Since first hearing this song live almost a year ago, HALF LIFE has been one of the most often stuck in my head tune, with a loft of la la la for lack of knowing the lyric.

If player is not popping up above, listen on sound cloud. CLICK HERE

HALF LIFE is the first track off of David Duchovny’s new Album EVERY THIRD THOUGHT. If you have not been to a live concert or have a digital download of HELL OR HIGHWATER, David’s first album you are missing some great driving and chill music in your collection. The sophomore album is a bit more intense with more collaboration from the amazing musicians in the band.

More about the February 9th release date at  http://www.davidduchovnymusic.com/


Check out David Duchovny’s PLEDGE MUSIC sight to preorder the album and check out other merchandise offers.

Join the David Duchovny and 1000s of Duchovniacs down under next month 2018 tour

Feb 20 – Auckland, NZ
Feb 21 – Wellington, NZ
Feb 23 – Melbourne, AU
Feb 24 – Sydney, AU
Feb 25 – Wollongong, AU
Feb 28 – Newcastle, AU
March 1 – Brisbane, AU

Help me figure out the lyrics…

I know I am close here but don’t trust a few words.
Poetry/Lyrics tough because word choices don’t always make sense on the surface
Trusting more my knowledge of Radiation Science here lol

Half my life by your side
Through thick and thin, rain or shine
You are closer to me
Than who I used to be

How can half of everything
Fell like less than nothing
Afraid to open my eyes
To nothing but open skies

Unconditional love decays
Only fossilized hearts can break
Every piece is indivisible
Loves field of vision got crossed???
(Or I use to think it was “Love feels divisive kind of cross)
Gotta find two petitions at cost???
You exercised apparitions and I got lost in the half life.

Matter Decays exponentially
Half-lives await us all eventually”
It all winds up in the ground
Its gone gone gone


I am lost

I am lost

I am lost but now I’m found

But it all comes back around


PS How great does David sound on the exposed start of the third chorus

David Duchovny Concert Day THE IMPERIAL Vancouver BC Canada

This day got a later start that we had hoped. But that’s a great thing as the day was long and we were better rested at the time of the first downbeat.

 FYI Access your photos from VIP at

AND Laurice is postig a lot of Videos so keep checking in at

First stop was supposed to be Breakfast at the Ovaltine Cafe. Both cab drivers from the hotel (6 duchovniacs 2 Cars) dropped us off with warnings about this neighborhood. One even refused to pick anyone up there. Our friends from the clown car (There rental car was always over packed) did not give great endorsement AND the Ovaltine was out of pie. X-Files Fan Stop FAIL. So I turned to Seinfeld for inspiration here.

#thexfiles #seinfeld crossover Did not stay for pie, Mulder

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Rough hood for food with crack and meth on one side and the very touristy GASTOWN on the other. We stumbled into a joint labeled PIZZERIA and found a gem of a wine bar with apps and gourmet pizzas. Small menu wonderfully executed. Quite yummy. I promised myself no alcohol this trip, BUT I really wanted a glass or two with this food.

Best meal yet

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Someone from our group was early enough to get us started right in line, but most of our group arrived before other fans.

#duchovniacs poised for VIP party

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Guess who made a cameo… Brick not quite ready for prime time and swarming Duchovniacs. He lasted about  30 seconds before whining GET ME OUT OF HERE.

Brick Duchovny

@Brick_Duchovny by Mandy

David’s people are shooting a documentary. I was interviewed. I cannot say much (NDA in place) but this much is public

Not long before many were ready to party… This was seconds before VIP line entered for photos and sound check party.

Vancouver ready for @davidduchovny

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SORRY, DAVID… and others that may be confused by my statement at the end of this Instagram. Many got some tickets mailed to them with wrong artist, POKEY LAFARGE, TWICE. The date and time was right but said Canadian Legend, POKEY LAFARGE was headlining. I cannot let this one go… 5yo here…

While this neighborhood made the worst parts of NYC look like Club Med, inside was quite nice. (Seriously Vancouver needs some urban fix ups. NYC perhaps is too strict with quality of life laws, but this is ridiculous)

Sound check with Colin, Pat, and Mitch

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I needed to heed nature’s call. Even the bathrooms were spacious and well lit…. UNTIL the motion detector says YOU’VE BEEN IN HERE TOO LONG!!!!

At this moment every scene from Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street and a few X-Files flash into mind. Behind the wooden door I yell, “HELLO?” (It’s me….) NOTHING. I threw a TP roll hoping to trigger LIGHTS ON! Again NOTHING. Then I braved the darkness, with light from cell phone, checking my six for machete wielding monsters. I lived to share this tale BUT BARELY!!!! (Eh HEM UM Moving on…)


So we had some great moments with David last night.

“So you’re not going to Australia?” David says.

I think I was guilt tripped into going to Australia. I already have tickets but have been contemplating airfare comfort and prices. But I left things with Gloria  (Duchovniac from Spain) becoming a pilot and flying us around via sea plane, island hopping to each concert. Because at the end of the day, isn’t Australia the world’s largest Island. SORRY Greenland.

Laurice on the other had was questioned about involvement in another certain fandom which shall remain nameless here SNEEZE (pledgies). But all in jest…. right?


We’ve posted so many concert videos in past so check out our youtube, twitter and instagram pages for more, but here are the main highlights.

NO DRUMS. This was a pseudo acoustic set. I was looking forward to a scaled down model of the folkish rock songs. Most were great, but this crowd and venue perhaps was the wrong time to take it down a notch. Vancouver often fell down piss drunk but did little singing and clapping along. Not sure RESERVED was the right word. Of course there was a GIANT DETOX CENTER around the corner, so maybe that explains it. Every time I tried to clap and supply the needed back beat on 2, again NOTHING. I still look forward to the acoustic videos and perhaps our private concert in April will be the better setting for this endeavor.

If anything these arrangements were not scaled down enough and the stage was perhaps too big for a coffee shop folk set. I love mithc but perhaps the right way to go would be more Just Colin and Pat on Guitar. Maybe get David playing some more. Not my call,  clearly. But again this stage was big enough, and at times it just felt like the drums were missing, without any consideration for instrument changes in the performance.

I did like the arrangement of UNSAID UNDONE. This has been the official angry song for past tours, with tempos and arrangement kicking it up a notch. If anything this felt more like HELL OR HIGHWATER the album again.

Cool new harmonies Unsaid Undone #hohw #unplugged Wth Pat, Colin, Mitch We miss you Sen M.

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LATELY IT’S ALWAYS DECEMBER was special. We don’t always get this one live. It’s a bit less of a party tune and a very tough grind on the guitar. In this case, the object of MY Man crush, Pat, took over acoustic guitar and really showed us how this song is supposed to sound. AMAZING! THIS song was born to be on acoustic sets.

Loved DECEMBER with Pat on guitar. #hohw

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Marble Son may be familiar to some as they posted a clip on PLEDGE MUSIC, I think. I really love this song.

MAYBE I CAN’T perhaps was the best song suited for this medium. Pat and Colin work so well together. The arrangement is so chill. This maybe the big heart felt love of the sophomore album. I get teh sense that Colin played acoustic because he knows the arrangement best and could hold it together, but I would so love to see this staging for other songs. Colin on Acoustic, leave Mitch on bass (Because he is simply perfect on the bass) and Pat can just keep rocking those lead guitar riffs.


After three times, it is not as funny. THANKS Pat for GREATEST HITS… moving on … lol
If you have no idea for which I refer, be thankful.


While a little TOO chill for my taste for a music concert, the crowd is super nice. I met a lot of Canadians, and a couple Chechs, and Floridians originally from Oxford (Too loud for my Mulder joke to land here). And of course spoke a long time to Ryan and Joe, more die hard male x-files friends, YEAH!


No one is incapable of doing no wrong. The most die hard unconditional love has its limits. However, this is not required for an artist that just keeps creating and loving life in the process. Thanks for all you do, David Duchovny. And it sounds like 2018 may be the busiest yet.  Australia/NZ tour, MISS SUBWAY – third novel released shortly after Every Third Thought, and the BUCKY DENT Movie… we’ve got your back for ever!!!


And if you have not seen this yet…




The Ballad of David and Mitch original fan song lyrics

I am beyond flattered
My brain is so scattered
And its barely after dawn
There’s an intense tug of war
What’s all this fighting for
But am I just a pawn


Driving south from Jersey to Alexandria concert I dictated the song to my wife. Lacking paper and pen, she just texted me back what I said.

Tired of the battle
Hearded like cattle
Just to get in the front row
But you know I came
When you called my name
Am I just a fan or a braugh


Outside the Birchmere I finished the lyrics and worked out the melody/chords. There were 3-4 musical versions before settling on the final chords and notes.

Duchovny or Pileggi
Where does my allegiance lie
Pileggi or Duchovny
Weren’t they both in the FBI

Mitch took a selfie with me Mr wearing a cape and tights
Dressed as superman I must have looked such a fright
David must have realized that it wasn’t my fault
When he said at wizard world, shut up walt


TEAM EFFORT. Laurice took care of hair and make up as I worked out the music. Maja was cue card/ human teleprompter. Charnette filmed. Dita and Karen (Blonde Girl) were my back up singers.

So it’s time for a choice
I’m giving it voice
Duchovniacs or Mitch’s Bitches
The choice is hard
I need help from the bard
I’ve not yet put on britches

But Mitch makes me complete
When he answers my tweet
My allegiance is so torn

I love both of you
Capable of loving two
Making me choose is really not fair
It’s the end of my song
I’m not wearing a thong
The truth is out there




Starting February 1, 2017, I will be releasing a new song every day for the next year with me singing and playing piano, guitar, or uke. Rock,  folk, oldies, contemporary, Broadway, jazz, and even Opera. This is mostly for me to stop being lazy and learn some new music, but I hope you enjoy as well. Follow me hear or on twitter @waltfrasier for the latest additions. Playlist here may show unlisted videos before completely made public on their release date.






Flu nor Virus Can’t Stop Duchovny, Whistle While You Work Birchmere Alexandria VA 2/26/2017


For more sites/Sounds follow us on twitter. TAG US and we will retweet your photos/videos

Three big highlights tonight.

  1. OPENING ACT ROCKED – K. Marie Kim is a genius sound engineer that makes David sound amazing every night. Turns out she sings and plays piano and really knows how to make musical toys (special effects) work better than most. (See post below)
  2. COLIN CAN REALLY WHISTLE – The band played a scaled down LATELY IT’s ALWAYS DECEMBER with Keenan carrying tune Acoustic Guitar,  Pat laying down what Pat does (beyond words), and Colin shaking his egg (rhythm toy – percussion). But then busted out a solo whistling what he often plays on the keys. It was so perfect. The guys also had more back up harmonizing vocals – or perhaps we just heard a cooler blend with less instrumentation. IF ANYONE HAS VIDEO PLEASE SHARE
  3. DAVID WAS SICK (read below)

This girl rocks @kmariekim @davidduchovny up next @Duchovniacs

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We cannot say for certain what it was but David was not feeling well tonight. A fever was reported by DD himself and there were other signs of issues, but we will skip any talk of bodily fluids.

That being said I noticed something…

Those that follow closely will remember David being sick in Luxembourg last May. He powered through but was noticeably feeling awful.

You may have also read my blog from Friday (Saturday AM) about how impressed I was with David in Jersey.

At first tonight, when they said David was not feeling well, I thought – I wonder if David just is not used to powering through that hard (Friday’s performance) and needed time to recover.

When you are not used to that much singing at that intensity, it can take a couple days to recover. Even Opera singers only do two show each week.

I personally had zero voice Saturday just from screaming and dancing. It took everything I had to sing Man of La Mancha ending for Mitch Pileggi via twitter conversation. But when I went to sing another song with Duchovniacs, I virtually passed out on stage.

Tonight was another sign of David’s maturity as a singer. Despite vocal issues, he never once suffered regarding pitch. His voice was gruff but that works for this bluesy folk rock music.   David is the consummate story teller.

What I did notice is something that happens to a seasoned live performer. While it hurts and you feel like you are falling way short of your best, you are so hyper focus to over compensate for illness/fatigue, your over all performance is actually better than other times.

Perhaps that big money note lacks, but the rest of the performance is that much more connected.

Lyrical pretty singers/songs suffer greater from illness. But the story teller just sounds like he/she had too many smokes, which is not terrible for this style. The result is – as David put it – sounding more like Joe Cocker (or Janice Joplin for the ladies).

But beyond one or two moments where David paused for some tea, the over all performance was great. He danced a little less but the performance was perhaps even more filled with soul and meaning from the lyrics. As we learning musical theater, act through the song, don’t sing it.

Just 10 month ago David did not succeed as well under similar circumstances. We still loved the shows but some notes were flat. They might be flat in good health.

Here is what I told a number of new fan friends…

  1. David is a crazy awesome writer.
  2. His Celeb status gave him access to some off the charts amazing musicians that carried him the past 2 years musically.
  3. He is now coming into his own as a singer/musician. He is clearly working on his instrument, and now has enough live performance experience to know how to process the instrument under distress.

Almost anyone can sing pretty for a few moments. But it takes training to learn how to keep a voice healthy even when the body is not. It takes time to build up that endurance.

The voice is a muscle that needs developing.

For all his struggles tonight, I heard some decent notes in David’s upper register I don’t think were there just 8-10 months ago.

The audience still got a great performance. Better than many/most from before the past two weeks. I would still put tonight in top three of this past two weeks.

If nothing else, I am not sure David could have done “Lately It’s Always December” like that a week ago. That is a tough song and he was more exposed than ever. I am so craving acoustic tour / online videos / tracks…

MORE FROM Alexandria





SAN DIEGO David Duchovny Concert Rocked The MUSIC BOX #hellorhighwater


Songs from HELL OR HIGH WATER we love…
NEW SONGS from NEW ALBUM (TBA Name but we have ideas)
NEW COVER SONGS got the WHOLE band singing…

Cool new projected background @davidduchovny @duchovniacs

A photo posted by Walt Frasier (@waltfrasier) on

I hear the producers will be posting photos and videos on the new music site, so keep checking into www.davidduchovnymusic.com (They told VIP guests to give them 48 hours to update…)

FYI ABOUT VIP – What to expect/ What we experienced tonight…

If you have VIP tickets, PLEASE arrive early. I would argue you should be there by 5pm for an 8pm show. You clearly did not have to be there as early as us today but at least one missed out, thinking the doors opened at 7pm. (Which was true for the rest of the crowd)

I know people freak out when things change. I for one LOVE the new format. Some folks loved that one on one moment with David but I felt this VIP experience was a far better EXPERIENCE.

Seriously, every previous VIP meet & greet felt like an assembly line. You have about 10 seconds for a photo. No regrets, but that’s a lot in time in line and a bunch of cash for 10 seconds of being in presence of fame. I am not knocking because I have a ton of great experiences in past VIPs. And I would be so anxious about rushing through, I was more socially awkward than normal. Of course there was the time in Chicago when I accidentally stomped on his foot…. I digress…

By comparison tonight, we had less one on one time – actually none technically, however, we had an extra 30 minutes listening to David and the band in Sound Check as well as a private Q&A. (Standing O for Brad, your Master of Ceremonies).

We had some amazing private moments that only about 50ppl got to experience. Between David trying to tell us the origin of a few songs while a guitar gave feedback.

My favorite moment was hearing the world premiere of two songs, which technically debuted at tonight’s concert, but we heard them first 2 hours before.

First David connected with a few of us Eurotour vets in front row, about how he wrote one of the new songs “STRANGER of the SACRED HEART”. (I maybe wrong on a preposition here). David and Matty (who rocked on guitar tonight for encore) walked up to Sacre Coeur, the famous church up the hill from his Paris concert. (I really want to relate another Sacre Coeur story from same day regarding a certain Canadian friend and our RV group – inside story shall inside here – for now lol). Folks pray every day 24/7 for strangers. And the new song is great, with quite of few dynamic/tempo changes. This song is more “arranged” than most of the originals, almost to the point of a concept album but THE WHO or PINK FLOYD.

And then there is ROMAN COIN. I need to hear this song a few more times to best communicate the words and meaning, but the song absolute rocks.

After 4 songs, Brad asked David some fan questions both form the crowd and twitter. One I have had in my pocket for a rainy day – or if we ever get an exclusive interview – was partially answered as David expanded on another’s question.

My questions is “After working together with this band for more than two years now, have there been and changes in the development process for new songs?”

I feel like there is a much longer answer to be had, but David did mention he is collaborating with both Pat and Colin in developing new songs.

To all there tonight, I hope you appreciated everything as much as I did, because I thought this system was MUCH better. And David did not have to say thank you 100 times, which just wears down the voice. I thought he was that much stronger during the main event as a result.

The bigger fear was whether or not folks would lose their front row status – after waiting in line out front for hours – as we go get a group photo (in another location after the sound check). Folks knew going in that there was no 1 on 1 photo process (I think). Next time, BS a security job spews should not be cause for half of the crowd to freak out.

I will say David’s producing team is not always in control. Each venue has there own policy and not every venue is created equally. Some security staff are better than others. Most are humanoid (sorry one or two have been downright sketchy lol). Be patient. The music is awesome from any place in theater.

Tonight was the first venue I loved being down front the entire concert. Nothing against David or the band, but I get tired, thirsty and nature calls. Nothing can help my fat ass killing my ankles and feet, but MUSIC BOX otherwise rocks above most.

Not TWO seconds after I said, “I would love a drink but I am way too tired to fight this crowd to get back up front.” a cocktail server asked for our order.

I am told David was amused when the server brought me a beer AND a Margarita. But how was I to know when she would be back. It turned out the service was amazing, and I had no problem getting drinks, perhaps too easily.

Then I saw food being delivered. “UM can I get an order of those spring rolls” THEY WERE DELICIOUS BTW. Although our new friend form China, who flew in just for this concert on her birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY) said they were not right. But most of our “Chinese Food” in America is actually Chinese Food someone from China would recognize, right?


Backing up a bit… we dropped by the Music Box around noon. Great, got our bearings, lets go get lunch in Little Italy. We walk a block and the rest of my group gather around a large neighborhood map looking for lunch options. GUESS WHO was across the street (saw David first towering above crowd)?

I almost yelled out “DAVID” but I bit lip/tongue and waived. I stick out of a crowd for different reasons. The rest of my crew has no clue yet. David waived back and one by one realized who we were. I stood still for a few seconds. Do I go across the street? Do I stay? Will I be invading space etc? TOO MUCH PRESSURE so I crossed street to say hello. I LOVE THE BAND AND HAVE NO CHILL….

Next I saw was Colin playing guitar strolling – which stood out as Colin usually is on the keys (although a fabulous guitarist as well). I made a Mikado “joke”/reference – “wandering Minstrel I, a thing of…” – yeah pretty sure most do not know where I am headed here.

Then we realized the entire band was in tow with instruments along with a small film crew. We said hello to all but did not want mess up.

About 30 minutes later, while noshing on some AMAZING pizza, we saw the tweet from RED TROLLY

THAT’s what they were doing. Sounds like a bigger edited video is on the way. They were playing and strolling and rolling…. so…. stay tuned… (Skip to last 2 minutes and check out AMAZING unplugged version of ANOTHER YEAR)

For those who think we are stalkers, other than going to a lot of concerts, book signings etc, the rest of these moments are just right place right time accidents.


If I forget anything, and you were there tonight, PLEASE DM me on twitter or instagram and make sure I update ASAP. There was so much to be excited about.

Before we get to all the NEW stuff, a lot of songs we know and love had some interesting new treatments. Not sure if most will appreciate new licks Pat is playing, new instrumentation on Passenger etc

But can we chat briefly about the new opening to THE THINGS. Colin, Pat and the NEW GUY, Keenan (who is awesome, we miss Nate, change is hard, again I digress)? I thought I recognized THINGS in there but was so mesmerized I could not be sure. It was great.

Two new covers. Everyone sang along with both SWEET JANE and  THE WEIGHT. In fact Pat, Keenan and Colin all took a verse in the latter.

The reason I really am curious about David’s song writing process?

Every concert we see reveals a celeb with some great musicians morphing into a real band, with everyone’s personalities and talents getting to shine.

Always an amazing percussionist, Sebastian was really leading the audience to clap and participate like never before.

It was fun to see Mitch on the Red Trolley video mix it up. The bass player is always the unsung hero. Mitch effortlessly pulls together every song with that strong foundation. I mean seriously, I don’t think ever stop smiling or breaks a sweat.

AND Mitch and Sebastian were both propositioned by audience members, and with a sex-symbol TV/Movie star as your front man, you’re doing something right LOL….




Blue Man Group San Diego #Showtime @davidduchovny #DavidDuchovny

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Fun night. Next stop LA @davidduchovny #DavidDuchovny

A video posted by Walt Frasier (@waltfrasier) on



Touring Europe with David Duchovny – Band Members Perspective (Video)

Touring Europe with David Duchovny – Band Members Perspective (Video)

More for those that question what David does in his concerts form the perspective of the drummer – although I would call Sebastian a percussionist. Great Musician!

In May, associate digital editor Sebastian Modak headed overseas to drum his way through Europe as part of David Duchovny’s band. Eleven cities, eight countries, and many, many miles in an overcrowded tour bus later, here are some of his most valuable takeaways, including the joy of finding perfect churros in Madrid—and how to stay sane when you’re spending every waking minute with your colleagues.

Touring Europe with David Duchovny

Touring Europe with David Duchovny

Touring Europe with David Duchovny – Band Members Perspective (Video)

David Duchovny is going on tour with new album soon

TOUR DATES will be released in the next 48 hours. One of our friends already found Alexandria Virginia on February 26. Make sure you are following us on twitter and this blog for the latest news.


Virginia lists that VIP tickets will be a group photo with 10-15 at a time, early entrance and other perks. AWESOME. No need to wear David out with 100+ single photos and autographs.

DD Glasgow 12

Can’t wait to hear studio recordings of new songs…

Stay on the Train
Every Third Thought (My vote for album title)
Someone Else’s Girl
Mo’ (Less Is More)

Can’t wait to hear new songs that will round out the new album.



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UPCOMING NYC EVENTS for DUCHOVNIACS: Joel McHale, Gillian Anderson, Keaton Simons LIVE


Joel McHale, Gillian Anderson, Keaton Simons LIVE

Compiled by WALT FRASIER

Are you in the NYC area this Winter/Spring? Laurice and I will going to these.
Any more X-Files/David Duchovny extended family events you hear about, let us know so we can tell the world…

February 4th Joel Mchale Stand-Up Special


Caroline’s on Broadway

1626 Broadway,  New York,  NY  10036
Joel was a blast to meet Tuesday at the X-Files Premiere Party.
Meet Tad O'Malley

Joel Mchale hugs Laurice Fattal, Duchovniacs Editor in Chief

FROM CAROLINE’S PAGE Joel McHale is one of the busiest actors in the business right now. He is perhaps best known for his starring role on the hit comedy series “Community,” which recently wrapped its sixth season on Yahoo after five seasons on NBC. He will next be seen on Fox’s revival of “The X-Files,” where he will play a conservative news anchor. McHale starred as Robin Williams’ son in A Merry Friggin’ Christmas and was seen in the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced supernatural thriller Deliver Us From Evil.  He also appeared in the Warner Bros’ romantic comedyBlended alongside Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.  His additional film credits include Seth MacFarlane’s comedy smash TED, What’s Your Number?, The Big Year, Spy Kids: All The Time in The World, and The Informant. In 2014, he hosted the annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner in Washington D.C., and recently hosted the 2015 ESPYS on ABC. McHale also performs his stand-up act around the country to sold-out audiences. Born in Rome and raised in Seattle, Washington, McHale was a history major at the University of Washington where he also was a member of their championship football team.  He received his Master’s of Fine Arts from UW’s Actor’s Training Program.  McHale lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two sons.




We’ve got our tickets. Let us know when you are in town and we can meet up. Tickets maybe sold out or close to it so GO NOW AND BUY YOURS!!!

FROM WEBSITE Arguably, St. Ann’s Warehouse is the only NY theater capable of staging Benedict Andrews’ maverick production of A Streetcar Named Desire, featuring Gillian Anderson, Ben Foster, Corey Johnson and Vanessa Kirby. With its transparent, revolving set, all conversations are overheard, there’s nowhere to hide and the ensuing tragedy purposefully spins toward its inevitable last line. The New York Times called the production “a wounding portrait of communal loss.” This American Premiere marks the first collaboration between St. Ann’s Warehouse and London’s Young Vic.

“Ms. Anderson is at her very best in Benedict Andrews’ ferocious new production of Tennessee Williams’ immortal play…

[Ben Foster is] the first Stanley I have come across to erase memories of the part’s stage and screen originator, Marlon Brando…less about the character’s pectorals and more about his battered pride”

“Benedict Andrews’ version steams off the stage with pain, excitement and clamour”
“Foster as Stanley matches Miss Anderson blow for blow in their big showdowns…Kirby is touchingly vulnerable as Stella”
“Gillian Anderson is simply unmissable, Benedict Andrews’ direction is admirably thoughtful and bold… Vanessa Kirby eloquent, Ben Foster explosive, and there’s a lovely measured Corey Johnson”



This modern-day staging of Tennessee Williams feverish classic arrives at St Ann’s after dazzling West End audiences in 2014. Heading the cast as the ill-fated Blanche DuBois is Golden Globe and Emmy winner Gillian Anderson, currently starring on the small screen in The Fall and Hannibal, but perhaps still best known for her iconic portrayal of Agent Scully in Fox’s The X-Files.

Directed by Benedict Andrews, this simmering cauldron of sexual frustration and resentment plays out on a revolving set, which allows the audience a window into every cramped inch of the play’s sweltering New Orleans apartment setting. It was first staged at London’s Young Vic in 2014, and became the fastest selling show in the venue’s history. The production earned universal acclaim, with the UK’s leading theatre critic, Charles Spencer of The Telegraph, describing Anderson’s turn as “the performance of her career”.

The main cast transfer over for this New York production. Joining Anderson are stage star Ben Foster (Lone Survivor) as the surly Stanley, and Vanessa Kirby (Jupiter Ascending) as Stella.


When faded Southern belle Blanche finds her decadent life crumbling around her, she falls on the mercy of her timid sister Stella for some relief. However, she didn’t factor in Stella’s domineering husband Stanley, who is determined to control his wife ahead of the birth of their first child.

Blanche is intrigued with the dynamics of their relationship, and attempts to attract new men by holding court in the Kowalski’s apartment, to Stanley’s anger. Blanche and Stanley butt heads constantly, and a huge confrontation between the two leads to a devastating fate for Blanche as she finally experiences a psychotic breakdown.

MAY 24 & 25 Keaton Simons in Concert

Keaton Simons - Two Show Pass


Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3

185 Orchard St. New York, NY, 10002

If you have not met Keaton yet, you are in for a treat. You may have seen Keaton on teh Today show playing guitar with David Duchovny on May 12, morning before th infamous Cutting Room Concert. Many Duchovniacs have become Keaton Simons fans over the past few years. I met Keaton and his Mom Tuesday. Laurice had met Keaton once before. A true delight on and off stage!!!

The new @thexfilesfox is awesome!! So proud of you @davidduchovny :) #thexfiles

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FROM TICKETFLY: The Los Angeles Times described the voice of their native son, blues/rock guitarist, singer and songwriter Keaton Simons, as having a “lived-in quality that will echo in our minds and hearts for years to come.” Anyone who’s seen Keaton perform live knows why the crowd erupts when he picks up a guitar from his arsenal on stage (usually consisting of a customized DeTemple Stellacasta, fretless guitar, baritone and acoustic). Premier Guitar magazine has welcomed Keaton as a guest guitar teacher on their website and says, “Simons can play.” In addition, Keaton has played a role in the hip hop world as a writer, musical director, singer, bassist and guitarist with notable acts like Snoop Dogg, Gnarls Barkley, Tre Hardson of The Pharcyde and underground hip hop legend Medusa. He’s also performed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Last Call with Carson Daly and most recently, The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Keaton’s music is regularly placed in feature films and television shows, including Sons of Anarchy, Private Practice, NCIS and Numb3rs.



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David Duchovny: A Review

September 15, 2015


Photos & Review By : Derek Tull

So I’m hoping that the title of this review doesn’t turn you away. The reasoning for such a short title is that I have a lotto say. This past Sunday at Altar bar was one of the best shows I have seen all year. Most of you may know of David Duchovny as Fbi agent Fox Mulder from The X-files or Hank Moody in Californication. But What most of you may not know is that David has a band. And they are incredible. Before I get too ahead of myself let me start by saying that this came as quite a surprise to me. Over the years many actors have tried their hand at music, and in my honest opinion the ones I have heard are not good at all. So when I heard that David Duchovnywas coming to Altar Bar, my first thought was that he was possibly performing stand up or perhaps it was a lecture of some type. I was baffled for a moment, only to find out that he is the frontman in a band. My first thought was “Well this can’t be good” As my thoughts were rekindled of actors in the past singing in bands, and how terrible they sounded

So I gave it a listen. And much to my surprise, I was impressed. But it still wasn’t enough to sell me completely. I wondered if Duchovny could bring the same energy and passion he conveyed in the studio into a live performance. And this is were the review really begins.

If there is one word I could use to describe Duchovny’s performance it would be “mezmorizing” and I’m not just talking about David Duchovny, I’m talking about the band David Duchovny as a whole. From the first song they played titled “3000” You could feel the energy in the room. Also this was thanks to the sold out crowd in attendance. Who showed nothing but love and positive vibes for the band. Things did get a little humourous during the second song when a fan threw a piece of lingerie onstage with their phone number written on it. The band had a laugh about this and then continued to rock on. Duchovny also took breaks in between songs to introduce the band members as well as interact with fans. For being a celeberty he seems very humble. Never once did he seems fake or too good for anyone. He complemented Pittsburgh on our accent, Roberto Clemente, and even during the last song, were he and the band performed in Pittsburgh Pirates hats.

The music itself is sort a long the lines of Bob Dylan, The Wallflowers, or in my opinion some songs remind me of Gin Blossoms. But this should not make you stray from Duchovny. These are only examples or the best way I can explain the sound. However there is a very organic sound that should be noted. Duchovny’s lyrics stem from all walks of life and all walks of life could relate to the songs. And the band backing him make all of the lyrics and singing come to life even more.

The show that lasted near two hours was filled with a vibe that I really can’t put into words. What I can say though is that I’m willing to bet a lot of people went to this show just because it was David Duchovny. But I can also say that everyone who was a skeptic walked out of the show impressed. David Duchovny has given us two great performances as a actor. Now he gives us a feast for the ears as himself. And I can truthfully say that he is not acting on this performance.