Walt, Pat and Laurice are back discussing the episodes that will set in motion the next 3-4 years of X-Files Mythology.

Season 2 Episode 28 SLEEPLESS
Originally Aired October 7, 1994
Written by Howard Gordon
Directed by Rob Bowman

WIKI – In New York City, Dr. Saul Grissom finds a fire outside his apartment. When firefighters arrive, they find no fire or any related damage, but discover Grissom’s lifeless body.

Mulder anonymously receives a tape cassette of Grissom’s 911 call. He tries to take the case, only to learn that another FBI agent, Alex Krycek, has opened it first. Deciding to leave Krycek out of the loop, Mulder calls Scully (Gillian Anderson) and asks her to conduct Grissom’s autopsy. Mulder then heads to Grissom’s clinic in Stamford, Connecticut, where is confronted by an angered Krycek. The two travel back to Quantico to see Scully, who says that Grissom’s body showed no signs of a fire, but yet seems to have biologically believed it was burning.

Meanwhile, in a Brooklyn apartment, Vietnam veteran Henry Willig is approached by a fellow ex-Marine, Augustus Cole. Suddenly a group of wounded Vietnamese appear and gun him down. Examining his corpse, Mulder and Krycek find a scar on his neck and realize he was in the Special Forces stationed in Vietnam in 1970, and one of only two survivors, the other being Cole. They head to the VHA hospital in New Jersey where they discover that Cole was discharged, despite the fact that his doctor does not remember doing so.

Mulder meets the mysterious “X”, who gives him information on a secret military project that Grissom performed where he eradicated the need for sleep through lobotomy. X provides him with the name of Salvatore Matola, a squad member who was mistakenly reported as killed in action. A man matching Cole’s description robs a drug store. Mulder and Krycek arrive, but not before two gunshots are heard from the room where Cole is believed to be. It appears that the two officers in the room with him shot each other. Cole escapes. Mulder believes that Cole’s years of sleeplessness have provided him with telekinetic abilities. Mulder and Krycek meet with Matola soon afterwards, who says that he has not slept in twenty-four years, due to the experiment. He reveals that there was another doctor who was part of the squad, Dr. Girardi, and that he was the one who actually performed the lobotomies.

Mulder and Krycek head to the subway station, where Dr. Girardi is expected to arrive for Grissom’s funeral. Mulder sees Cole there, and Cole seems to shoot Girardi, but this is shown to be in Mulder’s head. In reality, Cole has captured Girardi and holds him hostage, about to show him a similar fate as his other victims. By searching surveillance footage, they track his location and find Girardi wounded. Mulder finds Cole, who is ready to kill himself. Krycek, believing Cole is holding a gun instead of the Bible he is actually holding, shoots him, and Cole dies of his wounds. Mulder and Scully find both of their files on the case missing. Krycek reports to the Smoking Man and others, telling them that the dissolution of the X-Files and the separation of Mulder and Scully has been ineffective, and their determination is only stronger. He also notes that Scully is a bigger problem than they anticipated.

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Season 2 Episode 29 DUANE BARRY
Originally Aired October 14, 1994
Written by Chris Carter
Directed by Chris Carter

WIKI – In 1985, at his home in Pulaski, Virginia, Duane Barry (Steve Railsback) is abducted by aliens. Eight years later, Barry has become a violent patient in a mental institution, refusing to take his medication and insisting that the aliens are coming back for him. He attacks a security guard and steals his gun, taking head psychiatrist Dr. Hakkie hostage before escaping. Barry seeks to return to his original abduction site with Dr. Hakkie, in the hopes that the aliens will take the doctor instead when they return. But since he can’t remember where the abduction site is located, Barry heads to a travel agency in Richmond and holds the three clerks hostage along with Dr. Hakkie.

Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Alex Krycek (Nicholas Lea) are summoned to the ensuing hostage situation by Agent Lucy Kazdin (CCH Pounder), since Barry insists that he is an alien abductee. Mulder contacts Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) for assistance, asking her to look into Barry’s history. Mulder acts as a hostage negotiator, calling Barry in order to earn his trust so that the standoff may be peacefully resolved. Barry quickly figures this out, causing Mulder to learn that he is a former FBI agent. A power outage occurs, frightening Barry and causing him to fire his gun, hitting one of the hostages. Mulder heads inside the travel agency with a paramedic. Barry releases the wounded hostage in exchange for Mulder, who is instructed to get Barry near the agency’s front door so that snipers can fire on him.

Scully arrives and reveals that Barry’s frontal cortex was damaged when he was shot in the head in 1982; she thinks this injury has made Barry a psychopathic pathological liar. Mulder talks to Barry, who claims that the aliens performed painful tests on him and put tracking devices in his body. Mulder—against Agent Kazdin’s orders—tells Barry that he believes his story, convincing him to let two more hostages go. However, when Mulder questions whether Barry is lying, he becomes enraged. Mulder tricks Barry into approaching the front door where Barry is shot by a sniper.

The next day, Mulder visits Barry in the hospital. Agent Kazdin appears, revealing that metal implants were found in Barry’s body and that tiny holes were found in his teeth, in the same manner he had described. Mulder gives one of the implants to Scully, who has it reviewed by a ballistics expert; they find a microscopic barcode imprinted on it. Later, at a supermarket, Scully swipes the implant across a checkout scanner, causing the machine to malfunction while displaying a strange serial number. At her house, Scully leaves a message on Mulder’s voicemail, suggesting that Barry had been “catalogued” by the implant. But just then, Barry—having just escaped from the hospital—breaks in through Scully’s window and kidnaps her.

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Season 2 Episode 30 ASCENSION
Originally Aired October 21, 1994
Written by Paul Brown
Directed by Michael Lange

WIKI – Upon hearing the voicemail showing Dana Scully’s (Gillian Anderson) kidnapping by Duane Barry, her partner Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) heads to her apartment and surveys the crime scene. He meets with Scully’s mother, Margaret, who claims to have had a dream about her being taken away. The next morning, Assistant Director Walter Skinner tells Mulder that he is “too close” to the case to be involved, and orders another FBI agent, Alex Krycek (Nicholas Lea), to escort him home. Meanwhile, Barry speeds down the Blue Ridge Parkway when he is pulled over by a highway patrol officer. When Scully—locked in the trunk—tries to get the officer’s attention, Barry kills him. Mulder reviews a video of the traffic stop, and sees that Scully is still alive.

Mulder realizes that Barry is heading to a ski resort at Skyland Mountain, the location of Barry’s original abduction; he is attempting to follow through with his original plan of having the aliens abduct someone there in his place. Krycek informs the Smoking Man (William B. Davis) of these findings before departing with Mulder. When they arrive, Mulder boards the resort’s aerial tramway in the hopes of reaching its peak before Barry. However, Krycek tries to delay Mulder by sabotaging the tramway’s journey upward. Mulder manages to complete the journey and witnesses a strange light in the area. Upon finding Barry’s car, Mulder sees no trace of Scully except her necklace. He then encounters a joyous Barry, who claims that she was taken by “them.”

When Mulder interrogates Barry, he becomes so enraged that he nearly strangles him, only to stop himself. When he leaves the room, he orders Krycek to not let anyone inside; however, he finds Krycek talking to Barry when he returns. When Skinner arrives minutes later, Barry breaks into convulsions and dies. Later, at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Mulder attempts to question the doctor who performed Barry’s autopsy; she refuses to provide details since it was performed by the military instead of the FBI, claiming no other doctors were available. Mulder and Krycek are ordered to take a polygraph test about Barry’s death.

Krycek meets with the Smoking Man, and suggests that they kill Mulder. However, the Smoking Man orders that Mulder be left alive, unless they want to risk “turning one man’s religion into a crusade”. A desperate Mulder tries to visit Senator Matheson, a patron of his work, only to be discouraged from doing so by his secretive informant, X (Steven Williams). In his car, Mulder finds spent cigarettes from the Smoking Man’s meeting with Krycek. Realizing Krycek’s role in Scully’s abduction, Mulder submits a report to Skinner accusing Krycek of impeding his investigation and killing Barry. Skinner summons Krycek to his office, only to learn that he has disappeared. Skinner then announces to Mulder that he is officially re-opening the X-Files.

Mulder meets with Margaret Scully in a park, and tries to give her Scully’s necklace. Margaret returns the necklace to Mulder, asking that he give it to Scully when he finds her. Margaret also says that she had the dream again about losing her daughter; Mulder takes this as a hopeful sign that Scully may still be alive. A mournful Mulder later returns to Skyland Mountain, to the field where Scully was abducted. Seemingly alone without her, he looks up into the stars.

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