David Duchovny gives Berlin Germany Second Encore Performance #ETT #davidduchovny

by Maja

I was so tired I enjoyed most of this show from the WAY BACK. The show was similar to Poland and Vienna. Open with Spiral. Rock out a bit.

Leave stage. I mean really…

Then come back with just Colin to kill the scaled down version of Let It Rain…. Typical 3-5 song Encore. Band takes a bow…. GOOD NIGHT BERLIN


You have to give it to the crowd in Berlin… The begged hard for more. David responded. Video above is most of their cover of SWEET JANE.

It just goes to show, the more love you give, the more you get.

I did not think one could top Vienna, but this was cool.

Sadly MANY had left. They thought as I that all was done.

But as a result, I was able to climb into a closer perch to get the video. Yeah me?

THIS is how you get David, or any celeb, to come back to your town.