DAVID DUCHOVNY European Tour Videos/Pics


Sorry we have not been posting more and more often. We have had limited internet and trying to upload videos while driving through Europe as been very tricky. But the morning after in Amsterdam, where we actually stayed in an amazing hotel – LA BOHEME (I can see last nights venue stage door from my window) – we can finally catch up a little before heading to Cologne.

HERE IT IS – The much anticipated WORLD PREMIERE of “Someone Else’s Girl”


THE BAND IS HAVING SOME FUN AND SO ARE WE!!! (This video is from the Glasgow Show)

Our video was not good because we were talking about how great it is, but I absolutely LOVE the new version of “WHEN THE TIME COMES” with Seth bringing down a notch playing bongos and other subtle percussion.

We heard three new songs introduced last fall but the band has been working hard since and delivered hints of what will surely be an amazing sophomore album. My favorite song from the entire catalog thus far is EVERY THIRD THOUGHT. David has written a powerful tune – based on a line from King Lear –  and the band is killing it with funk and tight vocals.

We have many more pictures and videos to upload and are uploading as we speak… Next stop with good Wifi we will post as many as we can!

DD Lux 1 DD Lux 2 DD Lux 3 DD Lux 4 DD Lux 5 DD Lux face 1 face

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