36,000 Subscribers? WOW!!! Duchovniacs are everywhere!!! Happy Holidays

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When I started this blog with a few friends May 14, 2015, it was all  just for fun. Never in a million years did I expect it to blossom into its current status. I had no doubt David Duchovny and all of the projects involved had so many fans, but never did I expect this blog to become such a fun hobby.

Thanks to all of you that make this fun. We have made so many new friends in the past few months following David and Weather around the country – international for a few die-hard concert goers. Now, with David busy filming Aquarius, all of the focus is on January 24th, of course.

I now many of us have withdrawal. Its been 46 days since we have seen David live in concert. Feels like we are way over due for a book signing or something. Lets face it, we were really spoiled in 2015.

But with another novel, lots of new songs and at least two TV shows, we can find solace knowing 2016 will be even bigger. For now, sit back, chill, rewatch some X-Files, sip some egg nog and enjoy your holidays!!!


Santa Duchovny

Comment if this is the most disturbing fan pic OR holiday pic OR any pic period you have ever seen LOL

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