David Duchovny Hell or Highwater Tour Part 1!

Where to even begin? Duchovniacs set out early in the week to embark on a journey which has been unofficially named DuchovnyStock 2015.

It began in Washington DC outside of The Howard Theatre.



As the line gathered putside, Walt decided to help pass the time by bringing out his guitar to entertain the crowd.


Photo by @TanyaRPh112

Surprise!!!! David and crew came outside to hear some tunes!


Photo by @TanyaRPh112


Photo by @TanyaRPh112


Photo by @Elsie_Cow

Then David played a short few seconds of a new song


Photo by @Elsie_Cow

New grey Hell or Highwater T-shirts!


Hell or Highwater T-shirts!


Inside the Howard Theatre

After the meet and greet sessions, the venue began to fill up inside quickly. …then there was some fog …and then more fog on stage..


Then.. David!


More lovely photos

ddton 74

ddton 76

ddton 72

Apparently Walt liked the venue.. as heard on this video

And then.. and then.. this happened. David called WALT FRASIER to the stage…and had him sing along with the band during the ‘WooWoo” part of Another Year. I captured what I could from my Ipad..

David and his band put on a fantastic show but this was clearly the highlight of our night!



Photo by @TanyaRPh112

ddton 67

It’s exciting to see how far David has come as a musical artist since we first saw him perform live at The Cutting Room.

Part 2 – NYC Webster Hall
(To be continued)

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