So this happened OMG Then that happened… OMG… Then… OMFG!!!!

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Walt Frasier on Stage with David Duchovny. Thanks to CHELMCP for posting on Twitter https://twitter.com/chelmcp/status/659143500915720192

Let me go back to the beginning…


by Walt Frasier

It’s Monday, October 26.  Perhaps I should have seen this all coming when I made the DC promo video. That’s me entering Altar Bar in Pittsburgh, moment before David said he liked my review of the album – and the first time he called me by name. OMG!!!

…and the count down begins, first stop DC! 11 days to #HellorHighwater Tix on sale now 🎸 http://bit.ly/1hGRd2o

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We arrive early in DC. That’s me holding parking space for other Duchovniacs across from the Howard – wearing the MILK CARTON T-Shirt.    Cool statue of Duke Ellington – It don’t mean a thing! (But do nothing till you hear from me OK?) Embedded image permalink   First in line at the Howard Theater

Slowly the line grew

I decided to pass the time by getting my guitar out of the car… when this happened … I thought the band was going to get coffee like in Pittsburgh, but then YOU KNOW WHO walks out and says “HI”, to which we respond “HEY” Always the true percussionist, Davis just watched and laughed Never one loss for words I did the only thing I knew I could – HERE, DAVID, YOU PLAY. Perhaps if I had a little more chill this could have become an amazing jam session.   I heard many say later they may or may not have soiled themselves watching this. My wife tried to run away – that’s her thing around David – but exit was cut off, so she just ducked down and hid in the crowd.

I would have given Pat the guitar but he was busy

I think that topped sound check at Joe’s in Chicago, right? David and company went back inside. We waited a little longer. Finally we were let in for our meet & greet. Embedded image permalink Not to worry bathrooms were next to green-room. We did not get selfies with Mr. Duchovny on the toilet.


I was so excited  More importantly was what happened in the green room. I forget the exact words and how this went down exactly. To be fair the whole day was a daze after what came about 2 hours later. I walked in saying “Hey, the receiving line” regarding the arc of entourage (band, record label, photographer) all in a curved row leading to David. But I know it ended with me walking away saying “I have the notes for Another Year” David Duchovny “You mean Pat’s part?” (or something to that effect. I think. Seriously I should remove quotation marks) “Sure” and I proceeded to sing “WOO WOO” – What a schmuck I was walking out while still talking. I was on cloud nine (I hit cloud 11 by end of night, as alluded in my tweets at the time). All I could think was “I hope David realizes I walk away in middle of conversation because of nerves and total lack of chill”. I meant no harm or offense by my rudeness.  So out of it, when I looked at my phone upstairs I screamed “I forgot to give my phone to Kerry Lee.” WTF. So eagerly awaiting THINKSAY to post photos somewhere.

Oh well, I get a drink. I was being such a duffus LMAO!!!

 Concert starts. .

So you know, doing my thing.  I love the new songs 2nd Album almost ready to go? BTW We got three originals not on HELL OR HIGHWATER.



Yeah, my feet were tired. Exhausted from driving 4 hours and standing in line for many more. Found my sister hanging in the back. From the back the sound is CD quality. Love being up front but…

“Where’s Walt Frasier”

Sorry, my thoughts were interrupted by what I thought sounded like David Duchovny saying my name from stage.


I screamed as I slowly staggered forward. It as so surreal. I thought they were kidding. I think maybe I was supposed to stay in green room longer and plan this a bit. I get to the stage. My sore legs and feet struggled getting my 300+lbs up on stage.

“Nothing’s going to stop Walt!” David exclaims

I was looking around for stairs when I saw Colin and Nate heading my way to help me up.

“This is not going to end well” We hear David on the Microphone.

OMG I am going to pull them into the crowd. Getting on stage, you could say I was failing better? I finally pop up and shake David’s hand. I point to a few mics questioning where I should go. He points to his microphone and whispers a few directions.

“Make sure you get out of the way IN TIME FOR ME TO SING”

my only response “So I am McCartney to your Lennon?” DUFFUS STRIKES AGAIN

Davis begins SING SING SING – er um – I mean Another Year on drums.

Right before I sing, David made sure I was aware of his drink so as not to spill it. (Sorry can’t tell you anymore about what’s in the cup)  Little did he realize, on stage was the only place I am calm cool collected and hyper aware of my surroundings. Or maybe he was simply concerned I would drink it.  Musically I rushed it a bit, winning the race to end a WOO WOO phrase. Can you blame me? You know what, watch and judge for yourself and we discuss in a few…  

OH, YOU’RE BACK… Singing I give myself a C. But I thought our transitions were flawless. Although my last dance away did get the crowd going to the point David had to pause a few bars. Too hip-hop maybe? Watching the video, I realize I once again ran away before formally thanking David. I applauded all and in one motion – responding to Brad and Kerry waving me over – exited stage right. My tweet after the song was a little blurry from shaking hands

The rest of the night was a series of thank yous to all involved with the band, including some of the band. I felt like a celeb myself


MEANWHILE We missed this teaser, Monday, playing during Gotham on FOX


TUESDAY in NYC at Webster Hall  

Ok, seriously after Monday the rest of the week was awesome but a tough follow. – We have an entire post dedicated to the three days of stories but there were a few stand-out moments. I really treasure the 3 days with all our Duchovniacs. We bonded over great drinks and food when not in the presence of you now who. On Tuesday I took Duchovniacs to my family’s favorite watering whole, McSorley’s on 7th Street. The oldest bar in NYC that has stayed open through prohibition etc

We finally arrive at Webster Hall

Once again, my feet were killing me. Driving, standing in line, waiting for concert to start, dancing etc. I do not think I ever followed a band around three days in a row in my life. Camped out for stones tickets once but nothing like this.

So if anyone has this next moment on film – or even photo – I need to see it. David Duchovny says “Where’s Walter?” David finds me in the crowd and gestures

OMG this gets better and crazier every moment. WEDNESDAY in ARDMORE, PA

Can I just say really quickly how much I love Ardmore, PA. the people were amazing. We had a killer lunch across the street at Tired Hands brewery. 

Not sure if anyone got a photo/video of this moment but, as the band came out to play, Pat brought me a pitcher of beer. Maybe this was a call back to Bub’s (Chicago) or perhaps their way of saying stay up front tonight, big guy! That made my night on Wednesday. Sang with the band on Monday. Talked to David from stage on Tuesday. And FREE BEER on Wednesday. HAT TRICK!!!

I have to say thanks to David, Pat, Colin, Mitch, Davis, Nate, Kerry, Brad, the entourage, the fans, the venues, the towns, the locals putting up with us NYers, and anyone else I may be leaving out. We saw old friends and made many new friends. We hung out with great people from Canada, Germany, Spain, Russia, Brazil, VA, NY, NJ, PA, MA, TX – I know I am leaving out a few. We all came out for Duchovny, but we left an ever growing family of dear friends, and an invite to Oktüberfest 2016 in Germany. We’re hoping to be there, Elsie Cow!!!


I WANT TO THANK YOU (DAVID) DUCHOVNY FOR BEING YOURSELF AGAIN! (In fact this is what I wish I sang when he stuck the mic in my face Wednesday)


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