Truth and NOTHING but the truth

We have recently expanded our staff. We now have a few fans helping us keep up with all of the projects David is Kicking out. Follow for original content and curated content from the web.


Miss Subways is now out and David is popping up all over to sign books.
This summer David is filming BUCKY F*CKING DENT the movie.

No new concerts scheduled but we are told more are coming soon.

We have some insights to other new projects but have been asked to keep those under wrap for now. AND unlike many folks on tumblr we respect the artists and their teams.

To that effect, I would like to recommit that we will NEVER post info about an artist’s private life, including lies about celebs, and especially lies about their family and friends. Paparazzi, ripped content from other fans/sites without acknowledgements, 20-25yo recycled photos we have all seen 1000s of times in our feeds, and certainly we will NEVER attack a fan for being themselves and simply trying to have fun.

I call on ALL to block those that do the above. This fandom has been rocked by bullies and garbage for far too long. ONLY way to shut it down is if we ALL shut it down. No reason to follow a feed because you fear they might be disparaging our fave celebs or other fans. You give them a voice. Attention is what they crave. ANY attention you give them feeds their ego, and in some case – pockets via google ads etc.

Supporting sites that do more to destroy than truly inform makes you part of the problem. It is time for us all to simply walk away from the garbage. They never leave the house so you are not losing a friend.

Lets keep the conversation to what happens on stage and screen, and other public events.

Try to minimize spoilers.

Say NO to ALL attacks on other fans. THIS makes no sense to me.

Say NO to stalking – going to public events is NOT stalking. Going to the film set or their house is. Don’t be creepy!!!

Respect an artist wishes. If they say no photos. STOP TAKING PHOTOS.

Everything off stage and screen IS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS!

If you are simply looking for gossip and to find justification for your sick fantasies and lies, please go elsewhere – mainly tumblr garbage – it’s out there but never the truth.

We are not here for personal attention. We are not here for profit. We are not here to bully.

We are here to discuss our fave show and other projects from our fave celeb and others in the family.

We are here to share experiences with friends from around the world,met through this fandom. THIS site does more to bring amazing people together than prop up the celeb that brought us together.


You do not have to be our friend or follower, but…
I see no reason to be our “enemy”
I see no reason to be a bully
I see no reason to spread lies
No reason to make others cry
If you feel the need to be or support the garbage on tumblr, I recommend you seek therapy for your anger and sadness. I assume you r the victim of abuse at some point. Your behavior is learned from other garbage. Stop the cycle.

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