David/Colin made me cry last night – Vienna Austria

This will be my LAST FIRST TIME writing a blog post about an individual concert. Last night was the most special show since 2015 Cutting Room, for so many reasons – even thought there were no socks at Merchandise table.

by Maja 

The night started waiting outside in FREEZING cold, even by Slovenia winter standards, I mean really.

We got pictures with David. We were joking about the lame security at the show in Budapest. It was like Footloose on Monday. Every time someone stood up to dance, security said no.

So we were ready to party last night!

The show started with Lee Macdougal, a British guitar singer songwriter travelling Germany and Austria.

Lee is a wonderful cross of blues man and pop singer that anyone can love. After a series of original songs and cute stories… his extended mash up of rap lyrics cover, starting with Fresh Prince of Bel Air, included a number of lyrics in German.

Then after a small break, David came out with just Mitch. OMG they are starting with Spiral?!?!?

This was the perfect way to start a show. The song actually written by the band – mostly Colin and Pat – starts very exposed with a simple series of rhythmic guitar chords – with Mitch on guitar. Mitch is usually the bassist.

David starts singing verse one while the crowd is still going crazy welcoming him to stage.

Next Pat lays down some lilting hypertonics while Keenan creates some atmospheric sounds tuning his acoustic guitar. David breaks into Verse two.

Music slowly builds layers and intensity until David smacks down a drum fill setting tempo for a power ballad rock out. This continues to build until everything drops out to Pat playing those eerie repeating three notes in repetition until totally faded out…


And… David was in his best voice. Right away you knew this was going to be a great night…


The night had a series of amazing moments. The new arrangement of Roman Coin, which also starts out more subdued now, working up to the version on the album for the final verse and vamp.

Even Stranger in the Sacred Heart has a new moment with Pat playing.

We need to stop a moment and share how amazing Pat was last night. Pat is the most chill person off stage of all time, and some how is the most amazing guitarist on stage ever while staying chill – like a real jazz cat, always in the pocket while delivering the perfect improvised melodic genius. LAST NIGHT, Pat let himself party a bit, stepping out form his microphone assigned space, stepping to lip of the stage and putting on his best ROCK FACE – the crowd responded in lively cheers.

Did I mention I cannot talk this morning…. I rocked too hard myself last night.

We even got a new song….


So all this added up to an amazing set.
David and the Band leave stage.
We lead the chant




Then we see a familiar face in the door way….


We are in such trouble….

Then David comes out with just Colin walking to his keyboards.

WHAT IS THIS? Seriously I cannot for a moment (in that moment) imagine what this could be…

Colin starts playing…. OH SH!T…. EFF YEAH!!!!

Deconstructed LET IT RAIN….

I started to tear up.. Colin’s piano arrangement was so perfect. Then, just like the show opener – Spiral – David delivers some his best vocals EVER! Seriously it was pure perfection.

I was trying to sing along but got a little choked up. No words were even forming on the lips.

Colin and David were simply perfect!

This was followed by 3 more songs.

It was extra special when Brad come out to pat Pat on the back. Backstage team was just as moved as we were last night by his performance.

THANK YOU to the entire team on and off stage for making last night so AMAZING!!!!  Thank you David for doing all this for your fans!!!

If you have not seen David live…. this is not about going to see Mulder or Hank in the flesh. This is a great musical party. Prepare to rock!!!!