EVERY THIRD THOUGHT – Duchovniacs RV Eurotrip Recap…

Holy Crap!!! Here is a blog I wrote last year that never got published….

Or perhaps I wound up publishing on a personal site that is long hone.

The title of this blog is the title for my fave song and my vote for sophomore album name….

Either way…..

I was hoping to blog daily but due to schedule and internet and driving by 1000s of cows that was utterly impossible. Somehow the title of my new favorite song – PERIOD not just from David Duchovny – sums up the overall experience.

EVERY THIRD THOUGHT was of David Duchovny the past two weeks. We saw 11 concerts in 14 nights. I would guess on average we spent 5 hours/day (including travel days) either online or at the concert or talking about how awesome each concert was, or tweeting with fans… The other two thirds of waking thoughts were about Europe – food, sites and sounds.

David kept saying, “I hope this is about Europe, right?”, not just about these concerts. At Barnes and Nobles, we told David we were going to Europe. His entire demeanor changed. Incredulous humility I think best describes. If anyone has any doubts about how much David Duchovny appreciates his fans, that moment was pure sincerity. And every night when he and the band rock out “THANK YOU!” it comes from the heart, pure and simple.

So was this all about David?

YES and NO!

I was the loudest one in the group that proclaimed THIS IS ABOUT EUROPE. For two months I said, I am not waiting in line. I am seeing the sites. You can go wait in line while I jump on the tour boats, etc.

But here’s the thing, I forgot how much I hate “touristy” crap. I live in New York City. Turns out waiting in line and going to concerts delivered what I love most about traveling to Europe, meeting Europeans.

We did the Amsterdam Boat and the Paris Bus tours. Those were quite awesome. But by the time I did the Barcelona tour, I thought NO MORE. First of all Barcelona sucks as a touristy city. It’s a party city. We should have had sangria on the beach all day. Second, my favorite part of Barcelona was the 20 minute walk back to the train… more on that soon…

So with all that in mind, here is what the past two weeks meant to me.


Ours was probably one of the most unique experiences anyone could ever have. 11 cities in 14 nights driving about 6000 miles in a monster RV rented in London (right side of the car) through mountains, valleys, plains, and cities. At times total exhaustion made the overload of visual stimuli seem like a dream.  I don’t think most Europeans have scene as much as the Duchoviacs at this point. And each city revealed a uniquely amazing club/theater, with surprises from the band and locals. Are we crazy? Maybe. Ok, yes. BUT… no regrets…


May 4, 6am I woke up in New Jersey. 12 hours later we were at Newark International Airport. 8 hours later we were in Glasgow looking for parking at our hotel in our rental car. I dropped off the rest of the crew. I spent about 2 hours looking for parking. I did not have any euros so I could not park on the street. I could not get cash out via ATMs. No one took US Dollars. I could not find a bank. I was beyond drunk tired. In a parking garage I freaked out trying to park into those tiny spaces with our rented SUV. The rest of the DUchovniacs were freaking out. I did not have a phone. To them I was lost in a foreign country. Meanwhile I drove around the downtown square about 20 times. Beautiful statues and govern buildings and banks. Quite lovely. Finally found a spot. Had just enough time to refresh before walking to the venue.

I lead the Duchovniacs the wrong way, so our 20 minute walk took nearly an hour. No regrets though as this was the first of many wrong turns that allowed us to see more of the world than we expected. Finally walking down the main boulevard we encounter streets musicians on the cobble stone roads and hundreds of locals out for a stroll, and students hanging out on the steps of monuments.

We find the venue. I found some haggis – looked quite obscene. We were all thinking about it when I made a comment about a retired porn star’s male member. So much salt and vinegar, I am not sure I know what haggis tastes like to this day.

We met a couple from CHECH that showed us a HOLY COW cover all in black with white writing. I thought that was very cool. I hung out most of the night with my new buddy and his guitar. (Not sharing names now but will add later upon approval).

The venue was amazing, sporting a huge disco ball. I was told until recently this was the biggest ball in Europe. I wanted to reply with a sheepish comment, but resisted. Both David and I are part Scottish so I showed respect.

Two things stood out at Glasgow.

  1. The new songs rocked. By last October we heard three new songs. “Every Third Thought”, “‘Mo” and “Stay on the Train”. But in Glasgow, these songs somehow become something ‘Mo. Especially EVERY THIRD THOUGHT which gets the entire band singing at some point. I really think this song has potential for radio play. Many do, but this could be David’s “Thrift Shop”, meaning indy label breaking through big label politics to steal the show. Serious, EVERY THIRD THOUGHT is on another level that is so much more than a David Duchovny song arranged by Colin Lee. More than any other DD single, this feels like a collaboration of a top tier band.
  2. DAVID BOWIE COVER REVEALED – When David and the Band rocked out STAY I was on my feet dancing. The crowd was loving the tribute to a fallen musical hero. When Pat, Nate and Jeff rocked a Guitar trio my jaw dropped to the floor. Then the song melded into “I Can’t Feel My Face When I’m With You” everyone was thrilled. The whole crowd was singing along as the band rocked out. Have  I mentioned how much I love Pat? (Musical Bromance folks).

We all fell out of the theater in total awe. The band and David were at their best. We talked to so many fans.

We cabbed it back to hotel. I went to get the car out of the garage, so we could leave early the next morning. 40 minutes later I parked in front of hotel and crawled into bed.

END OF DAY ONE… (really 2 days technically) TO BE CONTINUED…



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