David Duchovny Australia & New Zealand Concert Tour Videos

We’ve uploaded and posted all of our concert videos from David and his band touring Australia and New Zealand! Fun times! All of them are on this playlist.

Shout out to everyone on David’s team working behind the scenes to make this tour happen for fans on the other side of the world!


We did a lot of live streaming on Periscope. Unfortunately the replay quality on those videos depends on how strong the signal is when recorded.

Here are all of our live video streams. If you hear some voices around us singing along, it’s because David requested and encouraged it.



Sydney Encore


New Castle



The X-Files Season 11 – Ep 9 & 10 Trailer/Promo

We are down to the final two episodes of The X-files season 11 and most likely the end of the series (bawling)

Here’s the latest trailer for episodes 9 & 10. We’re not ready!
An End That Must Be Faced | Season 11 | THE X-FILES

Published on Mar 8, 2018 – An extended trailer for the final two episodes this season of THE X-FILES.

We’re finally all caught up now! We missed episode 7 because we were in Australia for David’s concerts! We’ve just uploaded the last of our pics/videos from all those shows we’ll be posting them here soon.

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EW – Can The X-Files still do a serious episode? ‘Familiar’ argues yes…kind of

Here’s our reaction video to the Ep 9 & 10 trailer

Our recap/review videos from the last two episodes:

The X-files Season 11 Ep 7: RM9sbG93ZXjz aka Followers

The X-files Season 11 Episode 8: Familiar 


David Duchovny rocks out on Harry Connick Jr CBS talk show February 28, 2018 #everythirdthought

It is January 24, 2018. I’m sitting in my home office in New Jersey

If you are reading this it is now February 27 or later and we are in Sydney Australia on a ferry around the harbor or at the Zoo watching kangaroos and koala bears. Actually it’s February 28th (stupid date line, sorry not you, NBC show) here so I am probably driving to New Castle AU for the sixth of seven concerts. Tomorrow we fly to Brisbane.

The word is mum, although pics have been leaked before this. We were asked to take down our photos by the producers for now. We just got back from a taping of the Harry Connick Jr. talk show on CBS.

If you have seen the show airing it is now February 28, 2018 in America or later. We are now in Brisbane.

What did you think? We had a blast.

But as usual, we Duchovniacs can not just go to events without being part of the story ourselves, usually not on purpose.

So we get to the CBS studio doors of the Harry Connick Jr. Show (and quite a few others) on Manhattan’s west side.

We tell the guy at the door we are here for HARRY to see David Duchovny.

He points us to the security counter. We wait a few minutes. A PA form the show escorts us up in the elevator.


We walk right past the band and many of David’s team. According to a few quick convos over heard in passing, sounds like they had just finished their sound check.


We shake a few hands, then walk down the hall. The PA gestures and invites us to hang out in a room about 3 doors down.

Inside is a wonderful spread of bites – MUCH nicer than I am used to as a bit actor in greenrooms at GMA and the Letterman show.

David’s producers and PR rep is inside. We say our hellos. About a minute goes by when one of the producers notices we are staying. Wait you guys are supposed to be with the audience.

Turns out we were in David’s private green room. This explains the nicer spread.

The producer’s personally escort us to studio level 2-3 floors down – to be honest I am completely lost at this point. These studio buildings are so big, if you don’t pay attention as you are escorted around you have no idea where you are.

We pass David in the hall. “Did you see the band?” We shakes hands. .

Hope I didn’t have a cold, cause if I did EVERY one has it by now.

We are now on studio level. 30 minutes before the rest of the audience will be ushered up and we join up with the rest of those form David’s party – mostly friends and family of the band.

I took these photos and tweet ‘BATTLE OF THE BANDS TIME”. We removed at the request of the producers as the exact air date was so far out in the future etc.

The interview was fun. I will post the video once it is online but Harry is great and the two really had a perfect conversation.

The highlight I think is when Harry jokes about David correcting HC about music. Reminds me of an exchange I had with the band at the NYC listening party and David joked that Pat corrected me.

SOMEONE (not us, but we know a guy lol) took this candid moment between segments right before the band plays.

The band plays on.

Half Life seems to be the new got to single for showcasing the new album. Most will understand why. Rumors out their that this song may be radio bound. It may be on by the time this post is made public.


(If we haven’t already by now lol)

Half Life Lyric Video

AUCKLAND My New Fave Show – Kiwis turn out in spirit for David Duchovny #EveryThirdThought

AUCKLAND My New Fave Show – Kiwis turn out in spirit for David Duchovny #EveryThirdThought

If this is how David, Colin, Pat, Mitch, Keenan (Not Tom) and Seb set the tone for this tour, we are all in for many treats.

The VIPs entered the venue with their spiffy VIP badges tagged with both New Zealand Shows – which included all in our crew but me.

I went to pay the meter and hopefully find some free internet when a wonderfully nice lady popped out of her camper van RV. She had recognized my DUCHOVNIACS VIP pass (created for fun by one of our own @TKKarma).

“You must be headed to the show”  

At first she didn’t recognize the image of 10 year old David on my tee, but after a brief conversation I was invited in for wine and cheese. Inside she and her husband – hilarious with perfect impressions of Brooklyn and Red Necks – regaled of floating around the world on their boat. I was impressed. Soon later their two friends from Auckland joined in on the fun. e joked about being lured into strangers lair. I joked the wine and cheese in the van was like candy and ice cream for adults. We were meant for each other.

We all walked over to the venue and entered as General Admission guests. I quickly found fellow Duchovniacs and enjoyed the opening solo act guitar singer, who was also named David. He was great and a big Duchovny fan in his own right.

Then it was time for David and the band. Now that we have two albums plus bonus tracks, which tracks does one select for the live show? Everyone in the group had a different favorite and yet another regret for songs we did not hear live. Yet! 

Either way I think we all agreed this was one of the best shows David and the guys have ever staged. Every tune hit, David’s voice was impeccable and the band was beyond having a blast.

We have already heard a number of the new songs live over the past years. Every Third Thought, Half Life and Stranger in the Sacred Heart.  All these tracks have been infused by collaboration with every band mates input from the recording sessions.

Maybe I Can’t, which I thought was a bit weak in Vancouver, was phenomenal.  It fell right into place to let us catch our breath from bouncing and head bobbing. What a beautiful execution.

Quite notable were the singles from Hell or Highwater. Of course I’ve heard these songs live now more than a couple dozen times. But just as the new album reflects on the band’s deeper collaboration with David, many of these tunes had a bit of an over haul for the better.

Let it Rain was faster than I can ever remember at previous shows. Passenger had an interesting new guitar flair from Pat. Hell or Highwater itself was as good or better as expected.

Expecting the new songs to be more featured, I was surprised they followed EVERY THIRD THOUGHT (Opening Song) with 3000, and then ended with Positively Madison Ave. However, no regrets, especially as Pat virtually steals the show taking us home with that extended guitar solo. Always a show man – I already put the guy on a pedestal few could live up to – Pat surpassed and had more than a few kiwi jaws dropping. As I tweeted he may have damaged the guitar playing so intensely.


One of the weaker moments (relatively) was When the Whistle Blows. Still amazing, but the live mix was a bit lacking in David’s voice. The bluesy, grizzly low growl vocal utilized by David in this rocker requires a bit more microphone, as the lower range of any voice does not project as well naturally. But the band was still on fire – aka “lit AF.” I was also near the front where David’s monitors are so it’s possible the fans further back heard a better mix. Those of us that know the album rank “Whistle” as one of the best new songs. I’m probably being a bit picky here but it is worth noting, as I have so little to pick apart from this show as an amateur “critic”.

Of course I fear writing this next section (Only because it is not about a song David wrote)

Perhaps the true highlight of the evening, as the band comes back for a mini encore set, the guys play a rock band equivalent of the orchestra warming up. It is a cluster of tone, with cymbal rolls and subtle riffs. Mitch has set down the base for a guitar as he starts that simple chord pattern, akin to Tom Petty’s free falling. We are transported as Pat lays down some dissonant riffs, that simultaneously seem out of place and perfect. Musically there is a story of love and conflict. Then David sings, perhaps the best we have heard him ever. Sebastian later lays in some light percussion. By the end the band is rocking out.

As at the listening party, as I reheard via digital download of the album and as I am even now writing this little passage, I am moved to moist eyes listening / thinking to this amazing song.

This is how I experience Spiral.

A few were disappointed we did not get Marble Sun. My biggest regret was not hearing Last First Time live, yet.

There are so many gems that have not been played live yet, and old faves missed. We now are just starting to feel the angst of a Beatles or Stones fan that wishes for their lesser known favorite to appear on a set list.

Funny moment was when David and the band shared verses in The Weight (Cover for song by The Band). David put the microphone in the face of a young lady with no clue about the lyrics. I love their cover but have never understood the craze folks get for this song. I don’t know the words well either. But this is the MOST IMPORTANT SONG OF ALL TIME it seems for some.

Colin wowed all with his cover of Don’t Dream it’s Over by Crowded House. David said this song was too high for him but the band wanted to make sure they do a local band hit. David danced and entertained the crowd while the band played.

Like Europe, internet woes are keeping us from uploading faster. But we are trying. MUCH MORE to come… Also follow us to see some cool photos and videos of our amazing adventures in NEW ZEALAND and AUSTRALIA.


David Duchovny – More Album Press & Heading to NZ/AU

David getting in a little rehearsal before heading to NZ

More Every Third Thought Album Press:
AXS Interview: David Duchovny discusses his new album, ‘Every Third Thought,’ songwriting


We’ll be posting a full write up and album review in the next couple of days, probably in our travels overseas. Check back here for updates. We’ll be covering all of the shows except Wellington.

Here’s our own album video/vlog review..
CONTENT WARNING – These videos are uncensored! Proceed with caution!

David Duchovny – Every Third Thought Press & FANS LOVING IT!

We hope everyone is enjoying the new album as much as we are!

Here are links to a whole bunch of press & reviews about David’s new Album Every Third Thought


David Duchovny tries to learn from his past on new album Every Third Thought

David Duchovny Talks Becoming A Singer/Songwriter

David Duchovny on His Late Blooming Music Career & Gaining Confidence as a Singer

David Duchovny gives Track by Track breakdown of his new album, Every Third Thought: Stream

David Duchovny, No Stranger To Character Studies, Puts Them To Music


David Duchovny’s Second Album – Every Third Thought Out Today

Upcoming Tour Press:

Turns out David Duchovny’s a singer-songwriter and he’s coming to NZ

What do fans think of  Every Third Thought?
Check out some of the buzz on social media.

Walt’s cover (I know! Big surprise he did one!)
Half Life

Listen to Every Third Thought on SoundCloud

David Duchovny’s sophomore album “Every Third Thought” is set to drop for digital download on Friday but if you want to hear it streaming now it’s available on SoundCloud!

Check back here for our full album review.

Listen to Every Third Thought here:

All songs written by David Duchovny, Colin Lee, Pat McCusker and Mitchell Stewart

Produced by Colin Lee, Pat McCusker and Mitchell Stewart

Mixed by Mitchell Stewart
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, New York, NY

Recorded November 2016 – February 2017 at:
Atomic Sound, New York, NY
Recording Engineers: Merle Chornuk and Dakota Bowman

Grand Street Recording, New York, NY
Recording Engineers: Ken Rich and Jake Lummus

Additional Overdubs Recorded at
Virtue and Vice Studios, New York, NY
Recording Engineer: Anthony “Rocky” Gallo

Horn and String Arrangements by Colin Lee

The Band
David Duchovny – Lead Vocals
Colin Lee – Piano, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Pat McCusker – Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Mitchell Stewart – Bass, Vocals, Electric Guitar (Track 8), Omnichord (Track 1), Synthesizer (Track 5)
Sebastian Modak – Drums, Percussion

Additional Musicians
Hannah Read – Violin (Tracks 4, 7)
Tamsin Wilson – Vocals (Tracks 3, 5, 10)
Sam Crittenden – Trombone (Tracks 6, 11)
Michael Fatum – Trumpet (Tracks 6, 11)
Patrick Sargent – Clarinet (Tracks 3, 6, 12)
Kerry Lee – Cowbell (Track 11)
Kaleena Hutchins – Harmonica (Tracks 13, 14)

Released by:
Westbound Kyd
Release date:
9 February 2018

Ghouli: The X-Files Season 11 Episode 5 Recap and Review #xfghouli #thexfiles

Ghouli: The X-Files Season 11 Episode 5 Recap and Review #xfghouli #thexfiles

First of all, thank you!

Walt Frasier

Thank to all the fans that demanded more X-files. Collectively we powered this phenom.

Thanks to all those involved on screen, behind the cameras, writers, producers, marketing teams etc etc etc

25 years later we may have just seen one of the best 42 minutes of X-Files ever.

It’s is hard to say that claim 100%, with so many classic favorites.

Ghouli: The X-Files Season 11 Episode 5 Recap and Review

THIS is the episode we have been waiting for since Chris Carter said Season 10 was happening. We may have just been given more answers than questions, which is refreshing.


Even knowing what we know the opening sequence may still give me nightmares. The actual real scenario is even scarier than the imagined monsters. Take away the special effects, which are William’s projections anyway, and we have two teen age girls slashing and dicing each other with knives. Horrifying! The full scene was gorier than expected.


Cut to Scully narrating her dream, which at first seems to be another Scully monologue, like MY STRUGGLE II and so many great episodes from the original run. As this expands to dialogue with Mulder we question the phenom until Scully sees the photo of Chimera.

James Wong says this episode was sparked by his own sleep paralysis encounter while shooting a film in Mexico. (TV Insider)

That’s an open XFiles – Mulder


Back down 95 South Again

Cut to Norfolk Va. Have these guys been following Mulder and Scully all along, or did they overhear the dream discussion and figured this is all leading to William?

Hey, that’s Louis Ferreira! This guy has been popping up on every Vancouver show, but most notably a reoccurring character on Travelers. A few weeks ago Louis had a decent arc on CW Arrow as a mafia boss, uncle to The Huntress.

The Chimera looks like a spot I would never let kids play, but would have definitely been there to explore in my teens.

As the girls regain consciousness, we learn their only connection is a mutual boyfriend. Jackson/ William is a player…. this did not sit with some fans… more on this later…

At the Van De Kamp house, Mulder and Scully arrive to gun shots from the house. Adoptive parents rarely get the appreciation they deserve.

Immediately, Scully’s look upon discovering “Jackson” tells all. She is beyond suspecting this is William; She knows.

And The Emmy Goes Too…

Gillian’s work here, and throughout this episode is beyond amazing. The range of intensity from the waking paralysis to the morgue monologue, to the final glimmer of hope, is deserving of awards.

As much as Karin Konoval as Judy and Chucky is an acting class in physical character development, Gillian’s performance should be studied for emotional performance range on camera. Any more would be too much. Any less would have felt empty and routine. As far as I am concerned, perfect.

Please go and RT me on this to get the momentum building…

David’s work is great on another level. He gets one line to truly reveal Mulder’s state of mind as he confronts the DoD agents. The warning he is not to be messed with says it all. Mulder has to focus on being there for Scully – and later William. He lacks the luxury of self reflection and emotion. Nor has he time for regrets. The situation requires he play the hero, the rock.

Another James Wong insight, from the Mulder Skinner exchange, is Mulder’s line, Thanks but you’re too late.

This was written as a scolding of Skinner, but David’s performance, under breath while walking away, turns Mulder’s comment on himself.

The question is will Mulder have time to ever show a break down. Curious about the next 5 hours left in Season 11.  Thank goodness next week is all about Skinner. We could not go into regular MOTW mode easily.

Speaking of Skinner, Mitch plays a very seminal moment masterfully.

Skinner has been walking the line. We don’t know for sure he is siding with CSM fully but he is clearly shaken upon learning Jackson is William. Suddenly Crossroads news hits harder. Is this the moment Walter turns against CSM?

Of course who did not love CSM  being back in Skinner’ s office? More WE ARE HOME moments in season 11.


With the heat William takes time and reaches out to Sarah and Brianna. Why does William even make this effort?

Does he feel guilty?

Does he feel a need to put the girls at ease?

A few questioned the actor’s performance here. I think it is brilliant. The writing and performance.

Listen to what William is saying.

It is my deduction that, one, William is being a teenager. He is discovering and experimenting with his powers, much the way a teen might experiment with drugs or sex – completely haphazardly. He is ignorant and unable to fully control, which leads to the girls near death experiences.

Two, he is only now coming to grip with his reality. This is a coming of age moment for William.

He is also learning a morality to using his powers

By the time he is explaining himself, and even a bit when running into Scully – both times – he is almost becoming priest-like. He begins to understand his purpose. His visions are starting to make sense. He is suddenly less teenager and more focused with the weight of the world, minus a few chaotic brief run for your life moments.

Now there is a stillness, akin to powerful XMen learning to harness their gift. Jedi – ish?

The self taught student is becoming the master, making the tough decision for the safety of all.

His insincere quality is a focus on the future. His words are apologizing for the past mistakes but his subtext is 100% focused on future tasks.

Super Psyched

… for Kitten. I finally met Mitch this past year, (WE took a brief selfie in Pittsburgh, 2015) but I have been a fan for 3 decades. I may have seen Shocker in the theaters. I certainly knew it before X-Files.

I take some credit (falsely I’m sure) for this season’s immense uptake in Skinner sightings. It’s was 3 out of my 5 things X-Files had to do for Season 11.

Maybe Chris Carter watched that?

Till next time…




DUCHOVNIACS EXCLUSIVE: David Duchovny interview with Walt & Laurice – New Album, Novel, #theXFiles MSR insights

Thank you to David Duchovny and all his team – we love you Brad & Kerry – for making this happen. Beyond flattered we had the time of our lives speaking with David about EVERY THIRD THOUGHT album and upcoming tour in Australia and New Zealand.

I was floored when David brought up me wearing the milk carton T-Shirt and preparing to stage dive into my arms…

THIS description of Miss Subways has me more eager than ever to read a Novel by David Duchovny. This sounds fascinating. So much more than I expected.

And finally, David’s insight into the discussion between David and Chris Carter working out the end of #XFplusone was a truly unexpected delight.