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LUXEMBOURG One Year ago today David Duchovny Concert RV Trip recap

So when I last left you we were pulling over to sleep in a Belgium rest stop.

MAY 9, 2016

We woke mid morning, had some coffee and headed to Amsterdam.

It is now May 9, 2016. It was around this time I learned the power of a chocolate croissant and latte before driving. The combo sugar caffeine high was enough to drive the big box on wheels for 2-3 hours.

We role into Amsterdam, again the wrong camp site. But this time I realized it right away. We eventually end up across the river from central station – main Amsterdam hub for ferries, trains and buses.



There is a massive RV parking area that is dirt cheap if you are just parking ($20/night). You pay a little more for full services but this was the one night I had a hotel so we just parked.

We were in the new hipster area. As we walked to the ferry to central station I remarked how much I thought it looked like Brooklyn. Right across from the ferry was a bar called BROOKLYN.

We were staying at the hotel La Boheme. As an opera singer I was happy with the name. I did not like the tall steep 4-story steps, that seemed more like a ladder. However the view from our window was the Amsterdam Venue Melkweg and it reminded me of the typical Parisian roof top bohemian opera set.

We all met in the lobby at 4pm, at which time Hotel La Boheme offered a free cheese plate. They said a glass of wine was only $6. A bottle was $13.50. So that was easy math. So there I was with my cheese plate and wine, expecting some help. There was none.

So there I am eating cheese, consuming an entire bottle wine, when I hear, “Can you tell me how to find the Milky Way?”

“You looking for David Duchovny?” HICCUP


Either this is a David fan from San Francisco or the FBI caught up with me for a murder I did not commit or know about…

It was the latter.

So I walked my new friend to the theater.

“Walter!” The producers were yelling at me from across 3-4 lines of folks waiting to enter the theater. “My mom wants to join you in the RV.” Again I thought they were joking in Glasgow a few nights earlier.

**** SIDEBAR ****

AH listening to Norm McDonald new Stand-up on Netflix as I type and he said “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE” so now “HALF LIFE” is stuck in my head.

**** SIDEBAR ****

Amsterdam was awesome. I found a cheese shop and consumed mass quantities of free samples. There was a store of American and British products – basically junk like candy and chips – basically a really fancy 7-11 disguised as a gourmet store front.

After the concert we walked around looking for food. turns out Amsterdam is not a late night food town. We found one diner type place called Pancakes.


MAY 10, 2016

Next morning took a boat ride around the canals following an amazing free breakfast (I miss La Boheme and MIMI the cat as I hear the last notes of the Puccini Opera which is the same as Broadway’s Rent “MIMI”). Loved all that. Saw a lot of Amsterdam in that hour, including Anne Frank’s house and a bunch of bikes being dredged from the depths of the canals. beautiful town.

We headed back to the RV meeting band mom in Brooklyn. Next stop Cologne as the drive there was fairly routine minus seeing a few old windmills on the way out of town.

We arrive in Cologne thinking, WHAT A DIVE. The venue was not in the best part of town. The streets were over grown with vines, grasses and litter. The buildings were tagged more than 1980s NYC Subways.

There was already a long line at the venue which would get far longer by the time the doors opened. A great fan had hundreds of mini battery powered candles for all to light up during “Stars.”


Once inside I loved it. The venue was huge. You first enter a courtyard with bathrooms and beer garden, complete with sausage stand.

Inside was just a large old warehouse, similar to clubs in converted Chelsea Manhattan buildings used for similar purposes. Simple of almost elegant was the bar and stage.

But once the main room started filling up, the heat was unbearable. It’s now about showtime and I cannot stay with the group.

By the end of the show a few from our group had to bounce. I ended up at the beer garden, however I limited myself to two Brats – one with curry. With plans to drive straight thru to Paris that night, I feared even a sip of bee. I felt I dishonored the town by staying sober.

I will say I loved the music that night. Through the walls it almost felt like a CD. The problem with being down front all the time, you mostly hear David’s monitors, which mostly pump bass and drums. You barely here David and you hear next to no back up vocals.

So outside you heard it all – clean and mixed perfectly. And I had the most interesting conversation with a 28 year old German hipster. He was wasted (we later found his wallet after he left). “Hey man, whatever you do, you can’t vote for Trump”

“No worries, dude. No way he is getting elected.” Apparently common sense meant nothing this past fall and we currently suffer… I digress.

Also at the table was my fellow Duchovniac and friend from the Bronx (originally) and a 40yo lesbian biker that was also there cooling down after leaving her wife down in front of the stage to watch David. We bonded.

The candles made “Stars” extra special that night.

The guys were still playing when we see a car being escorted by a few security guards. Someone sitting next to me remarked “There goes David”

I did not believe them at first. It turned out that was the only exit and best safe way to get David out, before the usual stage door hounds crowded and other exit chances.

We waited for the crowd to dissipate a bit. We drove a bunch to the nearest subway and Burger King. I can proudly say I never ate fast food in Europe but with a bus full of Americans, one Canadian and one Hungarian and a bunch of Europeans in tow for the hour. Burger King had just closed. We were all spared that night.

But shortly I realized I was done. We were maybe up to about 24 hours of sleep and very little downtime in the past 6 days – since waking up at 6am May 6 in New Jersey. Two of our friends that joined us for the one leg got us the rest of the way to Paris. I slept for about 90 minutes on the floor of the RV before relieving the navigator position.

We pulled into the Parisian Campsite around 6amish. soon after we…

Campsite Bois de Boulogne - The Eiffel Tower

We woke around late lunch. We all showered and found snacks at the cafe and mini grocery on campus.

We later bused and metro-ed our way into town. We found a restaurant that was just a block form the venue we were to see David the following evening. I had fondue and escargot. Yummy. Great wine too. After a few wanted to stop by the store caddy corner across the street. Somehow- exhaustion and impatience together get ugly – we lost one of our own… meaning she thought we abandoned her so she took off on her own.

So some of us sat down outside for dessert and coffee while others walked to the Sacred Heart where apparently a bunch of strangers pray for other strangers which we learned almost a year later would make a great song – “Strangers in the Sacred Heart” 

While I suffered through the best chocolate mousse of my life, the other went up and down the hill to and from the church. We really should have gotten some more European zone cell phones. We headed back to the campsite. She’s and adult. No need for the drama others were cursing.

It all worked out and everyone eventually found there way back to the hotel or campsite of choice that night. I crashed.

The next day we found our way around Paris via the hop on hop off buses. Being Paris, of course it started to pour. I risked pneumonia and stayed up top for a bit trying maximize my little tourism time.

We eventually got to the venue and saw a great show. This night we had some seats – assigned.

Laurice left before the encore to get some air. The venue had free internet and she was able to text me that a man was propositioning her outside. When I arrived outside, a small gypsy male was speaking to her in French. I do not speak well but understand enough words from my Opera training and knowledge of other Latin based languages.

Best I can tell he loves my wife and either wants me to pimp her out OR he wanted to borrow her. As my ability to speak French is more limited than my capacity to comprehend, I state.

no ménage à trois

Clearly not understanding my meaning of the word “NO!” he leans in for a kiss, which is when I grabbed him by the neck and planted him on the car parked behind us.

Au Revoir, Monsieur

Oh, Paris, you city of love

We gathered the troupes. As we walked back towards a metro we I could see my new friend soliciting donations at the very same cafe we dined the night before.

We walked back to the hotel our friends were staying. It was getting late. The night before we caught the very last bus – the charter that connected our campsite with the real world. Instead we called for a call. I think someone had UBER.

I crawled into bed and slept like a baby.

MAY 13 2016

I woke early and started driving south. NEXT STOP BARCELONA

Just barely out of town I stopped for gas and coffee. They had a coffee bar with THE BEST service of the entire tour. Coffee and Pan du Chocolate and i was ready for a drive.

This was a beautiful yet very stressful day.

In a normal car we had a nine hour drive ahead of us without stops.

With stops in the big box, it was a 15-hour day with about $120+ euros in tolls and about the same in gas.

We did stop for a late lunch/early dinner at a rest stop in the shadows of a castle. Pretty cool.

I freaked out driving through the French/Spanish border up in the mountains with bridges and cliffs I kept imagining our final fall. Again exhaustion was kicking in.

We finally hit our campsite just north of Barcelona.

6:30am Barcelona and this is first view from our RV this morning

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MAY 14, 2016

To be continued….

David Duchovny Kennedy Center Spring Gala: Come Together John Lennon Celebration

David Duchovny at John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts on May 8, 2017 in Washington, DC.  (Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images)














(Photos by Paul Morigi/Getty Images)


(Photos by Paul Morigi/Getty Images)


(Photos by Paul Morigi/Getty Images)

Special thanks to Karen & Mel for sharing and periscoping!



Duchovniacs Represent!

LUXEMBOURG One Year ago today David Duchovny Concert RV Trip recap

WOW. It’s been a year. I wrote a blog about our adventures last summer but it disappeared when my personal website crashed and I lost EVERYTHING!!!

We flew to Scotland on May 5th. We were supposed to wake up in Glasgow the morning of May 6, except we never slept. We picked up our rental car, after dealing with broken bag and underwear spilling all over airport. Scotland new more about my inner layers of garments than if I walked around in a kilt.

We arrive at the Z Hotel. I could not find parking. We have no coins, the hotel would not help us get coins, I could not seem to use any ATMs thanks to my over protective bank (even though I told them my travel plans) and I had terrible difficulty parking in municipal lots and their tiny tiny spaces. Two hours later I eventually found a spot in the art museum garage which closed at 11pm.

In the meantime Laurice put out an APB as I did not have a European working phone. Another fan actually tweeted @DavidDuchovny himself “If you see Walt Frasier please contact Laurice” Because David and the band did not have enough to do getting ready for the show that night LOL.

On the bright side I got a great tour of downtown Glasgow, circling the main square at least a dozen times and freaking out figuring driving on the wrong side of the road.

I got to see a lot more of the town as we walked to the venue, going the wrong direction for 20 minutes. Eventually we turned around, and walked up the pedestrian street lined with musicians and college kids enjoying the sun.

While waiting in line for the concert we ran into one we call the band mom. This was the first they heard of our RV plans. “I want to go with you” we thought she was in jest…

Also in line there was a chip shop across the street. Laurice had just gone in for VIP but I only had GA tix that night. I order both the fish and chips and haggas – or at least something called haggas. It was batter dipped and fried like the fish. Drowned in salt and vinegar, I could not tell exactly my impression of haggas itself. It did look like a certain rotting yet well endowed male body part. MOVING ON…

Great concert. This was the first European show. After a handful of small venues in America, this was massive. 1500ppl maybe. I forget exact numbers.

Touring Europe with David Duchovny

Touring Europe with David Duchovny

They bragged to have the 2nd largest disco ball in the world? Or maybe Europe. Scottish are known for big… again never mind…

Other Firsts that night – David’s Kilt, David Bowie cover with Weekend Mashup and the wicked Guitar Trio with Pat, Jeff and Nate. Did we get Square one that night? I forget….

We cabbed it back to the hotel. There was a spot right in front. I went to get the car. Almost locked up I struggled to find an open entrance and worse which floor I parked. It was a Seinfeld Episode with out a cast of characters to help me search. 45-minutes later finally I returned with the car to a frantic wife who had been fighting off guys and cars trying to save a spot on the street.

AH WE DID GET TOM PETTY – First time we see David playing guitar live

The next morning we found out the hard way the hotel breakfast was not free before driving south. WOW, there are a lot of sheep and yellow flowers. Oh and one particularly racist seeming Cowboy and Indian totems at a rest stop were strikingly odd to we Americans in 2016 most cigar stores here do not sport these anymore, right?

We finally pick up the RV, return rental car and head to London.

We find parking in the alley just 2 blocks form the venue. We are running late. We loved hearing Collin Lee playing guitar and singing as he warms up the crowd with “Major Tom” (playing to the home crowd) and a few originals.

This crowd was a bit subdued. Not because they were British, but we were in a church with pews in place.

After the show we grab some Middle eastern food. Really great spot across from venue.

We finally get in the RV and drive east to Dover Ferry. This is where we truly start to appreciate what a PAIN IN THE ARSE driving this RV is. It takes us double the time to get anywhere because it is only a 4 cylinder motor. Not used to driving on wrong side of car or street we are always about 6-12 inches farther to the left than you would normally think. So getting dead tired, I am really struggling to drive. After a brief pit stop pull into Dover just in time to catch the 4am ferry.

The had us park our vehicle and exit the RV during the ferry ride. FYI THERE IS NO HEAT ON THE FERRY. So me in shorts and t-shirt FROZE. We were all cold. Half asleep I found warmer spot up front but did not tell Laurice where we ended up. When we returned form the Bathroom she went looking for us. Also half asleep walking dead, she fell down some stairs and had some scrapes and bruises which would make the rest of the trip a bit less fun.

We finally arrive in France at 7am (We lost an hour plus 2 hours ferry). Everyone crashed and slept. I drove about an hour, just over the Belgium border I believe, before I found a McDonald’s parking lot to crash. About 90-minute later, Laurice woke. The McDonald’s was closed and she had to pee.

FYI More cows then sheep now. You notice these things as you drive with a RV full of sleepy heads.

We drove and found a rest stop. I found heaven – a cache of stinky meats and cheeses, chocolates, bread and milk that would be considered gourmet here at rest stop prices. Brie, Salami, Crusty fresh bread, croissants, nutella, Swiss Chocolates, etc etc etc

Of course we were supposed to pay for using the toilet but Laurice jumped the turnstiles. We still did not have any Euros yet.

We arrive late after noon May 7 in Luxembourg. The camp site is nice. We take a field trip into town when our AC converter explodes. I am reminded of the movie TOP SECRET when we learn Val Kilmers’ friend is killed by the gifted electric sex toy not equip to handle European plugs with nearly double the voltage output. Horrible way to die? Possibly.

The next day –  waking refreshed having a wonderful sleep after two 36-hour days back to back (we guessed we slept a total of 8 hours May 5 6am EST US time – May 9 2am Central Europe time) – I went for a walk in the town and discovered a WW2 memorial for an American Tank Division and had a moment for the greatest generation – which included my two naval grandfathers – both serving in the Pacific.

I return and the rest of the RV was just waking up. Folks go about having breakfast, showering and doing laundry. I double check GPS. Do we want to drive the RV, Cab, or walk the few miles to the venue. According to GPS we are 4-hour walk from venue. This is when we discover we are at the WRONG campsite. Thinking we were already in ESHE, we were actually in the City of Luxembourg, a 25 minute drive away. Fortunately the entire country is only about a hour drive in any direction.

So we load up and head to ESHE. We find free parking on Sunday May 8th, right up the hill from a car show blasting club music. A huge fan of fairs and food trucks, I really want to go there. Instead we head to the venue to get our bearing. After walking round, we find shaded seats in the courtyard as we hear “3000” faintly… Another fan couple recognized us and did not know how to approach so they attracted us with David’s music like Sirens and Odysseus.

We get lunch at the mall next door. very American type urban center mall with fancy kiosks and the typical stores you would expect here. We order a lot of finger foods including fried fondue balls, mushroom tartin etc YUMMY

I was the very first in line for VIP that night. David was not feeling well. I told him not to speak. We take a photo and walk away respecting his need to minimize contact that night.

“WALTER” David Yells strained through vocal fatigue. “You forgot your signature”. I think I made things worse. “You’re amazing” I bet he only writes that for me (LOL, inside joke? never mind…)

Later he told me to STOP clapping on the off beat during Another year. Sorry I do too much jazz to clap on the one (White people, am I right?)

When we spoke with the band they shared they had bus trouble the night before and stopped at some French Air B&B. We all had road stories.

I believe this is the first time we heard SOMEONE ELSE’s GIRL

This concert is special thanks to a Drake Cover. It was hilarious hearing all of us sing “Hotline Bling” and mumbling the rest of the words we don’t know – especially when David shoves mic in our direction. Strange they never whipped out that cover again?

After the show we gave a tour of the RV to a few of our German Friends before driving north. The goal was to drive to Amsterdam that night. We made it to Belgium before crashing at a rest stop. We were exhausted.


3 Concerts so far, Little Sleep,no one dead yet… I CALL THIS A SUCCESSFUL 4 days







NEW: David Duchovny talks BFD w/Jeremy Schaap

David Duchovny, Actor & Novelist

Jeremy chats with the actor and novelist about his book, “Bucky [Bleeping] Dent.” Plus, Jeremy shares his story of attending the “Bucky Dent Game.”




What Made Twin Peaks’ Denise Such a Radical Trans Character on TV


At a time when trans characters on TV and film were killers, villains, or just mocked, the equality accorded to David Duchovny’s Denise in ‘Twin Peaks’ stood out.

04.30.17 12:01 AM ET



That’s how Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) reacts in the second season of Twin Peaks when his former colleague Dennis Bryson (David Duchovny) reintroduces herself to him as Denise—not “Wow!” or “Huh?” but a prosaic, matter-of-fact “OK.”

Later that day at a wedding reception, Cooper slips up and calls the transgender woman by her old name again. She corrects him: “Denise.” He apologizes immediately and sincerely—“I’m sorry”—and makes it a point to call her by her new name afterward.

“Well, this is all pretty amazing disclosure, Denise,” Cooper says, with the same stupid grin on his face that he gets when he sips a damn fine cup of coffee or looks at a majestic Douglas fir tree.

To this day, it may be the most tender portrayal of friendship between a transgender person and someone who knew them before transition—and it was first aired in 1990.

The nineties were not a great time for transgender representation on film or television, to say the least. This was the decade when Ace Ventura threw up because he discovered he had kissed a transgender woman, when The Crying Game’s big transgender reveal was marketed as a shocking twist, and when The Silence of The Lambs gave us a villain who wanted to make a “woman suit” out of human skin.

Back then, transgender female characters tended to be “deceitful, disgusting villains,” as Meredith Talusan wrote for Buzzfeed. An ass-kicking DEA special agent in a critically-acclaimed surrealist soap opera didn’t exactly fit in with that trend.

But perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that a show as revolutionary as Twin Peaks would also be ahead of the curve when it came to handling a transgender character. And it’s oddly fitting that a show flooded with anachronisms—that felt cut out of time and place—would somehow predict the future of transgender representation.

The representation of Denise—played by a truly breathtaking David Duchovny in era-appropriate stockings and a big-banged wig—has its fair share of problems, of course. The writers clearly wanted to squeeze a few laughs out of the new character, who comes to the town of Twin Peaks to clear Agent Cooper’s name after he gets falsely accused of drug-running.

“That’s a good color for him,” says Deputy Hawk of Denise in her first scene, after she leaves the room, misgendering her and giving the audience tacit permission to laugh at the character—especially because the line follows a deliberately long beat.

Later in Denise’s three-episode arc, the audience is shown a pair of black heels walking across the checkered-tile floor of the Double R diner before the camera cheekily reveals that they belong to the six-foot tall transgender woman. It’s a joke told at Denise’s expense, albeit in a visual grammar rather than a verbal one.


For a real-life transgender viewer like myself, there are pieces of Denise’s story that don’t quite add up. Denise tells Cooper that she transitioned because she discovered that wearing women’s clothing “relaxed [her]” while she was working undercover as a “transvestite” for a drug bust.

“Imagine how surprised I was, Coop,” she says. “It’s not exactly something you plan on.”

While I don’t want to discount anyone else’s life experience, most transgender people I know—myself included—don’t stumble upon this realization about themselves by accident but after years of internal agony. (In fact, when I first discovered Twin Peaks and watched the entire series in a weekend, I was in the middle of painful deliberations about how, when, and if to transition.)

It’s not immediately clear, either, that Denise’s transformation involves any sort of medical treatment. However, a line cut from one of the scripts reveals that she is in a program that requires her to “dress the part for six months prior to any further therapy, hormones, [and] electrolysis.”

At a time when most people still referred to gender transition as “sex change” and equated the entire process with surgery, that’s some pretty impressive attention to detail. But the same script introduces Denise as “MAN IN DRESS,” so I don’t want to give the writers too much credit.

Overall, though, Twin Peaks treats Denise with a remarkable amount of humanity—even by today’s slowly-rising standards.

The welcoming attitude toward Denise begins with Agent Cooper’s immediate acceptance of her transition and emanates outward.

As Rani Baker wrote in her 2016 ode to Denise—playfully titled “26 Goddamn Years Later, Twin Peaks Still Has One of The More Compassionate Trans Woman Characters on TV”—Cooper functions as “the conscience of the [show’s] narrative” and an “anchor point of stability and traditional (yet modern) American values.”

Cooper is the kind, decent, cherry pie-loving, crispy bacon-eating heart of Twin Peaks—so if Denise is all right in his book, then she’s all right, period. The other characters often take their cues from him, not just in matters of law enforcement but in matters of the heart as well.

For instance, Sheriff Truman makes a snide comment about Denise under his breath when he first meets her. But two episodes later, he genders her correctly and even figures out a way to use her womanhood to their advantage in a hostage situation, sending her in dressed as a waitress to disarm some unsuspecting bad guys. (The script describes Cooper as “surprised” and “proud” that Truman came up with the idea.)

In fact, apart from Hawk’s initial misgendering of Denise, I can’t find a single instance of her being referred to as “him” or “he” in the show itself—although the Twin Peaks episode scripts use inconsistent pronouns in their written descriptions of the character.

Young Audrey Horne is downright in awe of Denise, exclaiming, “They have women agents?” when the two first meet. (“More or less,” Denise replies, in one of those borderline-offensive laugh lines.)

And to the show’s credit, no one asks Denise invasive questions about her genitals—a lazy, transphobic crutch for film and TV writers that is still being used today in movies like Zoolander 2. Cooper even prefaces a broader question about Agent Bryson’s transition with a careful “if you don’t mind my asking.”

The show also corrects the misconception that one’s sexual orientation automatically changes following a gender transition. When Denise makes a remark about Audrey’s obvious infatuation with Cooper, Cooper says, “Denise, I would assume you’re no longer interested in girls.”

Denise replies, “Coop, I may be wearing a dress, but I still pull my panties on one leg at a time, if you know what I mean.”

“Not really,” says Cooper, still grinning.

But it’s not just how other characters treat Denise that makes her stick out in a sea of awful transgender characters; it’s how she handles herself. She is friendly, self-assured, and frequently hilarious. When she catches the bridal bouquet at a wedding, for example, she tells Cooper, “Unfair advantage. How many of those girls were varsity wide receivers?”

As Baker noted in her piece, “Denise is presented as actually being talented and confident,” which is a “pretty big deal” given the way transgender women were being represented at the time. Denise plays a key role in taking down series villain Jean Renault and extracting a confession from another criminal named Ernie Niles. In a series full of quirky Lynchian players, she more than holds her own.

That’s why most Twin Peaks fans seem thrilled that she’s apparently coming back in Showtime’s Twin Peaks revival, which premieres on May 21: she’s not just a unique transgender character but a great character, her undeniable sensuality and eminent capability undercut by David Duchovny’s dry delivery of her lines.

I have been waiting for Denise to return since 2015. When rumors were swirling about David Lynch bringing Twin Peaks back to life, Duchovny told the LA Times, “I hope my character comes back, I think she does.” (Note that he gendered his character correctly— something that cisgender actors in transgender roles still sometimes fail to do to do.)

Finally, this March, EW revealed an exclusive photo of Duchovny on the set of Twin Peaks dressed in a smart brown skirt suit with a more modern hairstyle: the bangs are still there, just side swept now. According to EW, Showtime and Lynch won’t officially confirm that the original cast are reprising their exact previous roles—but it’d be shocking if it weren’t Denise in that production photo.

But transgender representation looks a lot different in 2017 than it did in the nineties. Laverne Cox is on Orange is the New Black. Jamie Clayton is on Sense8. Shows and films featuring transgender characters like Transparent and The Danish Girl are being nominated for—and sometimes winning—Oscars and Emmys. But despite taking a half-step forward from nineties transphobia, this new transgender moment is far from perfect. Filling transgender roles with cisgender actorsstill the most common casting practice, apart from notable exceptions like Cox and Clayton—not only deprives marginalized actors of work, it sends the dangerous cultural message that transgender women are really men—and that transgender men are really women—underneath it all.

The tide on this debate is only now starting to turn. Transparent creator Jill Soloway, who previously defended casting Jeffrey Tambor as a transgender senior a few years ago, has since said that “it is absolutely unacceptable to cast a cis man in the role of a trans woman.” And Tambor himself told the world in 2016 that he “would be happy if [he] were the last cisgender male to play a transgender female.”

That’s why, as blogger and Twin Peaks superfan Joel Bocko pointed out in his excellent primer on Denise Bryson, Duchovny’s apparent return to the cast “will be both celebrated and controversial.” Will we forgive Twin Peaks for giving us yet another cisgender man as a transgender woman because Duchovny is continuing a part he first played twenty years ago? Or should the casting choice be judged in the present with no consideration for the past?

At this point, it’s hard for me to imagine Denise Bryson’s heels being filled by anyone other than Duchovny. I am the first to criticize movies and shows for casting cisgender actors in transgender parts but there’s a special place in my heart for Denise’s wry quips, quick instincts, and killer legs. And in the grand calculus, Twin Peaks earned enough goodwill with me by setting itself apart from the omnipresent transphobia of nineties entertainment that it can afford to irk me today.

I’ll withhold final judgment until I devour the finished product like the Twin Peaks nerd that I am. But for now, the thought of seeing Denise on my TV again makes me grin about as wide as Agent Cooper contemplating a spread of jelly donuts.

Here’s hoping I get to give her re-reintroduction a big ole Agent Cooper thumbs up.

Or at least a simple, accepting “OK.”

May 24th Book Launch- David Duchovny Joins Guest Speakers on The Beatles Legacy



WEDNESDAY, 5.24.17
7:00 – 8:30 PM

In December 1969, The Beatles released their song “Across the Universe,” with the phrase of thanks “Jai Guru Dev, Om” concluding each verse. For many listeners, it was their first exposure to the sacred syllable OM. That song, along with other Beatles classics, helped introduce Eastern spirituality to mainstream Western culture and encouraged countless listeners to transform their consciousness.

To mark the publication of Andrew Blauner’s In Their Lives: Great Writers on Great Beatles Songs, Shawn Colvin, David Duchovny, Rick Moody, Jon Pareles, Francine Prose, and others share their thoughts on The Beatles’ legacy and why their songs continue to impact our culture.

A book signing of In Their Lives: Great Writers on Great Beatles Songs will follow the program.

In Their Lives is published by Blue Rider Press, edited by Andrew Blauner, and features a note from Paul McCartney.


About the Speakers

David Duchovny is an actor, writer, producer, director, novelist, and singer-songwriter. He has published two books, Holy Cow: A Modern-Day Dairy Tale (2015) and Bucky F*cking Dent (2016).

Rick Moody is the author most recently of Hotels of North America, a novel, and On Celestial Music, a book of essays. He writes about music regularly for The Rumpus.

Shawn Colvin won her first Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Folk Album with her debut, Steady On, in 1989. She has been a mainstay of the contemporary folk music scene ever since, releasing eleven acclaimed albums and establishing herself as one of America’s great live performers. She triumphed at the 1998 Grammy Awards, winning both Record and Song of the Year for the top ten hit “Sunny Came Home.” Her candid memoir, Diamond in the Rough, was published to critical acclaim in 2012. In 2016 she received the Americana Music Association’s Lifetime Achievement Trailblazer Award.

Jon Pareles is the Chief Popular Music Critic of The New York Times and the consulting editor of The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll.

Francine Prose is the author of more than twenty books, most recently the novel Mister Monkey. She is currently a Distinguished Visiting Writer at Bard.

Andrew Blauner is the founder of Blauner Books Literary Agency. His other anthologies are Coach, Brothers, Central Park, Our Boston, The Good Book, and as coeditor For the Love of Baseball. A graduate of Brown University and Columbia University School of Business, Blauner is a member of PEN American Center and the National Book Critics Circle. He started his career as an intern at Rolling Stone.

Tickets: $35.00

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Deluxe Ticket: $50.00 ticket option includes book + preferred seating

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David Duchovny Soundcheck Party Photos (2017 USA Tour)

Special thanks to Brad Davidson, Kerry Lee & everyone at Ging Management for allowing us to share our Soundcheck Party photos on Duchovniacs.  For more great photos from David’s soundcheck parties please visit  You can also get some awesome David Duchovny music merch there too! 

You can read some of our concert and soundcheck recaps here & here.

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David Duchovny at The Stone Pony, NJ




David Duchovny & Brad Davidson answer fan questions about Hell or Highwater at Social Hall, San Francisco (preshow soundcheck party)


David Duchovny at Social Hall, San Francisco



David Duchovny at The Roxy, Los Angeles


David Duchovny at The Music Box, San Diego


David Duchovny & Brad Davidson answer fan questions at The Roxy, Los Angeles (preshow soundcheck party)


David Duchovny at The Roxy, Los Angeles (preshow soundcheck party)


David Duchovny at The Roxy, Los Angeles (preshow soundcheck party)


David Duchovny answers fan questions at The Wilbur, Boston MA






David Duchovny at The Roxy, Los Angeles



David Duchovny – MORE (From Today) Sports Radio Interviews about BFD

Wow! Another busy day for David sports radio interviews. We’ve done our best to find all of them from today and them post below. We also have some from yesterday here and here.  David is promoting the release of Bucky F*cking Dent on paperback. Please let us know if we missed any! @duchovniacs


Dan Le Batard Show

Imus in the Morning

The DA Show
David Duchovny: I Know A Fraud Sports Fan When I See One

Will there be more interviews tomorrow? Probably!

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Listen to more New David Duchovny radio Interviews

David’s been busy doing radio interviews for the paperback release of Bucky F*cking Dent. We’ve posted all that are available for replayonline. Probably more to come..


With Bill Reiter: David Duchovny: I Identified As A Writer Before I Ever Thought About Acting

From the Petros and Money Show

David Duchovny on Clay Travis (It cuts off right before the host wraps the interview but all of David’s commentary is on here)


New – David Duchovny talks about Bucky F*cking Dent

David Duchovny on The Chris Mannix Show

David on The Newy Scruggs Show