David Duchovny Concert in Luxembourg (from May 8)

Luxembourg was one of our favorite stops. First of all the venue was really nice and the staff at Rockhal was very professional and fully prepared for the invasion of David fans. They set up the lines outside super early for the VIP and General Admission guests. This is something we really appreciate as concert-goers and fans. When the venues are organized and the staff is professional and prepared it makes everyone’s life so much easier!

The highlight of the concert –for us at least – was watching the live premiere of David’s new song “Someone Else’s Girl” .. we are really excited about hearing this on the next album or sooner if possible! It has kind of an island-feel sound to it. It’s a very catchy tune with relatable lyrics.

Here is another fan video of Someone Else’s Girl from one of our RV crew members!

Another highlight! David covering Drake’s “Hotline Bling”.. which we unsuccessfully tried to sing along to (but we did not know the lyrics).. Regardless, this was extremely entertaining.

David opened with Let it Rain again

When the Time Comes

There’s a THIRD time for everything.. Square One Cover

Other Fan Videos from YT



Someone Else’s Girl (again.. can’t get enough of this song!)

Ever since I left the city you! (see we’re learning the lyrics)

Stay on the train

OH! We almost forgot about the balloon! Yeah that was fun..

Thank You

la da di da ..

DD Lux 1 DD Lux 2 DD Lux 3 DD Lux 4 DD Lux 5 DD Lux

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