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NBC’s ‘Aquarius’: Come for the Manson, stay for the sober upheaval

 TV critic


Has it only been 11 days since Don Draper experienced his breakthrough while meditating at Big Sur? Among the many theories put to rest with “Mad Men’s” finale was the silly (but faintly plausible) notion that the show’s plot would intersect with the real story of the Manson Family cult, especially as “Mad Men” increasingly turned its attentions to late-1960s Los Angeles. Alas, Megan Draper never got that invite to come hang out at Sharon Tate’s house on Cielo Drive.

No matter. As NBC’s sometimes pulpy but certainly engaging new summer drama series “Aquarius” makes clear, there’s still plenty of Mansonalia to mess around with for fictional purposes.

Hank Stuever has been The Post’s TV critic since 2009.

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