Garry Shandling Interviews David Duchovny Playing Basketball

I was both shocked and saddened when the news broke last week that Garry Shandling had passed away. I’ve tried to sit down several times to write a post in memory of Garry but each time I’ve been at a loss for words. Honestly, I am still in disbelief. Being an improv comedian in the NY scene, I saw a lot of posts from my fellow comedian friends and improvisers expressing their sadness over the loss of such an amazing talent. But beyond being a ground-breaking force in the comedy world, Garry was a also great friend of David’s. They had great chemistry together both on and off screen.  Back in January, Garry gave a heart-felt and hilarious speech at David’s Walk of Fame ceremony stating that David was “a great friend and very heart-felt guy. I just love him. I really really love him.”

Most fans are familiar with David’s appearance and hilarious exchange with Garry on the Larry Sanders Show.  Garry also made a guest appearance in the “Hollywood A.D.” episode of The X-files which was written and directed by David.

Garry had a long-standing tradition of hosting basketball games at his house. Many well-known comedians and actors gathered and participated in these games over the years including David. I wanted to share this very sweet video/interview of David playing basketball with Garry talking about how their friendship came to be.

We already miss you Garry..


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