SAN DIEGO David Duchovny Concert Rocked The MUSIC BOX #hellorhighwater


Songs from HELL OR HIGH WATER we love…
NEW SONGS from NEW ALBUM (TBA Name but we have ideas)
NEW COVER SONGS got the WHOLE band singing…

Cool new projected background @davidduchovny @duchovniacs

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I hear the producers will be posting photos and videos on the new music site, so keep checking into (They told VIP guests to give them 48 hours to update…)

FYI ABOUT VIP – What to expect/ What we experienced tonight…

If you have VIP tickets, PLEASE arrive early. I would argue you should be there by 5pm for an 8pm show. You clearly did not have to be there as early as us today but at least one missed out, thinking the doors opened at 7pm. (Which was true for the rest of the crowd)

I know people freak out when things change. I for one LOVE the new format. Some folks loved that one on one moment with David but I felt this VIP experience was a far better EXPERIENCE.

Seriously, every previous VIP meet & greet felt like an assembly line. You have about 10 seconds for a photo. No regrets, but that’s a lot in time in line and a bunch of cash for 10 seconds of being in presence of fame. I am not knocking because I have a ton of great experiences in past VIPs. And I would be so anxious about rushing through, I was more socially awkward than normal. Of course there was the time in Chicago when I accidentally stomped on his foot…. I digress…

By comparison tonight, we had less one on one time – actually none technically, however, we had an extra 30 minutes listening to David and the band in Sound Check as well as a private Q&A. (Standing O for Brad, your Master of Ceremonies).

We had some amazing private moments that only about 50ppl got to experience. Between David trying to tell us the origin of a few songs while a guitar gave feedback.

My favorite moment was hearing the world premiere of two songs, which technically debuted at tonight’s concert, but we heard them first 2 hours before.

First David connected with a few of us Eurotour vets in front row, about how he wrote one of the new songs “STRANGER of the SACRED HEART”. (I maybe wrong on a preposition here). David and Matty (who rocked on guitar tonight for encore) walked up to Sacre Coeur, the famous church up the hill from his Paris concert. (I really want to relate another Sacre Coeur story from same day regarding a certain Canadian friend and our RV group – inside story shall inside here – for now lol). Folks pray every day 24/7 for strangers. And the new song is great, with quite of few dynamic/tempo changes. This song is more “arranged” than most of the originals, almost to the point of a concept album but THE WHO or PINK FLOYD.

And then there is ROMAN COIN. I need to hear this song a few more times to best communicate the words and meaning, but the song absolute rocks.

After 4 songs, Brad asked David some fan questions both form the crowd and twitter. One I have had in my pocket for a rainy day – or if we ever get an exclusive interview – was partially answered as David expanded on another’s question.

My questions is “After working together with this band for more than two years now, have there been and changes in the development process for new songs?”

I feel like there is a much longer answer to be had, but David did mention he is collaborating with both Pat and Colin in developing new songs.

To all there tonight, I hope you appreciated everything as much as I did, because I thought this system was MUCH better. And David did not have to say thank you 100 times, which just wears down the voice. I thought he was that much stronger during the main event as a result.

The bigger fear was whether or not folks would lose their front row status – after waiting in line out front for hours – as we go get a group photo (in another location after the sound check). Folks knew going in that there was no 1 on 1 photo process (I think). Next time, BS a security job spews should not be cause for half of the crowd to freak out.

I will say David’s producing team is not always in control. Each venue has there own policy and not every venue is created equally. Some security staff are better than others. Most are humanoid (sorry one or two have been downright sketchy lol). Be patient. The music is awesome from any place in theater.

Tonight was the first venue I loved being down front the entire concert. Nothing against David or the band, but I get tired, thirsty and nature calls. Nothing can help my fat ass killing my ankles and feet, but MUSIC BOX otherwise rocks above most.

Not TWO seconds after I said, “I would love a drink but I am way too tired to fight this crowd to get back up front.” a cocktail server asked for our order.

I am told David was amused when the server brought me a beer AND a Margarita. But how was I to know when she would be back. It turned out the service was amazing, and I had no problem getting drinks, perhaps too easily.

Then I saw food being delivered. “UM can I get an order of those spring rolls” THEY WERE DELICIOUS BTW. Although our new friend form China, who flew in just for this concert on her birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY) said they were not right. But most of our “Chinese Food” in America is actually Chinese Food someone from China would recognize, right?


Backing up a bit… we dropped by the Music Box around noon. Great, got our bearings, lets go get lunch in Little Italy. We walk a block and the rest of my group gather around a large neighborhood map looking for lunch options. GUESS WHO was across the street (saw David first towering above crowd)?

I almost yelled out “DAVID” but I bit lip/tongue and waived. I stick out of a crowd for different reasons. The rest of my crew has no clue yet. David waived back and one by one realized who we were. I stood still for a few seconds. Do I go across the street? Do I stay? Will I be invading space etc? TOO MUCH PRESSURE so I crossed street to say hello. I LOVE THE BAND AND HAVE NO CHILL….

Next I saw was Colin playing guitar strolling – which stood out as Colin usually is on the keys (although a fabulous guitarist as well). I made a Mikado “joke”/reference – “wandering Minstrel I, a thing of…” – yeah pretty sure most do not know where I am headed here.

Then we realized the entire band was in tow with instruments along with a small film crew. We said hello to all but did not want mess up.

About 30 minutes later, while noshing on some AMAZING pizza, we saw the tweet from RED TROLLY

THAT’s what they were doing. Sounds like a bigger edited video is on the way. They were playing and strolling and rolling…. so…. stay tuned… (Skip to last 2 minutes and check out AMAZING unplugged version of ANOTHER YEAR)

For those who think we are stalkers, other than going to a lot of concerts, book signings etc, the rest of these moments are just right place right time accidents.


If I forget anything, and you were there tonight, PLEASE DM me on twitter or instagram and make sure I update ASAP. There was so much to be excited about.

Before we get to all the NEW stuff, a lot of songs we know and love had some interesting new treatments. Not sure if most will appreciate new licks Pat is playing, new instrumentation on Passenger etc

But can we chat briefly about the new opening to THE THINGS. Colin, Pat and the NEW GUY, Keenan (who is awesome, we miss Nate, change is hard, again I digress)? I thought I recognized THINGS in there but was so mesmerized I could not be sure. It was great.

Two new covers. Everyone sang along with both SWEET JANE and  THE WEIGHT. In fact Pat, Keenan and Colin all took a verse in the latter.

The reason I really am curious about David’s song writing process?

Every concert we see reveals a celeb with some great musicians morphing into a real band, with everyone’s personalities and talents getting to shine.

Always an amazing percussionist, Sebastian was really leading the audience to clap and participate like never before.

It was fun to see Mitch on the Red Trolley video mix it up. The bass player is always the unsung hero. Mitch effortlessly pulls together every song with that strong foundation. I mean seriously, I don’t think ever stop smiling or breaks a sweat.

AND Mitch and Sebastian were both propositioned by audience members, and with a sex-symbol TV/Movie star as your front man, you’re doing something right LOL….




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Fun night. Next stop LA @davidduchovny #DavidDuchovny

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