David Duchovny: A Review

September 15, 2015


Photos & Review By : Derek Tull

So I’m hoping that the title of this review doesn’t turn you away. The reasoning for such a short title is that I have a lotto say. This past Sunday at Altar bar was one of the best shows I have seen all year. Most of you may know of David Duchovny as Fbi agent Fox Mulder from The X-files or Hank Moody in Californication. But What most of you may not know is that David has a band. And they are incredible. Before I get too ahead of myself let me start by saying that this came as quite a surprise to me. Over the years many actors have tried their hand at music, and in my honest opinion the ones I have heard are not good at all. So when I heard that David Duchovnywas coming to Altar Bar, my first thought was that he was possibly performing stand up or perhaps it was a lecture of some type. I was baffled for a moment, only to find out that he is the frontman in a band. My first thought was “Well this can’t be good” As my thoughts were rekindled of actors in the past singing in bands, and how terrible they sounded

So I gave it a listen. And much to my surprise, I was impressed. But it still wasn’t enough to sell me completely. I wondered if Duchovny could bring the same energy and passion he conveyed in the studio into a live performance. And this is were the review really begins.

If there is one word I could use to describe Duchovny’s performance it would be “mezmorizing” and I’m not just talking about David Duchovny, I’m talking about the band David Duchovny as a whole. From the first song they played titled “3000” You could feel the energy in the room. Also this was thanks to the sold out crowd in attendance. Who showed nothing but love and positive vibes for the band. Things did get a little humourous during the second song when a fan threw a piece of lingerie onstage with their phone number written on it. The band had a laugh about this and then continued to rock on. Duchovny also took breaks in between songs to introduce the band members as well as interact with fans. For being a celeberty he seems very humble. Never once did he seems fake or too good for anyone. He complemented Pittsburgh on our accent, Roberto Clemente, and even during the last song, were he and the band performed in Pittsburgh Pirates hats.

The music itself is sort a long the lines of Bob Dylan, The Wallflowers, or in my opinion some songs remind me of Gin Blossoms. But this should not make you stray from Duchovny. These are only examples or the best way I can explain the sound. However there is a very organic sound that should be noted. Duchovny’s lyrics stem from all walks of life and all walks of life could relate to the songs. And the band backing him make all of the lyrics and singing come to life even more.

The show that lasted near two hours was filled with a vibe that I really can’t put into words. What I can say though is that I’m willing to bet a lot of people went to this show just because it was David Duchovny. But I can also say that everyone who was a skeptic walked out of the show impressed. David Duchovny has given us two great performances as a actor. Now he gives us a feast for the ears as himself. And I can truthfully say that he is not acting on this performance.

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