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Nov 9, 2015
Actor and musician David Duchovny called in to talk to the gang about his new show Aquarius, his music, Californication, and the new X-Files mini-series debuting on Sunday, January 24th 2016

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Give Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I’m always on the and on your schedule that’s WA AF. Our next guest is not only an actor but he’s also a musician. That put an album out yeah it’s an amazing animals and he joins us from the West Coast today it’s David Duchovny. This hour I’m great how. I’m gonna understood or shooting aquarius right now I’m not downtown Los Angeles. If so many wanna talk about the music but a I don’t I do want to acknowledge queries because. It’s it was I really was somebody is talking about it right about it really enjoyed him I’m glad it’s glad Spaniard and then. And I mean I’ve done so many different kind of shows it’s it’s something kind of a little bit different for you. It has its its very never have been period. After a couple occasions my dumb to the other side of the other potential authority in now. Went out aspect of the four. Is that. So. Congratulations on the album and we will work. We started Boston you know Larry we we we recorded a Boston first time. That I ever played live or Shanghai with the band that more north whether. London Boston and Amanda and try to shape the political. Our record it was impossible so I imagine all roads lead back bought. It’s where some guy that’s good news. I was I was following you on Twitter and that and I signed between a Robbie Robertson CD which I absolutely yeah I absolutely love by the way. Is is seen influence. I you know I think the band is definitely reform outlook and I mean I can’t really talk about the musical applause for the little concern myself look at the position. Two to actually you know have been influenced some are basically huge you know. It triggered a record Chenault at this point in my guitar playing musicianship. But I can dilute the sound but I love them at the ban does that stand well probably routes and they got. You know I’m I’m coming out like. Late sixties early seventies rock you know I’ve loved. Don’t go off screen that moves zeppelin. And then you’re a little later generation like every. Don’t. Is it what’s your what’s your favorite bands on Kazaa and huge fan. I loved. Whatsoever should block a world stage right I love. It makes a difference. Yeah I love it makes a difference when I wanna go or when I wanted to cry and listen that are at the beautiful girls that are. LB mentioned Dylan there I you you go to an assignment was inspired by Bob Dylan album. We have millions armor tigers here’s urinary commercial currency both just sent a shot into labor. That’s so before people that’s well put on them. Like. I don’t regret about Normandy and are you weren’t sure that you select my and it big show that continues. Is the preeminent. Recording artist. The last you know essentially made recordings. These these these good singer songwriter he’s the barge. Would it was just it was just kind of it it brought a lot of stuff today and we’re head that I’ve been thinking about about commercials suck so. Fortunately he was kind of like the scapegoat in the song but personally I Cherokee can do whatever the. I. Had done that and that’s a look at our time we are fired title there to argue that David David Duchovny. And it a 617. Texture wants me ask. Is how much Hank moody inspired view as a musician or by source. Were. All. You know there was a lot of music out orders and tomcat crossed the record shows that position than votes. Music and we would return trade songs love back or even though he’s a little more heavy metal and I haven’t certainly and lose or are well spent it’s come. We both catalog for your own job and every child. That was strange that we have intersected on Elton. And warns Iran became like a harmless thing that you are part orders are issued are and they seem to me like just being the cal corners or saw where it was kind of like actually used describing in his song was perfect trivia. The shows so I think is Yvonne. I got into the wrong what I so are doing movie and that’s kind of the closely ever listen below or I don’t know cute little sticker was certain days so far. Notice he’s I mean I whether it’s rule in the headless Thompson Gunner roller excitable sort. It does for our arteries to rerecord. Word about Soros of all our. Absolutely love life and hurt when what I wanna know David zillion lights when you finish a project he would do easy bonded out and smokes and wade. That’s a credit line there are. Probable path are what I saw I gotta ask is everybody’s text again about X-Files can ask if you are there aspects are questions. So. 8978 text or wants and oh is. If if you guys are like an old since you’ve been together for a long time you like tunnels coupled with eats each other now that the. That. Now I think we we we got past that part I think I think right now there are certainly times when we were sure and we’re all exhausted. Years ago. That we might have. Wanted to see other people want to emphasize its server. But. Now I think really it’s like. It’s like all that’s just evaporated I think you know as you get older. I think you’re lucky if you’re maturing you took the southeast by your own little science it’s gonna evaporate and all that’s left to lose our heart and that’s all we have left loose. Just total appreciation for another so I don’t know that makes us like no matter elect a successful America Olmert I don’t know. I think they were talking more about the characters moments and don’t I still an act of god go we got good stuff on that but I think Galen and of those terrorist others to still in love. In LA have to be in that that the beer the show is really. And so a lot about. You know obviously it’s about what it’s about this outside stretch or whatever it is the conspiracy in court so far but it’s also Bob Moehler is well in America. No matter who I guess there are lovers really base our members or our friendship and respect so I think people romanticize administrative reasons. Did you guys ever actually saw the case. Never. And we’ll work. Or their spirit and of all time. Did it and I actually have a plaque in Quantico like the hurdle bureau uploaded a report earlier. Incorporated. You know girls like that there always ethnic lines of people focus on to people still come up to ask you the truth is out there and does that drive you crazy because they’re probably I mean it’s just inches and one of the things that way you know people on the data stolen. They do that some people certainly shouldn’t very restrictive and that I can’t credited please lead but it you know. Well sure popular ego sometimes. You know the wanting outright with a performer can’t can’t church you know people are. One or you know catch race that there are like yeah don’t do that well like you know miners. And I pay the bill that it. I’ll follow up there that I guess a follow up and take that a little further do you still Wear the read speed of them are. I do but it’s it’s. If it’s actually get around one leg. Well well look a little weight. I know you’ve probably might not be able answered but now our economy daytime makes you want me to ask he’s coming up after here in the morning I he want me to ask. There and will there be more after the many series so. Well I mean you know unaudited depend on how it doesn’t mean much on actually have are murdered since a two hour. There’s a lot of people are obviously excited me do it again so. You know wish. If that continues after they assume we’ve done done issues particularly Europe. What city and united and I’m certainly not internal enjoy it as. And it’s it’s very it would probably more after Chris carton GPS to pull it sure or. David Duchovny is our guest I got a complete X-Files geek question here on the tech tip line. They wanted to know if you’re surprised that they don’t showed the home episode anymore. Now let’s little long running spanning. That was one episode I believe that they took. Rotation in the in the syndication a show so what will play out. They’re free television. After after we their resorts in our national syndicate whatever level local. Local television solutions they’ve paid out or ever played all again much or all. So is this something I guess people got. Freaked out partners and affiliates or advertisers. Didn’t want didn’t want their products being aired over in Brad. Families should jumping into the trunk church with her mom I don’t get it you know. There are certain I would assume a certain products that that would be perfect for me but I footage yet out to the find the right product. Spare tires and and chewing tobacco if I’m gonna and you go girl grow short race car but our. So and and of course everybody wants and no smoking and lone gunman Wii’s EC all of them yes you don’t see him in the trailer. You know sit smoke man definitely is a part of just this. This new. That’s grosso sustained smoke American viewers you cigarette and the Trier. Say your. He’s given up smoking to diseases it’s politically correct by the they may but it’s very political write this I read that these six episodes of Mary cannot now political David. Well I don’t know political I think earliest political in the sense you know we’re we’re talking about. New threat BI agents and you’re talking about two FBI agents search using the government took. Consumers here Korea. Structural. I think. I think early greatly over all and I don’t think we were Dresser. No. Specific political issues. Of today or yesterday. I got I get the feeling that whether it was. NSA listening dollars or things like that that did that brought. Or Aruba DBs. And. Oh the parent are yet. There was always part of Russia and commitments on the American approach work. Yeah well listen thank you Bernard David Duchovny has been great to have you heavy on this morning thanks common. Do when he continue to howler I want to come Abbas and he’s come in the studio please come play you’ll do a show idea. We’ll do it did what we’re allowed to do a show or might it become bound to affect my foundation or any awesome love it here yeah. And their. All right thanks I appreciate your job and had to management are very cute.


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