X-Files Premier Party 2016 Sights and Sounds pt 1

X-Files Premier Party 2016

Sights and Sounds from Duchovniacs and other Social Media postings

by Walt Frasier

There is so much more to share. For now here is a series of photos, videos and social media rips form last night’s event

IMG_0224 IMG_0226 (1) IMG_0235 IMG_0236 IMG_0237 IMG_0226 CYkQpcvUMAAS1xn tumblr_o0wmdnuRWn1qbahrjo6_1280 tumblr_o0wmdnuRWn1qbahrjo5_1280 tumblr_o0wmdnuRWn1qbahrjo3_1280 tumblr_o0wmdnuRWn1qbahrjo4_1280 IMG_20160113_10272520160112_175824 20160112_184454 20160112_184724 20160112_184851 20160112_184928 20160112_190755 20160112_190802 20160112_190807 20160112_210758


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