Paper Clip, Red Museum, more DAY TWO Vancouver

Yesterday started out with waking up way too early. My phone alarm going off at 7am New York time. So we were startled at 4am. Not being a phone that works in Canada it did not automatically reset.

So I struggled to at least rest some more. The blurry photo reflects my reality at the time I suppose. Around 7am Vancouver time, I stumbled down to breakfast. The hotel has a decent spread of breads and pastries. Not quite the epic European trip Continental Breakfasts that spoiled us every morning but better than most American hotels.

Then I enjoyed the pool and hot tub for a bit, alternating warm water soaks with cool water laps. Quite nice!

Upon exciting the pool I joking with a nice couple not too much younger. I was a bit tired form a relatively rigorous swim and relaxed from a far more intense soak, I let them do the honors of using their key to enter back into the hotel.


That’s right I was now in the wrong hotel. This was the closest to the Twilight Zone I have ever entered. The pool and health club area is share with the neighboring Marriott.

To further paint the picture my big butt is wet wearing cheap gym shorts for a suit and flip flops, carrying my mini lap top. Totally dismayed, but I was more shocking to the families and business folks having breakfast which there included eggs, potatoes, meats and other stuff. I almost indulged. lol

“Excuse me, Miss,” asking breakfast attendants, “Do you have a key to the pool?”

NOPE! I had to walk down the steps, a bit slippery in wet flip flops, out into the cold rain thought one lobby and around to another. I thought the stares in the breakfast room were awkward, Canadians don’t know me yet on their streets. I shock folks that do know me daily. Well, I think the expect it so no one even scoffs anymore.

In the lobby the rest of the gang is there looking for me. “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?” was repeated a few times.

After a brief recap, similar to the one above, we stumbled in the rain to THE ELBOW ROOM where we were happy “TO GET OUR OWN FUCKING COFFEE”. Thanks for the recommendation, Mitch.

After breakfast and some proper rude wait service (On purpose for fun, Like Dick’s – the restaurant –  in the southeast USA), we rented a car and headed North. Except we didn’t.

Another fun #duchovniacs roadtrip

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We were actually trying to get to the hotel to make a quick stop but somehow the road construction forced us across a river to Mulder’s old apartment 42 at the Wellington.

Rare glimpse of Mulder's trash behind the Wellington lol

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Nice area of Vancouver. I could here even with out Mulder as a neighbor.

OK back to the drive north. Once we past some traffic downtown, we see nothing but beautiful bay, and majestic pine covered hills and cliffs for the one hour drive to Britannia Mine Museum (Paper Clip)

Love this place

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Jelly fish in the bay

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This place is gorgeous

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Still no Mulder in sight

Scully at the base of the mine @tkkarma does this better lol

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Nice bathrooms

@ditaasmoro I found Scully at the bathrooms too

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At the mine we were joined by some very special minor celebs

Mulder and Scilly back at the mines #thexfiles

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Panning for gold, we found a few flakes….. speaking of the gold of course.

We then drove 3 hours though downtown evening rush to ALMMOST Seatle to get some Red Museum BBQ.

Not #vegan

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Not bad but a bit more sweet than smokey. Better than expected from Southern Canuck BBQ

It was chilly but the snow is mostly fake for a Hallmark Movie film location shot. I was very cold because of exhaustion and being in and out of the rain.


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