96 hours of Duchovniacs in Chicago – PART TWO SATURDAY at BUB’s


David and ThinkSay added a last minute concert Saturday. Most of us found out about this on Thursday while travelling to Chicago. Some of us were able to stay, others were locked into travel plans.


The others went to breakfast while I slept off a few pints and other things. They brought me back a monstrous pile of leftovers. We dropped a few Duchovniacs at the airport and then on to our new hotel for a nap. As I woke I mumbled, I’m going to wear the OTHER Hell or HighWater t-shirt.

I want to put up posters of this image to promote the concert that say “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS BOY?”  It kind of looks like a milk carton photo, right?  We set out for Bub City around 5pm. My GPS was being a BYATCH so another set up her phone. Siri took us west to the burbs. Something seemed off.

We hit a huge pothole and some unexpected hidden speed bumps. I screamed louder than anyone else.  Everyone in the car felt some ribs were cracked. Twenty minutes later…

Siri “Your destination is approaching on your right.”

Backseat Duchovniac “I think I will run to that Family Dollar store”

I SCREAM: “We’re at Bub’s fucking Fried Chicken.”

We went to the wrong Bub’s. This Bub’s was a fast food joint in the hood. Kids went running by with a Little Caesar’s pizza box. “Home of the Krunch Chicken!”

I got out of the car so fast to take this photo everyone else in the car feared I had not even put car in park. Turns out we were still 40 minutes from the right Bub’s. We navigated through closed streets and horrible Chicago traffic.

We finally end up at the right Bub’s. When I got out of the car to give the keys to the valet, several guests eating dinner outside stared at my HOHW tshirt. We sit down in the dining room for dinner and desert. Then drinks at the bar. It’s only 8:30. Basically until showtime we were herded like cattle by staff. They were not prepared for Duchovniacs..

We met some new friends. I am down front with the Duchovniacs holding a pitcher of beer. We had glasses but somehow staff cleared those. Four us took a corner. I had most of it. I think I sang louder than usual… 


Yeah, that happened… David looks right at me “You know all the words?” I think it was a question. Maybe a statement. Honestly I faked it well. I’m usually horrible with lyrics..as this next terrible (meaning my video quality) shows. It wasn’t until I rewatched that when I  realized I was singing ‘Passenger in my car..” up an octave. Loudly, making David look at me and then then point and nod. 

At some point some dolled up young ladies tried to get to the front of the crowd. I stopped them by asking “Are you with the band?”  At that very same time, David was talking to me again. Everyone in Chicago noticed but me.  “WALTER!!” screamed everyone. I turned to David. “Sorry, sir. Won’t happen again.” He was noticing my T-Shirt of his 10 year old face and my pitcher of beer. So cool…So embarrassing.

Of course, Positively Madison Avenue was the closer. Did I mention how much I love Pat?

We went back to our hotel, exhausted. Woke up the same way and drove back to NYC. Meanwhile…

Quick side note, to all those that want to know, we are all fine. There was some drama Saturday night not worth recapping here.  Nothing to do with David or his team. It seemed like the venue was unprepared for the crowd and that lead to some anger and sorrow… Enough said here. Lets focus on the fun and positive!

I do want to commend the venue for reaching out to me and apologizing to the fans. Much appreciated. I hope all that were affected by the down side of Saturday night join me in looking past anything negative and focus on the awesomeness!!!

Thank you to Brad and all the team at THINKSAY RECORDS for making this weekend possible. It was a real treat for fans.

You can read a few juicy details via my twitter though @waltfrasier Follow me and join the party! There is some news, sort of…  

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