David Duchovny in  Concert


David Duchovny in Concert

Working backwards here is David and the Manana Club rocking out BECAUSE THE NIGHT at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park NJ. As I stated in a follow up tweet, this was the last cover I would have expected, but they NAILED it.

Now at the halfway point of the east coast leg of the 2017 Hell or Highwater winter concert blitz, I finally have a few moments to reflect. This is the result have drinking a huge coffee at Wawa in order to get everyone back to where they needed to be before landing the monster bus back in our drive way.

So I apologize for any 4am blabs and typos in advance…


  1. The fans. We meet so many great people from around the world. Many of them currently sleeping in my house. Our group this week alone represents Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Massachusetts, Virginia, Maryland, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Slovenia. Many are friends we met last May as we followed David around in the RV. And each concert we see different old friends and make new ones.
  2. David now has two albums recorded (2nd currently in post production awaiting the team to return from the road to make some big decisions on what makes the cut etc) In total we have heard 19 songs live so far. 12 downloadable from Amazon etc on HELL OR HIGHWATER. There are about 7 more we have yet to discover and 2 songs written by Colin and Pat (Not sure if those are in addition to the 7 or not)
  3. David has nearly a dozen covers he might bring to the stage. Tonight the band debuted their cover of “Because the Night.” We got some of Lou Reed, Tom Petty, David Bowie and The Band tonight. We regularly get Sly and the Family Stone and others.
  4. Every venue/town add it’s flavor – local crowds, theater/club lay outs, and local cuisines for lunch / dinner/ drinks before and after events. We are seeing the world, and a lot of it in a short time.

All of the above factors produces a unique experience with every show. Add to that some amazingly intimate moments in the VIP sound check parties, Q&A, photo ops…

In my wrap of the west coast I glowingly shared my love of the new songs. I have been hoping for an interview, because I am personally inspired more and more to get inside David’s head – and all the band for that matter – regarding process, thoughts behind certain lyrics, next steps.

I usually hang back during Q&As and let other fans have their moment with David. But seeing a few too many usual suspects.

A fan friend (#FAND?) at Seattle meet & greet Q&A tweeted the other day that David said the most common question regarding both his music and writing projects was “What’s your favorite X-Files episode?”

Tonight I though David was about to walk off the stage when a “fan” asked an inappropriate question about his similarities to Mulder. Seriously folks actors are not their characters. David is not Mulder, Hank or Sam (or any other character he ever played). While elements of the actors live in the characters, and we sometimes are effected by certain developments of character, we need to separate. Fan Fiction and Fantasy needs to end at your online chats and diluted minds. If you truly are a fan, support the artist. They have amazing things to offer far beyond some’s narrow vision. Sorry – I digress.

FYI While on the subject, grabbing a person without consent is technically a criminal offense. Again, if you are a fan, have some respect. If you like having access to a star like David via live concerts, book signings etc, perhaps a little less offensive behavior will encourage more events. OK NO more on that subject (It is 4am and I have been up for a week with a few naps, most not behind wheel of 15-seat passenger van)

When you truly have fun and enjoy the moment for what it is, singing a long, dancing, laughing etc– EVERYONE has a great time. OK THAT’S IT!

SO with all that being said, I started asking some questions, and it occurred to me while driving north on the Garden State Parkway this morning, I could cut/paste all my questions and David’s answers and have a make shift interview. I wish I thought of that idea sooner and took some notes, but here goes what I have ascertained from the experience (including answers to other’s questions as well).

New album is on the way. The studio sessions are complete. The album needs to be mastered. There are 14 songs plus 2 written by Colin and Pat. David and Brad are still hashing out exactly what 10-12 numbers will make the final cut.

Singles that do not end up on the album may be released as singles via various online platforms, or through their website directly.

Additionally, David, Colin and Pat are discussing a serious smaller acoustic projects that may include both online tracks of the songs we love scaled down, and touring some smaller venues. If you had the pleasure of catching the guys perform HELL OR HIGHWATER (song) for the Love-a-Thon on inauguration day, that captures a bit of what they have in mind. They did a couple concerts in Vancouver last year along these lines with great success.

There is no third album on the way yet. David was a little overwhelmed by that concept having just spent months in the studio and couple weeks jetting/training around the country.

There maybe some other end products from this music project but nothing is definite yet. I do not want to reveal publicly anything David and Brad revealed (although I am sure it is on twitter somewhere). These deals can often be fragile and I do not want to sabotage or jinx negotiations. But this question of mine comes from my love of the new songs. All of David’s songs have very specific moods and stories. I hear Half Life (Unconditional Love I called it by mistake last week) as a montage song in a John Hughes starring Molly Ringwald film.  I know, we all hate montages – so forgive any unintended insults as I absolutely love this song (and STUCK in my head for past 5 hours) – because there are so many bad ones, and the medium is over used in general. But once in a while, the right song and the footage edit delivers storytime gold.

PS I will be cutting back a little bit with my LIVE tweeting and Periscoping.

  1. I want to have some fun, sing and dance – without ruining a perfect video shot.
  2. David wants us to have fun, sing and dance. Not because he needs attention, but seeing us have fun feeds his performance.

Despite a large number of selfish ….

Well lets not go there – they were drunk and felt pushing and shoving earned them better spots up front. I fixed that in my section. You guys realize that there is no where for us to go when you push forward. Folks that have been in line for hours to get great spots are either forced out or painfully shoved against the stage and guard rails. Some have been hurt physically. One such aggressor was removed by security in Huntington, after shoving one of our friends into the stage, twice (second time after warning from security).

The Stone Pony is a fantastic venue. They have great drinks, with pretty great prices for a club. The stage is legendary. The room was packed. A lot of folks were ready to party last night. There were more people singing and dance along than any venue this year yet.

As a result, David was the best I have seen/heard. He was on fire with energy, feeding off the audience. Even the sound check was crazy fun.

I think this started with David’s respect for the room’s history. He brought HIS A Game.

The crowd responded. He responded.

The dancing was more kinetic than ever.

The breath support was the best I have seen/heard. David is not a “Singer”, right? Or is he now? I watched him belt out one long note after another in ways I did not think even he knew he could. But he got bitten by the LIVE performance bug and just went to town on every song.

Something very interesting happens when confidence meets love of life as a performer. Everything seems to click. Every note seems on pitch. Every moment is filled. I love David’s writing, his story telling in his performance of his songs, the band and the way they interpret and support vocally and instrumentally.

Tonight for me, his journey as a musical performer reached a new pinnacle – from the guy that picked up a guitar 6-7 years ago, via that first time I heard he was doing an album (Sure I was one of the “WTF” fans early 2015 before the Cutting Room concert) to 18+ months of touring around the world, dealing with vocal fatigue in Luxembourg, and shear exhaustion at many stops.

Tonight I truly respect David as a singer. Everything just hit – no matter how exposed the melodic ballad or rocking out to the biggest get the crowd hopping and dancing jams.

This is not me, Walt Frasier Super Fan (And apparently Davids pick for 3 on 3 Dream Team – oh that’s the other guy? never mind). This is Walt Frasier, professional singer/actor/comic with some opera experience and vocal coach.

Lesson learned for all?

GO FOR IT!!!! If you fear failure, you will probably sing flat. If you could care less you may crack but you and your audience will have a ton of fun, AND you will probably hit EVERY note.


Thanks to all the band, producer, venue, best venue staff yet, #FANDS (Fans/Friends)…

See you Sunday in VA!

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  2. I totally agree with you Walt. I love more and more what David does musically. It mixes the kinds of music and it gives very interesting shows. I feel it even through your videos, which I appreciate. And I can tell you that when he comes back to France I will do everything to be in the crowd to applaud him with the respect to which he is entitled. I hope at the same time to meet you and all the Duchovniacs.

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