X-Files creator Chris Carter is quite coy about THE SHIP

X-Files are back January 24th on FOX

X-Files creator Chris Carter is quite coy about THE SHIP

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I met Chris Carter last night at the X-Files premier party at the California Science Center. I have not met a more gracious man ever. And after that brief interaction, my scorn over “platonic activity” has turned to child-like amusement.


Chris Carter and Walt Frasier at the X-Files Premier Party; California Science Center January 12, 2016.

There is a quiet calm about the brains behind our favorite show of all time. Waiting for a chance to chat, we often lost him, in plain sight. Without ego one can get lost in the Hollywood crowd. Then we realize he is less than a yard away with his back to us…. There he is. The trick? Stop looking for the man and seek that distinguishing hair.


Just don’t expect a straight answer from Chris Carter

It was getting close to get the eff out time when we finally chatted. We were gushing adoring fans, so maybe that was a relief after a night of press hounding. While quiet, his reserved state softened immediately.

I shared I was a fan from day one – September 10, 1993.

Chris Carter smiled.

(I forgot to say Laurice and I met 6 months earlier and how much this show is a part of our relationship in the past 22 years. Chalk this one up for saving gems for next time!)

I told Chris I really enjoy the current state of affairs, but perhaps disagree with is SHIP analysis of past 22 years.

Chris Carter smiled.

Chris Carter and Laurice Fattal, Editor in Chief at Duchovniacs.com

Chris Carter and Laurice Fattal, Editor in Chief at Duchovniacs.com

Laurice and I share, “We have a lot of questions from fans.”

“Oh really!” Chris Carter seemed to genuinely be interested in what YOU – the fans – have to say. His interest clearly perked.

Unable to get great service, we tried to recount a few from memory. I never used the words “Platonic Activity” precisely but…

“Basically one fan was positively promoting the beauty of a sexual relationship.”

Chris Carter smiled.

“Just wait for episode three.” There is no sex but the SHIP will be addressed a bit more, perhaps. He was a bit cryptic. That lead to a discussion about censors and issues with eps three and five, with scantily clad dancers in the latter… DEFLECTION?

In our brief encounter I watched intently.

He is totally effing with us. It is a game. A game he plays well and for his own personal amusement. He knows the fans better than we give him credit. Like a brilliant marketing genius, he stirs the pot with #platonicactivity, creates social media buzz. Like a great politician – or comic – he lets the audiences’ imaginations create the rest. And then rumor leads to speculation leads to debates by fans… PR HEAVEN!!!

I have nothing but adoring respect for the man. I left  the conversation sharing our experience hosting the event with Frank Spotnitz back in October. I shared how Frank attributes all the successes that followed at the hands of X-Files alumni – Supernatural, Breaking Bad, 24, Homeland etc etc etc – to the work ethic and high standards learned from Chris.

As artists we are inspired.

As fans we thank you.

About that SHIP?

Without revealing too much about the premier episode I have now seen twice, if you listen and watch the first few interactions between Mulder and Scully, there is a very clear picture painted about what happened since 2008.

X-Files Revival

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1993 Mulder meets Scully. The connection is immediate and caring

1998 Relationship forward movement stopped by bee sting. Damn that bee.

1999-2001 ??? We have to assume bee sting met a bird at some point. Or was William immaculate conception? Is he Antichrist?

2008 Mulder and Scully basically common law living together.

2015 ??? Spoilers…. You’ve been warned!!!

At some point…

Scully left Mulder.

Mulder is bitter, with dangerous over tones of Hank Moody.

I love those moments. Brilliant writing, directing and performance reveal lots of back story  with a few lines and perhaps more so via a few thought filled glares. We have come full circle and the drama is very real and relateable.

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