4000+ Registered Users on Duchovniacs


To all the DD Fans

To all our Duchovniacs that are making this project fun and interesting

To fate and timing. There is just so much going on daily – book, album, TV shows etc – that DD fandom is becoming a full time gig LOL

We are getting 100+ new followers every day. DD and friends fans clearly love the fan posts not just spamming garbage as niche bloggers looking to make a buck.  NO paparazzi pics from the beach during family time here. Just news, vids and pics from working and public events. Love that David Duchovny himself is tweeting more often…

I wonder who will be standing at the red tape? MULDER?

So here is a scene 😘 #XFilesRevival #GillianAnderson #DavidDuchovny pic.twitter.com/Wb153EIgXe

In case you have not seen this one yet…

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