96 hours of Duchovniacs Chicago Road Trip PART ONE

Driving home to New York just had to recount the past 4 days which included about 30 hours of driving, crazy antics with the Duchovniacs and two concerts. I just posted my review of the music and musicians. Here is the up and down..



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We drove from NJ via gig in Darien CT. Stayed night in Toledo OH area. Not much sleep before getting back on the road.  

FRIDAY – Big Concert Day #1

We got to Chicago early and soon found other Duchovniacs (from Boston, VA, Rochester NY and Toronto) getting ready for a night on the town.

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We get in two cabs and head to Joe’s on Weed St. We arrive around 2:30…. For the 9pm show… This is about the time things get surreal… We arrive at Joe’s while David and Weather are rehearsing 3000. We sit down for lunch in the massive front room – a sports bar with large TVs everywhere.

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We realized I was with the only five ladies in the room. Everyone else? The room is speckled with a few old men watching horse races and their OTB booklets. We were sitting right under the TVs they were watching.   So now its about 3:30. Time to line up before anyone else sneaks ahead of us.

Around 7pm the doors opened. We flooded in… Kind of felt like Black Friday sale on Thanksgiving.

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So we made it upfront. No tables or chairs. Two hours till showtime. Two hours of standing in the front row, taking turns squeezing through the crowd to get drinks and bathroom breaks.

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We met more and more fans from around the world. They had some cheap drink specials so we were killing it with $3 vodka drinks and $2 fireball shots.

9pm the band comes out. David comes out. My feet were already in need of amputation. Now my ears went deaf with screaming fans – YEAH FRONT ROW (Can you see me between two microphones with arm blocking my face. I’m the dork with DD black T over white collared shirt lol) IMG_20150802_191332 The concert was great. We were having a killer time. David joked about his daughter being Paul McCartney concert, followed by a question to the crowd “Why the fuck are you here?”

People got crazy yelling stuff…Then something landed on my shoulder. AH! PANTIES! I flicked them onto the stage… of course that’s when EVERYONE looked at me. “WALTER?” It was not me, I insisted. Certainly not a black lacy g-string kind of guy…. We all sang along…  

MUSICAL NOTE – (so to speak… or no pun intended…) UNSAID UNDONE was extra angry Friday. The tempo COOKED. The band ROCKED even more than usual.

After a great set and four encores it was MEET & GREET time. AKA MORE TIME IN A LINE. I do have to say I really love the indie band feel of this star driven project. The entire band and record label reps helped sell merchandising.

PS You can hear me singing along here LOL

Our crowd further lives up to our name as we collectively prepare to get photos taken with David. I am having a lot of fun, but for some this was more like a serious epic adventure with life and death choices to make…

Should I hug? Should I shake hands? Should I ask a question? Should I share my life story? Should I … It is at these times DUCHOVNIACS seems more like group therapy than a fandom.

“And how long have you been obsessed with David?”

“Any one else care to share?”

I was exhausted and last in line of the Duchovniacs. After watching the gals get their hugs and signatures, I decided to keep it simple. I went in for a firm hand shake. The hand shake itself was better than normal for me UNTIL I stepped on David’s feet like a junior kid dancing with his first girlfriend. SORRY, UM..

We turn to the camera. SMILE. CLICK.

David says “Nice to meet you.”

I say “Thanks” and B-LINE it for the exit, like most of the crew made their anxious escape. I think we need to start doing yoga and other focus breathing exercises while in line.

After a few more drinks at the bar, we started to gather ourselves. A few had not eaten much at lunch and have now been standing non stop for about 8 hours. Right before leaving a drunk kid was creeping the female bait ball… As we turned to go he says ” Wait a second, Brian will be right back.”

UM WHO THE FUCK BRIAN OR THIS GUY ARE we had no clue. He asked me “DO YOU NEED ANYTHING?” But he clearly was not a dealer. I’m not sure what he was offering. “OK WE OUT…”



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