David Duchovny April 14, 2018 plays Broadway…

David Duchovny plays Broadway Comedy Club, Times Square NYC

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Thank you to all that came and joined us for the event yesterday at the Broadway Comedy Club as well as this weekend’s activities. David and the Band were amazing, as were the crew that helped us set up and 50 fans that came from around the world. We missed many friends that could not make it to town. We love you all!!!

The weekend started Thursday night when an impromptu wine and pizza party started at our place. Just a few that were staying with us from out of town and some locals. After some drinks, we played the new X-Files Conspiracy Theory game.

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This game is Cards Against Humanity meets X-Files meets Improvisation. I got the very first CONSPIRACY CARD that read “A distress call from a ship that was last seen March 15, 1937 was recently broadcast from the POLE OF INACCESSIBILITY” So that set the tone for many inappropriate X-Files fan fiction.

On Friday we had a more formal get together. While some were still traveling a few went out to the Mets Game and others came to our house in New Jersey.

David Duchovny plays Broadway Comedy Club, Times Square NYC

The band and crew started setting up as early as 10am. The stage at the Broadway Comedy Club was a perfect size – 25′ wide by 8′ deep – for an intimate event. David came in around noon to sound check and make final preparations.

At 1pm the doors opened and we started the party.

David took stage at 2pm with Colin, Pat, Mitch and Davis. They played a lot of Hell or High Water songs as Davis, the drummer played the tours in 2015, and some of 2016. Sebastian, who plays on the EVERY THIRD THOUGHT (and most know form the past major tours of Europe, US and New Zealand/Australia) album was previously engaged over seas.

This was a private party so we only took personal photos (no videos) during the first song. In the next few days we will have some professional photos for attendees to share.

One of the highlights of the show were some fun crowd interactions. David LOVED the fact that so many people at this show knew the words to his songs. After Passenger, he asked the crowd to sing the chorus without the band. We delivered. 50+ people singing with some decent harmonies sounded AMAZING. We wish we had that on video/audio.

We also got the world premier of song David and the guys wrote THIS week. Not going to say more about this at this time – out of respect for their writing process – but it was a very special moment. We tried to coax EL KABONG out of them to now avail.
The show wrapped with EVERYONE on their feet singing along to HELL OR HIGHWATER.
After the show we had a brief Meet & Greet where all got to pose for a photo and get something signed. Those will be made avail to attendees ASAP.

After the concert we moved down the block to our fave karaoke joint.

Of course there was that time Chris and I got together LOL

The party continued down the block at Alfie’s.

I want ALL to know how much I appreciate you and your friendship. I was overwhelmed with thanks and love that night. Combined with being ready to drop of exhaustion, I was quite emotional. THIS was a very special event because of you. David and his team shared their appreciation as well.

I have one request for all in attendance – be respectful of ALL in attendance. This was a perfect event and does not need any gossip or nonsense.


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