Uncensored NC-17 Aquarius coming soon on DVD

There's an NC-17 Version of <i>Aquarius</i> Coming

This is the dawning of the age of too many ways to watch television! Last Thursday, on May 28, NBC premiered the first two episodes of ’60s-era crime show Aquarius, a fictional story based around the Charles Manson murders. Soon after the premiere, NBC released the entire season for streaming on NBC.com and other VOD outlets like Hulu. Of course, if you’re not into the whole 21st century binge-watching method, you can take the traditional approach and watch new episodes week by week.

If those options aren’t enough for you, series creator John McNamara revealed to Indiewire two days ago that there is an uncensored cut of the first season. He originally stated that the uncensored version was on iTunes, but later corrected himself on Twitter, saying that NBC’s cut is on iTunes, but the uncensored version will be coming soon.


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