s existence to Mulder. He confirms Shannon’s memory of the rituals, but exposure to sensational media coverage led her to “remember” the sexual abuse. Meanwhile, Scully researches Mrs. Paddock and finds that no one knows anything about her or her background. During a sudden power outage, Mrs. Paddock steals Scully’s pen and uses it to impersonate her in a call to Mulder, pretending to be in trouble. Mulder handcuffs Ausbury in the basement to prevent his possible escape, then leaves to search for Scully. Soon after, a giant snake appears and devours Ausbury.


Mulder arrives at the school, where Scully claims that she never called him. They find Mrs. Paddock seemingly attacked by the remaining faculty members, and go to search for them. The faculty members capture the two agents, convinced that they need to perform a sacrifice to regain favor with the Devil and make up for their diluted faith before it is too late. As they are about to kill Mulder and Scully, Mrs. Paddock causes them to instead kill themselves, confirming that their attempt was indeed too late. The agents escape their bonds and find Mrs. Paddock missing, with only a parting message on the chalkboard stating, “Goodbye. It’s been nice working with you.”

Episode no. Season 2
Episode 14
Directed by Kim Manners
Written by Glen Morgan
James Wong
Production code 2X14
Original air date January 27, 1995
Running time 45 minutes
Guest actors
  • Susan Blommaert as Phyllis H. Paddock
  • Dan Butler as Jim Ausbury
  • Heather McComb as Shannon Ausbury
  • P. Lynn Johnson as Deborah Brown
  • Shawn Johnston as Pete Calcagni
  • Travis MacDonald as Dave Duran
  • Michelle Goodger as Barbara Ausbury
  • Larry Musser as Sheriff John Oakes
  • Franky Czinege as Jerry Thomas
  • Laura Harris as Andrea
  • Doug Abrahams as Paul Vitaris


Fresh Bones


In Folkstone, North Carolina, Jack McAlpin, an agitated Marine Corps private, drives his car into a tree after several hallucinatory episodes and is apparently killed. On the tree is a veve, a drawn voodoo religious symbol.


McAlpin is the second purported suicide among troops stationed at an INS compound processing refugees from Haiti. Fox Mulder and Dana Scully visit the compound to investigate McAlpin’s death. There, a young boy named Chester Bonaparte sells a good luck charm to Mulder. After meeting with Colonel Wharton, head of the compound, Mulder meets with an imprisoned refugee, Pierre Bauvais, and an associate of McAlpin’s, Harry Dunham. When Scully attempts to perform an autopsy on McAlpin’s body, she finds a dog carcass in its place at the morgue.


While driving down the road, Mulder and Scully discover a still-living McAlpin, who doesn’t remember what has happened to him. Tetrodotoxin, a chemical Mulder believes is part of Haitian zombification rituals, is found in McAlpin’s blood. The agents go to the local graveyard to investigate the corpse of the other dead soldier, but find the grave robbed. They also find Chester, who collects frogs at the cemetery and sells them to Bauvais. Dunham approaches Mulder, telling him that Wharton has begun abusing the refugees as a means of retaliation against Bauvais; Wharton denies the accusations, but later has Bauvais beaten to death.


Scully cuts her hand on the thorn of a twig left in her car. When she drives off, a veve is seen on the ground under her car. Mulder has a meeting with X, who tells him that he and Scully will soon be called back to Washington and that the camp will be restricted to military personnel only. Mulder believes Wharton is persecuting the refugees after the suicide of some of his men during a previous trip to Haiti. Scully finds Dunham dead in a bathtub, and Mulder catches McAlpin with a knife nearby. Although he has no recollection of the event, McAlpin confesses to the murder under the influence of Wharton, who tells the agents that Bauvais committed suicide and that their investigation is over.


McAlpin’s wife provides the agents with a photo of Wharton with Bauvais in Haiti, causing the agents to go through his office. They find that both Dunham and McAlpin had filed complaints against Wharton over his treatment of the detainees. The agents head to the cemetery, where Wharton is performing a voodoo rite over Bauvais’ coffin. When Mulder confronts him, Wharton harms him through sympathetic magic. Meanwhile, in a hallucinatory episode, a man emerges from the small cut in Scully’s hand and strangles her, but the illusion disappears when she grabs the charm Chester sold them. Bauvais appears and stops Wharton by blowing zombie powder in his face. Scully arrives to assist Mulder and pronounces Wharton dead.


The next day the agents say goodbye to McAlpin, who reveals that Chester was a boy who had died in a riot six weeks earlier. The episode ends with Wharton being unwittingly buried alive by the graveyard watchman.


Episode no. Season 2
Episode 15
Directed by Rob Bowman
Written by Howard Gordon
Production code 2X15
Original air date February 3, 1995
Running time 45 minutes
Guest actors

X-Files Podcast Season 2 discussing Red Museum, Excelsis Dei and Aubrey

Listen to Walt, Laurice and Pat discuss the three episodes. Read along with trivia and information below. Celebrating 25,000 users and growing daily.

SEASON 2 EPISODE 10 Red Museum
Originally aired December 9, 1994
Written by Chris Carter
Directed by Win Phelps


WIKI -Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are called in to investigate a number of kidnappings in Delta Glen, Wisconsin where local teenagers are recovered half-naked and drugged with either the phrase “He is one” or “She is one” written on their backs. Meeting with Sheriff Mazeroski, the agents initially suspect a nearby cult, the Church of the Red Museum, which was founded by vegetarian Richard Odin. Mulder, Scully and Mazeroski attend a ceremony of the Red Museum, causing Mulder to believe that they are walk-ins, people whose souls have been taken over by someone else. One of the kidnap victims claims to have felt an animal spirit enter him.


The girlfriend of Mazeroski’s son, Rick, is the latest to be found, and her blood is found to contain an unknown alkaloid substance and high levels of scopolamine, a controlled substance. This appears to link her to Odin, a former doctor. Meanwhile, the agents meet an old man who points to a pair of men injecting growth serum into cattle, which he believes is at the cause of the trouble. That night, local doctor Jerrold Larson is killed in a plane crash. An investigation of the site turns up shipping orders that trace back to the kidnapped teens. One of the men injecting the cows is murdered by the Crew Cut Man. The other, a peeping tom named Gerd Thomas, is revealed to be the kidnapper after the agents find a hidden supply of videotapes in the home of one of the victims. Thomas claims that Larson had been turning the children into “monsters” with the drugs he had been injecting in them, which he claims to be unknown.

David Duchovny (Agent Fox Mulder), Gillian Anderson (Agent Dana Scully)

David Duchovny (Agent Fox Mulder), Gillian Anderson (Agent Dana Scully)

Meanwhile, Rick is murdered by the Crew Cut Man. Having passed by him on the road, Scully recognizes him as the assassin who killed Deep Throat. Her toxicology results on the victims show what she thinks is the mysterious substance known as “Purity Control”. Mulder theorizes that Larson had been injecting the children with alien DNA, and convinces Mazeroski to round up all of the children who had been receiving treatment from Larson and hide them with the Church of the Red Museum. Mulder tracks the Crew Cut Man down at a beef processing plant that he is about to destroy. While Mulder wants him alive, Mazeroski kills him as revenge for Rick’s murder.

Scully reports that the Crew Cut Man had no records on file with the FBI or other agencies. The material injected into the cows and children is found to be an unknown substance. All the children who were inoculated came down with a flu-like illness while those in the Church of the Red Museum did not, causing her to think they were a control group. Scully declares the case open and unsolved.

Guest actors

SEASON 2 EPISODE 11 Excelsis Dei
Originally aired December 16, 1994
Written by Paul Brown
Directed byStephen Surjik


WIKI – Agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) are called to the Excelsis Dei private nursing home in Worcester, Massachusetts in order to investigate a nurse’s claim that she was raped by an invisible entity. Severely bruised, Michelle Charters (Teryl Rothery) claims that she knows who was responsible and names the attacker as Hal Arden, an elderly resident of Excelsis Dei. When questioned, Arden admits that he made sexual overtures to her, but claims that it was harmless and that he is too elderly to have done anything.


As Mulder and Scully investigate, they discover a Malaysian orderly is illicitly giving the patients an herbal drug made of mushrooms he cultures in the building’s basement. The drug cures their Alzheimer’s, but also allows them to see the spirits of people who have died in the nursing home and channel them into existence. In this state, the spirits assault and murder the orderlies that have looked down on them and treated them poorly while they were patients. When a patient overdoses on the drug, the spirits once again attack Charters, trapping her and Mulder in the bathroom, which begins flooding.


As Scully and the home’s head doctor manage to stop the patient’s seizures, the spirits disappear and the bathroom door gives way, freeing Mulder and Charters. The government of Massachusetts takes over the facility, and the orderly supplying the medicine is turned over to immigration services. The remaining original patients, no longer having access to the drug, revert to their previous state of dementia.

Guest actors


Originally aired January 6, 1995
Written by Sara B. Charno
Directed by Rob Bowman

WIKI – In the town of Aubrey, Missouri, local detective B.J. Morrow tells Lt. Brian Tillman (Terry O’Quinn) that she has gotten pregnant from their affair. He requests she meet him at a motel later that night. While waiting for him, B.J. has a vision that leads her to a field where she digs up the skeletal remains of an FBI agent.


Agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) head to Aubrey, where the remains are identified as belonging to Agent Sam Chaney, who disappeared in the area with his partner, Tim Ledbetter, in 1942. The agents find discrepancies in B.J.’s story, but Tillman comes to her defense. Mulder tells Scully of the case Chaney and Ledbetter were investigating, which involved the rapes and murders of three women with the word “Sister” slashed on their chest. Discovering similar cuts on Chaney’s chest during the autopsy, B.J. instinctively realizes that the cuts spell the word “Brother.” B.J. admits her affair and pregnancy to Scully.


Tillman reveals that a new murder has occurred where a woman had the word “Sister” slashed on her chest. B.J. claims to have seen the victim in her dreams, which involve a man with a rash on his face and a monument that Mulder recognizes as the Trylon and Perisphere from the 1939 New York World’s Fair. Searching old mugshot photos, B.J. recognizes the man from her dream as Harry Cokely, who was arrested for raping a woman named Linda Thibedeaux and slashing “Sister” on her chest. Scully believes that B.J. unconsciously recalled the case since her father was a cop and may have discussed it. The agents visit the now-elderly Cokely, who now lives alone after being released from prison. Cokely insists he was at home when the latest murder occurred.


B.J. awakens from a nightmare covered in blood, finding the word “Sister” slashed into her chest. She also sees a young Cokely in the mirror. She heads to a basement and tears away the floorboards, revealing a body within that is found to be Ledbetter’s. Cokely is arrested, but denies attacking B.J. Scully tells Mulder that blood on the latest victim matches Cokely’s. The agents visit Thibedeaux, who describes her encounter with Cokely in the 1940s. Mulder notices a photo of her at the 1939 World’s Fair featuring the Trylon and Perisphere. When pressed, she reveals that the rape resulted in a child, which she put up for adoption. The FBI tracks down the child, who turns out to have been B.J.’s father, causing Mulder to surmise that B.J. is the killer and may be operating on genetic memories.

As the agents are on their way to intercept her, BJ attacks Thibedeaux, but stops when she sees the “Sister” scars on her chest. The agents find Thibedeaux after BJ has left, and head to Cokely’s house, believing him to be her next target. BJ, who has already arrived, cuts Cokely’s respirator and attacks him with a razor. When the agents arrive BJ attacks Mulder but when Cokely dies she stops. BJ is placed in Shamrock Women’s Prison Psychiatric Ward where she is put on suicide watch after attempting to self-abort.

Guest actors


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2 Philes and a Newborn X-Files Season 2 rewatch Little Green men, Host, Blood

And now on to X-Files Season Two. We finally meet X and get work from Darin Morgan (as the Fluke man as well as contributing top the story creation of Blood). Walter Skinner and CSM start to take a much bigger role as do the Lone Gunmen.

AND NOW 2 Philes and a Newborn Season 2.1
Walt, Laurice and Pat discuss Little Green Men, Host, Blood as well as other news and trivia including more Chicago Hell or Highwater adventures.

See Walt, Laurice and Pat LMAO Off Broadway Improv Comedy Show

Season 2 Episode 25 Little Green Men
Originally Aired September 16, 1994
Written By Glen Morgan, James Wong
Directed by David Nutter


WIKI – In the episode’s prologue, Fox Mulder narrates a history of NASA’s Voyager program and the now-defunct High Resolution Microwave Survey, which sought to contact extraterrestrial life in outer space. At the Survey’s abandoned observatory in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, the equipment inside suddenly activates, indicating a response from an alien intelligence.


Since the closure of the X-Files, the FBI has reassigned Mulder to a low-level wiretap while his former partner, Dana Scully, has returned to teaching at the FBI Academy. The two have a discreet meeting at the parking lot of the Watergate Hotel, where Mulder admits that he has been doubting his belief in the paranormal since Deep Throat’s assassination. Mulder flashes back to the night when his sister, Samantha, was abducted.


Mulder is summoned to a meeting with Richard Matheson, a U.S. senator who is a patron for his work. Matheson directs Mulder to Arecibo, assuring the agent that he will try to hold off a Blue Beret UFO retrieval team said to be headed there in twenty-four hours. Mulder arrives at the Survey station, where he finds a frightened Puerto Rican man, Jorge, who draws a picture of an alien that he claims to have seen. Meanwhile, Scully, unaware of Mulder’s whereabouts, tries to find him. Reviewing a list of flights from Washington, Scully tracks Mulder down to Puerto Rico.

Mulder discovers a signal, possibly originating from an extraterrestrial intelligence. During a storm, Jorge gets scared and runs outside. Mulder finds him dead of fright. When Scully goes to an airport to fly to Puerto Rico, she realizes she’s being tracked by a couple, but manages to escape from them. Meanwhile, as Mulder investigates Jorge’s corpse, the room shakes. The door opens and the shadowy figure of an alien appears. Scully wakes Mulder up the next morning, finding him excited about the readouts and tapes of the signals—the proof of aliens he has sought for so long. However, the Blue Beret team arrives, forcing them to flee with only a tape reel.


Upon his return to Washington, Mulder is admonished by Assistant Director Walter Skinner and the Smoking Man for his actions. Mulder claims he still had enough evidence with the days missed to prosecute the subject of his assigned wiretap, and that his own phone calls were being monitored. Skinner demands that the Smoking Man leave the room, and decides to not discipline Mulder. Investigating the tape reel, Mulder finds it blank due to a power surge during the storm.

Guest actors

Season 2 Episode 26 The Host
Originally Aired September 23, 1994
Written By Chris Carter
Directed by Daniel Sackheim


WIKI On a Russian freighter off the coast of New Jersey, a crewman trying to fix the ship’s toilets is pulled into the septic system. His half-eaten body appears in the sewers of Newark days later. Fox Mulder is assigned the case and visits with a Detective Norman in Newark, being shown the still-unidentified body. Mulder angrily confronts Assistant Director Walter Skinner, feeling he has been given the seeming “wild goose chase” as a form of punishment.

That night, Mulder talks to Dana Scully, telling her that he’s thinking of leaving the FBI. He shoots down Scully’s idea that he request a transfer to Quantico, believing the FBI doesn’t want them working together. Scully performs the autopsy on the crewman’s body, finding a Russian language tattoo on his arm and a flukeworm inside his back.

In Newark, a city worker named Craig is pulled underwater in the sewers but is rescued by his co-worker. He believes he was attacked by a python. He decides to visit a doctor (with Mulder observing) and complains of a weird taste in his mouth. An abnormal four pointed wound appears on his back during a medical examination in Sayreville, New Jersey. Scully shows Mulder the flukeworm she found, whose mouth, though much smaller, matches the wound on the city worker’s back. Mulder receives a call from a mysterious man telling him he has a friend at the FBI. That night, the city worker coughs up a flukeworm in his shower and dies. Mulder visits a sewage processing plant and finds a large humanoid with a fluke-like mouth.

At Quantico, someone slips a newspaper article under Scully’s door enabling her to identify the original body as a crew member on a Russian ship. Mulder and Scully meet at the processing plant and they look at the strange, fluke-like man. Skinner wants to prosecute the creature and subject it to a psychiatric evaluation, which Mulder thinks would be difficult. Skinner tells Mulder of Craig’s death and admits that this would have been an X-File had they still been open.

That night workers put the flukeman into a U.S. Marshal’s van, but it kills the driver and escapes to a local campsite. The flukeman hides in a portable toilet and is pulled into a truck the next day when the toilet is drained. Mulder receives another phone call from the mysterious caller. When he questions Scully about it, she denies any involvement. The flukeman is brought back to the processing plant. Scully believes that the flukeworm she found in the body is a larva, attempting to reproduce. One of the men at the processing plant is pulled underwater by the flukeman while investigating a storm drain overflow. Mulder heads in and saves him, apparently killing the flukeman by closing a sewer grate on it, slicing it in half. Scully concludes her investigation, thinking that the creature was brought to the U.S. by a Russian freighter that was hauling salvage from Chernobyl, and that the creature was created in a ‘soup’ of radioactive sewage. Elsewhere, the flukeman’s remains open its eyes.

Guest actors

Season 2 Episode 27 Blood
Originally Aired September 30, 1994
Story By Darin Morgan
Teleplay by Morgan & Wong
Directed by David Nutter


WIKI In Franklin, Pennsylvania, postal worker Edward Funsch (William Sanderson) is informed that he will be fired at the end of the week due to budget cuts. Afterwards, Funsch sees the words “Kill ‘Em All” on his machine’s digital display. At Franklin’s civic center, a middle-aged man in a crowded elevator sees “No Air” displayed on the elevator’s LED display, and is the only one who can see the message. Sweating and obviously claustrophobic, he again glances at the LED display. This time it flashes the words “Can’t Breathe” and then “Kill ‘Em All.”

Agent Fox Mulder arrives at the civic center after what looks like a massacre; bodies lie on the sidewalk and in the foyer. Sheriff Spencer (John Cygan) explains that the suspect murdered four people from the elevator with his bare hands. His rampage ended when he was shot by a security guard. Spencer notes that seven other individuals have murdered twenty-two people in Franklin in the past six months. Mulder discovers that the LED display in the elevator has been damaged, and that the dead suspect has a green residue on his fingertips.


At the FBI Academy, Dana Scully reads Mulder’s initial report. The only connection between the murders that he can see is that the suspects all destroyed an electronic device during the killings. Meanwhile, Bonnie McRoberts, another Franklin resident, drops by a repair shop to pick up her car, where a message on an engine diagnostic display warns her that the mechanic is going to rape her. She impulsively kills him with an oil can spout. When Mulder and Spencer question her the next morning, her kitchen microwave instructs her to kill them. When she grabs a knife and attacks Mulder, she is shot and killed by Spencer.

Scully performs an autopsy on McRoberts’ body and discovers signs of phobia including high levels of adrenaline and the same substance found on the elevator killer. She hypothesizes that the substance, when combined with other neurochemicals, produces an LSD-like reaction. While Mulder and Scully build a case, Funsch becomes more psychotic, continuing to see violent messages on electronic gadgets. Blood is associated in some way with each incident; a volunteer asks Ed to donate blood at a department store and seconds later he sees violent images, including a video of the 1993 Waco siege burning, flash across a sales display of TV sets, followed by a message to get a gun from the sporting goods department.


Late at night, while investigating an orchard, Mulder is sprayed by a crop-dusting helicopter and ends up in the hospital. There, Mulder sees the message “Do It Now” on a TV and realizes that when people exposed to the pesticide, which contains a chemical called LSDM designed to provoke fear in insects, see these subliminal messages, their phobias are exacerbated enough to cause them to kill. Eventually, after being confronted, the city councilman agrees to stop the spraying and blood test the community under the guise of a cholesterol study. Mulder and Scully, reading that Funsch has not been tested yet, arrive at his house to find it strewn with smashed electronic devices. Mulder deduces that blood is Ed’s phobia and that he has seen the subliminal messages, and an empty rifle case signals that Funsch is going to act on his paranoia. Funsch positions himself at the top of a clock tower overlooking a blood drive and begins shooting randomly. Mulder climbs up to Funsch and overpowers him; Funsch is taken away on a stretcher. Mulder makes a call to Scully and sees the message “All done. Bye Bye!” on his cell phone display. Scully calls out to Mulder but he is speechless.

Guest actors





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by Walt Frasier


If you have yet not finished watching NBC’s AQUARIUS on demand / online, you may want to avoid reading this post for now…

I was about to sit down and write my synopsis and mini reviews for each episode. I had planned on binge-watching this series long before now. Like some shows in the past on NETFLIX I was going to pull an all-nighter May 29. BUT due to moving and mini vacation I just finished watching episode 12 last night.

SO… I have to jump right in and over view full season and focus on last nights finale watch.


I will admit the first few episodes I was not sure where this series was heading. I felt like I was watching the producer’s debate – do we do tradition network production? do we emulate Netflix? is this dark comedy or light drama? There was a lot going on…

And watching on NBC I think we all were still in the mind-set of a Network series.

But then I went into binge mode. Slower than originally anticipated. But still catching 2-3 episodes at a time. And doing so you start to see the larger picture.

This is 13-hour movie. While it still has elements of cliché network over-formatting, the Netflix style takes over by episode 4-ish. If you are watching weekly you are just getting into the sweet spot of this first season.

Even Netflix’s Daredevil felt a little slow the first couple hours. Then you start getting into the forward motion of the 13-hour plot. To the early reviews that just looked at hours 1-3, this is a police procedural with a period backdrop and Manson as a sort of glue.

But if you stick with it, this is a much larger work with numerous character starting to come alive. You can’t judge anyone character on the first few hours as we are just getting glimpses. And every time we see the characters again, we get deeper and deeper.

This show is a work of art that finds its voice by the 5th episode before it becomes that summer novel you can’t put down. By the finale you are begging for more…

OK I warned you – I have been babbling but the SPOILERS are coming in a major way…

LAST NIGHT gave Breaking Bad proportions of Jaw dropping to the floor.


MANY of the intricate story lines find that end of the beginning narrow slit of an hour-glass that reveals a whole new world to explore on the other side…

My heart sinks when Walt (Chris Sheffieldgets arrested… And Sam Hodiak’s (David Duchovny) reaction stirs a deep sense of heart-break in us all… Did anyone else want to punch the reporter? David Duchovny again and again drags us past the fourth wall into the story with his emotional roller coaster ride… BY far his finest work is delivering a tour de force every week… True strength and vulnerability at the same time!

Horrified as Ken Karns (Brían F. O’Byrnereveals more of the past and his dark potential… GUN SHOT… My bet is on Ken (I have to favor major Broadway Actor everytime – lol)

I feel sadness and fear the worst for the girls as Charlie (Gethin Anthony) delivers (ROSE) Mary’s baby a still-born…

THEN our stomach turns as Sadie (Ambyr Childers) brings home replacement baby – to one up Emma (Emma Dumont) – and Charlie embraces the new potential future family member… Especially after we finally see Emma coming into her own with her Mom (Michaela McManus as Grace Karn) and Charlie.

BUT THEN my most edge of the seat moment, as Charmain (Claire Holt) reports back to Brian (Grey Damon) …. and then those bikes pull up behind… YOU JUST KNEW… I have been sensing the foreshadow all season… Charmain does not have the street experience to back up her zealousness… GAME OF THRONES MOMENT? maybe…

AND THEN… “THERE WAS A WITNESS” knew that was too easy…

SO… like so many other short season gems, we wait… AND NBC BETTER DELIVER…

I fear NBC will not let this one breathe. It has done better than many similar show BUT the numbers are light for a Network “success”. It lacks a lot of lowest common denominator network formulas like soap opera, cheesy commercial hang overs etc. While cleaner than HBO or Netflix, it is still gritty and needs time to find an audience.

I did not find Breaking Bad till season three. I have watched the whole series twice now. I watched 9 seasons of 24 last summer on Amazon. Found Scandal last fall. Someday I will go back and check out Dexter, The Sopranos etc, etc, etc.

NBC, let this one breathe and you will have created great content that will be discovered over and over again…

If you have not seen the show, go online or on demand now and check it out. In the next few days I will go back and recap the season episode by episode…

UNTIL 2016…

Aquarius - Season 1


DUCHOVNIACS FIELD TRIP: Gillian Anderson in a Street Car Named Desire

Perhaps the night(s) we go, David will go too, stand up at the right time and yell “SCULLLLLLLLY” with Marlon Brando Bravura. Probably not, but that is the comedy in my head that brings a smile at this moment… Skin Man can make Tennessee Williams cross over cameo as BIG DADDY.

WHO WANTS TO GO? Tickets go on sale June 3 (TODAY) at 2pm


St. Ann’s Warehouse presents

By Tennessee Williams
Directed by Benedict Andrews
Starring Gillian Anderson & Ben Foster & Vanessa Kirby
In Association with Bruno Wang Productions

APR 23 – MAY 22, 2016

Member Tickets Start at $38

St. Ann’s Warehouse presents American Premiere of the Young Vic’s immensely acclaimed, modern-day production of Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire. Arguably, St. Ann’s Warehouse is the only New York theater capable of staging this maverick production, directed by Benedict Andrews, with an explosive cast led by Gillian Anderson, Ben Foster, and Vanessa Kirby. With its transparent, revolving set, surrounded by audiences on all four sides, all conversations are overheard, there’s nowhere to hide, and the ensuing tragedy purposefully spins toward its inevitable last line. In one of many five-star reviews, Charles Spencer wrote in The Daily Telegraph, “Never have I seen a production of the play that was so raw in its emotion, so violent and so deeply upsetting.” St. Ann’s presents the American Premiere of this first collaboration with London’s Young Vic theatre.


“Ms. Anderson is at her very best in Benedict Andrews’ ferocious new production of Tennessee Williams’ immortal play”
“An absolute knock-out”
“Benedict Andrews’ version steams off the stage with pain, excitement and clamour”
“Gillian Anderson is ‘shatteringly powerful and persuasive.’”


St. Ann’s Warehouse, which for 36 years has enlivened New Yorkers with new works by the world’s most vital music- and theater-makers, is about to open its first permanent home, a 25,000-sf theater at the breathtaking site of the Tobacco Warehouse, on the waterfront in Brooklyn Bridge Park. The organization will inaugurate its new building by presenting a 2015-16 season that epitomizes St. Ann’s indispensable contribution to the global cultural landscape — a series of international productions in which world-class artists reconfigure flexible, open space to realize their creative visions.

St. Ann’s Warehouse Founder and Artistic Director Susan Feldman said, “It was the journey of a lifetime to discover the serendipity and joy of theatricalizing the hallowed Church on Montague Street and two vast warehouses in DUMBO with some of the greatest companies and artists of at least two generations. It is quite another to attempt to create such a space from scratch, while respecting the revered walls of an iconic shell. With skill and care, the St. Ann’s Board and team of architects, consultants, managers and artisans have absorbed and recreated what went into the happenstance of all those years and places, bringing us to this Inaugural Season. The responsiveness of our City government and the massive support from our donors has been exhilarating. Our excitement and gratitude are unbounded. It has truly taken a global village to make this dream come true. Special thanks to the Howard Gilman Foundation for their lead sponsorship of the Inaugural Season as we welcome back some of our finest creative partners to launch the new voyage and mix it all up for a rousing first year.”Gillian Anderson and Ben Foster-Led 'STREETCAR' and More Set for St. Ann's Warehouse's First Season at New Home

The St. Ann’s Warehouse 2015-16 Inaugural Season begins with the Donmar Warehouse‘s celebrated production of Henry IV (November 6 – December 6), the second with St. Ann’s in director Phyllida Lloyd‘s trilogy of all-female Shakespeares, set against the backdrop of women in prison. Like the first production in the series, Julius Caesar, whose American Premiere was a major hit of St. Ann’s 2013-14 season, Lloyd’s “fresh, bracingly persuasive staging” (The Independent) of Henry IV is led by the great Harriet Walter. St. Ann’s will again present the Donmar’s exceptional educational programs to New York City public school students and at risk youth.

Following Carmina Slovenica’s critically lauded Toxic Psalms this past year, St. Ann’s Warehouse will rejoin forces with the PROTOTYPE: Opera/Theatre/Now festival, this time to present the American Premiere of frequent St. Ann’s collaborator Enda Walsh‘s first opera, The Last Hotel, which Walsh is creating with leading Irish composer Donnacha Dennehy. This look at assisted suicide and the marketplace also reunites St. Ann’s with Landmark Productions, with which St. Ann’s presented Walsh’s Misterman, starring Cillian Murphy, in 2011. Ireland’s groundbreaking Wide Open Opera Company co-produces the opera with Landmark. Performances will take place January 8 – 17, 2016.

The weekend of January 28 – 31, 2016, St. Ann’s will transform its new theater yet again for the LABAPALOOZA! festival of works-in-progress from the Puppet Lab, a year-long, experimental haven St. Ann’s provides for artists developing new projects for puppet theater. The Jim Henson Foundation has been supporting the Lab since shortly after its inception in 1998.

In February, St. Ann’s will welcome back the esteemed Mark Rylance with the New York Premiere of Nice Fish, a new play conceived and written by the Tony- and Olivier Award-winning Rylance and poet Louis Jenkins, adapted from Jenkins’ book of poems about ice fishing in Minnesota. They began the project at the Guthrie Theater two years ago. St. Ann’s will present the new American Repertory Theater production from February 14 – March 13, 2016. Starring Mark Rylance on stage and directed by composer Claire van Kampen, Nice Fish marks the first return of these lovely artists to St. Ann’s since Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre production of Measure for Measure in 2005.

St. Ann’s Warehouse will further showcase the versatility of the new theater with its American Premiere presentation of the Young Vic’s immensely acclaimed, modern-day production of Tennessee Williams‘ A Streetcar Named Desire. Arguably, St. Ann’s Warehouse is the only New York theater capable of staging this inspired production, directed byBenedict Andrews, with an explosive cast led by Gillian Anderson and Ben Foster that also features Vanessa Kirbyas Stella. With its transparent, revolving set, surrounded by audiences on all four sides, all conversations are overheard, there’s nowhere to hide, and the ensuing tragedy purposefully spins toward its inevitable last line. In one of many five-star reviews, Charles Spencer wrote in The Daily Telegraph, “Never have I seen a production of the play that was so raw in its emotion, so violent and so deeply upsetting.” St. Ann’s presents the American Premiere of this first collaboration with the Young Vic, April 23 – May 22, 2016.

One of the exciting aspects of having the new St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn Bridge Park is the organization’s ability to operate year round and out of doors. To complete this “sampler” first season, St. Ann’s has invited the international contemporary circus NoFitState to construct its spaceship-shaped tent under the Brooklyn Bridge. The company will make its North American debut with Bianco, a gorgeous spectacle that weaves live music, dance, design and theater to create poetic and poignant images of prowess and daring. NoFit State brings their signature style of human balance and counter balance in an ever evolving and constantly changing landscape of ensemble action, moving trusses, steel towers and audiences. St. Ann’s will present Bianco in residence from May 3 – 29, 2016.


Donmar Warehouse and St Ann’s Warehouse present
The Donmar Warehouse production of
Henry IV
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Phyllida Lloyd
November 6 – December 6, 2015
American Premiere

St. Ann’s forged a fruitful relationship with London’s Donmar Warehouse when these two cutting-edge organizations co-presented the American Premiere of the Donmar’s all-female production of Julius Caesar, directed by Phyllida Lloyd in 2013.

Envisioning a trilogy empowering women to play Shakespearean roles normally reserved for men, Lloyd has now set a second Shakespeare play with an all-female cast against the backdrop of women incarcerated and at risk. In Henry IV, Dame Harriet Walter, deemed “one of the best Shakespeareans alive” by The Guardian, once again leads a diverse and exciting cast. London’s Evening Standard has called this production “bracingly inventive,” and The Financial Times has described it as “urgent, mischievous, subtly layered, and revelatory.”

This major event, accompanied by an in-depth program of outreach and engagement projects, has ignited a cultural and social conversation about gender, equality and aspiration on both sides of the Atlantic.

St. Ann’s Warehouse presents
Landmark Productions/Wide Open Opera
The Last Hotel
A New Opera by Donnacha Dennehy and Enda Walsh
Jan 8 – 17, 2016
American Premiere

Co-presented with PROTOTYPE: Opera/Theatre/Now and Irish Arts Center

The Last Hotel is supported by piece by piece productions, by the Arts Council and by Culture Ireland.

St. Ann’s Warehouse reunites with several of its favorite collaborators for the American Premiere of The Last Hotel, Irish writer/director Enda Walsh‘s first opera. The Last Hotel is composed by Donnacha Dennehy, who also worked with Walsh on Misterman, another Landmark Productions creation, which was co-produced with Galway International Arts Festival and starred Cillian Murphy at St Ann’s Warehouse in 2011. A look at assisted suicide and the marketplace, The Last Hotel will be presented with the popular PROTOTYPE: Opera/Theatre/Now festival and theIrish Arts Center, two frequent partners of St. Ann’s Warehouse.

The opera opens on a man silently mopping the floor with a bucket full of bloody water. He prepares a room that’s not yet ready for its next guest. A woman meets a man and his wife in the parking lot. All three are nervous. Tonight there will be a death.

The Last Hotel is the fifth Enda Walsh work St. Ann’s has brought to New York, following The Walworth Farce, The New Electric Ballroom, Penelope and Misterman.

St. Ann’s Warehouse presents
A Mini-Festival of New Puppet Theater from The Lab
January 28 – 31, 2016

In 2016, the Puppet Lab, St. Ann’s experimental harbor for the creation of new puppet theater, celebrates 18 years. LABAPALOOZA! is the annual festival in which St. Ann’s showcases new works-in-progress developed by artists in the Lab. The New York Post deems the weekend-long extravaganza, supported by The Jim Henson Foundation, “way more sophisticated than your average puppet show.”

St. Ann’s Warehouse presents
American Repertory Theater’s
Nice Fish
Conceived, Written and Adapted by Louis Jenkins and Mark Rylance
Directed by Claire van Kampen
Featuring Mark Rylance
February 14 – March 13, 2016
New York Premiere

On a lake in frozen Minnesota, the ice is beginning to creak and groan. It’s the end of the fishing season, and two men are out on the ice, one for the very first time, angling for answers to life’s larger questions. One of these men is hilariously wrought by the Tony- and Olivier Award-winning actor, Mark Rylance, who also co-wrote the play-his first-with the American prose poet Louis Jenkins.

Rylance and Jenkins have adapted Nice Fish from Jenkins’ book of poems of the same name, and the theatrical work reflects nature with the same wry surreal quality as Jenkins’ poems. Minnesota Monthly described the original production of Nice Fish, at Minneapolis’ Guthrie Theater in 2013, as “inexplicable and utterly beautiful.” ComposerClaire van Kampen returns to direct this revised new production. St. Ann’s Warehouse is proud to present its New York premiere.

St. Ann’s Warehouse presents
A Young Vic & Joshua Andrews Production
A Streetcar Named Desire
By Tennessee Williams
April 23 – May 22, 2016
American Premiere
In association with Bruno Wang Productions

St. Ann’s Warehouse presents the American Premiere of director Benedict Andrews‘ visionary production of the timeless Tennessee Williams masterpiece A Streetcar Named Desire. Andrews stages the play in the round, with a revolving set in the center, putting the audience in powerfully close proximity to this “wounding portrait of communal loss” (Matt Wolf, The New York Times).

As Blanche DuBois and Stanley Kowalski, Gillian Anderson and Ben Foster lead an explosive cast. The Guardian called Anderson’s award-winning performance “stellar” and The Independent described her as “shatteringly powerful and persuasive” in reviews of the production at the Young Vic. The Times UK deemed Ben Foster “riveting,” and Matt Wolf, in The New York Times, said of Foster’s performance, “This may in fact be the first Stanley I have come across to erase memories of the part’s stage and screen originator, Marlon Brando, for the simple reason that Mr. Foster…renders such comparisons irrelevant by making the role less about the character’s pectorals and more about his battered pride.”

St. Ann’s Warehouse presents
NoFit State Circus
Directed by Firenza Guidi
May 3 – 29
North American Premiere

To engage the thousands of Brooklyn Bridge Park visitors, sports and recreation enthusiasts, a circus like no other is coming to town. The international, Cardiff-based circus NoFit State will touch down in its spaceship tent under the Brooklyn Bridge for a month-long residency in May 2016, courtesy of St. Ann’s Warehouse.

Directed by Firenza Guidi, Bianco weaves together large-scale imagery, circus, live music, movement and innovative design to create a spectacle above, amongst and around a standing audience. The company of 35 performers and technicians creates a universe for the audiences to immerse themselves in and journey through.

Bianco functions like an elaborate dance between the performers, musicians, riggers and audience. A scenography of moving towers and trusses transform and regroup to create a continually shifting landscape. While the scale is grand and risky, the solo moments are poignantly human and intimate, as the performers scale the heights providing beautiful human counter weights for each other in graceful and robust vertical pas de deux. What distinguishes NoFit State is how they invent worlds where the boundaries between the real and the imaginary, the possible and the impossible, become blurred, where the frontiers between artists and audiences are broken, where nothing is hidden and everything revealed.

Reviewing Bianco at the Edinburgh Festival, London’s Times said the show offers “grand physical/visual poetry, while at the same time exuding a huge, restless party vibe.” The Guardian wrote, “If you don’t want to run away and join the circus afterwards, you probably need to check you have a pulse.”

For over three decades, St. Ann’s has commissioned, produced and presented an eclectic body of innovative cultural presentations that meet at the intersection of theater and rock and roll. Since 2001, the organization has helped vitalize the emerging Brooklyn waterfront neighborhood, DUMBO, where St. Ann’s Warehouse has become one of New York City’s most important and compelling live performance destinations. After twelve years at 38 Water Street, St. Ann’s activated a new warehouse at 29 Jay, turning it into an interim home while the organization has adapted the historic Tobacco Warehouse (45 Water Street) in Brooklyn Bridge Park into a waterfront cultural center. Construction is nearly finished.

Through its signature multi-artist concerts and groundbreaking music/theater collaborations, St. Ann’s Warehouse has become the artistic home for the American avant-garde, international companies of stature and award-winning emerging artists. Three decades of consistently acclaimed landmark productions that found their American home at St. Ann’s include Lou Reed‘s and John Cale’s Songs for ‘Drella; Marianne Faithfull’s Seven Deadly Sins; Artistic Director Susan Feldman‘s Band in Berlin; Charlie Kaufman and the Coen Brothers’ Theater of the New Ear; The Royal Court and TR Warszawa productions of Sarah Kane‘s 4:48 Psychosis; The Globe Theatre of London’s Measure for Measure; Druid Company’s The Walworth Farce, The New Electric Ballroom and Penelope; Enda Walsh‘s Misterman, featuring Cillian Murphy; Lou Reed‘s Berlin; the National Theater of Scotland’s acclaimed Black Watch; Kneehigh Theatre’s Brief Encounter and Tristan & Yseult; Yael Farber‘s Mies Julie; Dmitry Krymov Lab’s Opus No. 7; theDonmar Warehouse all-female Julius Caesar; Kate Tempest‘s Brand New Ancients; Tricycle Theatre‘s Red Velvet and, most recently, the National Theatre of Scotland’s Let the Right One In. St. Ann’s has championed such artists as The Wooster Group, Mabou Mines, Jeff Buckley, Cynthia Hopkins, Emma Rice and Daniel Kitson.

Early on in DUMBO, St. Ann’s Warehouse was awarded the Ross Wetzsteon OBIE Award for the development of new work, for “inviting artists to treat their cavernous DUMBO space as both an inspiring laboratory and a sleek venue where its super-informed audience charges the atmosphere with hip vitality.”

AQUARIUS is a Sick TRIP Down Memory Lane! SPOILER ALERT Episode 1 and 2 Review and highlights

Just got finished watching two-part premiere. LOVE IT!!! SPOILER ALERT…
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED…I read a lot of reviews going into tonight. I had reservations. Everyone agreed that David Duchovny nailed his role as Sam Hodiak, but had many things to say about the over all effect of the show. I totally love the Charlie Manson plot lines so far. Director, Jonas Pate, wonderfully weaves twists in John McNamara’s teleplay.As alluded to by Eric Roberts’ tweet, the real star of this show may be the sound track. Any second now Martin Sheen may rise out of swampy water in Nam. I think the biggest issue with a lot of reviewers, they are comparing this to NETFLIX and cable shows simply because we will be able to binge tomorrow. Many aspects of the show scream NETWORK TV. The big 3 – NBC, CBS and ABC – tend to have a cleaner look. They like polish. That same polish ruins a lot of would-be great shows for me… Makes a lot of great scripts look like Soaps. You know, pretty people with perfect lighting..I would like to have seen a bit more of that EASY RIDER grit in a 1967 portrayal, but one has to admit, Aquarius is far more gritty than a typical network fare. You can’t expect DAREDEVIL on their first venture.

But you could say 1967 is still early in the Vietnam / Hippie conflict. It would be very cool if art direction of the show got slightly grittier as the show progresses – showing the end of innocence, peel back the layers and reveal the chaos of the times.

Aquarius: Season 1, Episode 1 Everybody’s Been Burned

The show kicks off showing us Charlie Manson (Gethin Anthony – Game of Thrones) seducing Emma Karn (Emma Dumont – Bun Heads). We get that Chucky is already a bit of a cult leader in the making, surrounded by his harem.

When we meet David Duchovny (I mean Sam Hodiak) he – Sam – is topless. OK-Trying to be objective but remember the name of this blog LOL. This moment is quickly interrupted by the call from Grace Karn (Michaela McManus – Awake, Vampire Diaries, Law & Order SVU), Grace’s daughter (Emma) is missing. She never came home after sneaking out the night before with Rick Donovan (Beau Mirchoff – Awkward).

Brian O’Byrne is creepy as Mr. Karn, Emma’s “father” (We do not know anything, BUT the look by Sam when Grace says”16 years old” is very telling). It’s great to see a Broadway Star on the small screen. It takes a great actor to play down the layered road this character is heading. Immediately, he clearly has a lot to hide. More clearly, he hates Hodiak. I WONDER WHY? Sam and Grace have a distinct chemistry that cannot be – and has not been – denied. (PS Brian – BREE-AN – update your IMDB character would you?)

Hey, its network tv! Soapy crap is going to be in there no matter how hard they try,  but the love triangle adds immediate tension.

CUT TO Undercover officer, Brian Shafe (Grey Damon – Star-Crossed, Secret Circle, Twisted and other teen teledramas including 90210 reboot).

Again – HEY IT’s a NETWORK MOMENT – Hodiak and Shafe would be a terrible name but these guys are borderline perfectly lined up for buddy cop dramedy. Dare I say there was more chemistry from the get go than a certain 1993 pilot (I am going to be in SO much trouble for that statement). Take all those characters, throw in the blender with sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll – have to go back and start 13-episode uncensored binge tomorrow with episode one for sure – and you get a very interestingly layered plot with a few twists immediately.

Aquarius: Season 1, Episode 2 The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game

OH BOY! Well, here’s the thing… This is a series, not a mini-series. It makes sense on the way to knocking around a snitch – trying to get to Charles Manson – that we get interrupted by a case of the week moment. We continue to see the Charles Manson story unravel as Hodiak and Shafe investigate a murder. It’s only 1967 so Manson’s goal is all about being famous. At this point he still thinks music is the route to his being knighted and crowned by the world. As he continues to work Mr. Karn, we see hints of lies and cover-ups. Things get very interesting when we see Manson go Renly Baratheon (in a less love driven way) on Mr. Karn. Emma is going to be so screwed up when she wakes up form her purple haze.Meanwhile we see Duchovny’s Hodiak blossom. He wakes up surprised to see his uniformed son. We meet the baby mama as he learns his son is AWOL. We see the struggle, knowing he may have to arrest Walt Hodiak (Chris Sheffield – Last Ship). Hodiak gets to take out his frustration on a few thugs. Finally he works a suspect into a confession.David Duchovny has often said the show is about the 60s using the Manson story and Cop drama as a vehicle to explore the time period. In the first hour we see the hippies – sex, drugs and R&R and protests with out of control cops. This episode we see the race tensions, especially as Hodiak arrests Nation of Islam representative, Bunchy (Gaius Charles – Grey’s Anatomy), just to corner his real suspect. This move does not sit well with Shafe, who we learn is in an interracial marriage.The show moves quickly and weaves many story lines that will eventually collide. For now it seems more like two separate stories loosely connected. But to compared to another loved series by this blog’s readers, we are simultaneously getting Mythology AND Monster of the Week episodes wrapped into one…



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