David Duchovny Glasgow Concert – Recap Videos & Pictures

It’s taken us almost a week since our return from Europe to compile, edit and upload all of our footage and photos from our tour coverage! Between cameras, camcorders, phones and iPads, we had a lot of files to compress and upload. Originally we intended to do this while we were on the road, but sadly our unstable wifi connection while traveling to the different cities wasn’t stable enough to do this overseas!

Glasgow kicked off the tour and David played to a huge house of over 1000 people! David kicked off the line up with Let it Rain

We were thrilled to see a few new covers on the tour, one of which involved a “first time” for David playing his guitar live in front of an audience. He covered Tom Petty’s Square One.  We think he nailed it. He started off the first verse and chorus on his own and then the rest of the band joined in. We apologize for the shakiness of this clip as well as the people talking around us. We can say for sure that Scotland was one of the most vocal crowds during the whole tour.

Another new cover David Bowie’s ‘Stay’ and a mashup/transition into The Weekends ‘Can’t Feel My Face’

Then of course another surprise.. well maybe not THAT much of a surprise as David had been hinting about it on Twitter.. David’s appearance on stage in a kilt. We were not filming this with our camera but we did manage to get it on our phone (the sound is not great) but it captures the moment!  He ran off stage for a few moments during his Sly & The Family Stone’s cover of ‘Thank You” and then reappeared wearing the kilt.

Thank you

Mo’ is not on the Hell or Highwater album and has not been recorded in the studio yet. We heard this song a few times last fall when he and the band toured DC, NYC and Philly. It’s expected to be on his next album which we understand is currently in the works.

The Things

At one point during the show, David pointed out that the venue was home to the world’s 2nd largest disco ball. David mentioned someone else who had big balls (his mother), originally from Scotland. David then had the audience make a little video saying hello to his mother from Scotland. We didn’t film this part with our camera or phone (I put down my camera when I saw his go up as he was asking for the lights to be brought up a little bit!)

barcelona 7









More pictures from Glasgow

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