The X-Files – Season 11 Wrapped, More Promos & Reviews

Yesterday was the last day of filming for The X-Files season 11! (sniff) Gillian shared some fun BTS stuff on her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

We have a new X-files promo!

Cast & crew of The X-Files take you inside the thrilling new season.Declassified: The End Of The World | Season 11 | THE X-FILES

There was also an article posted by TV Insider (MORE SPOILERS) 

A few more reviews have come in for S11:

E News: The X-Files Review: The Truth Is Here—the New Season Is Good

The Xfiles streamed several episodes on Twitter Wednesday night. The playlist was picked by David and Gillian

#TheXFiles hashtag trended!

Here’s our commentary video and discussion on the lastest spoilers


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