Three years ago today I launched this blog, inspired by a dozen internet friends coming together for food, drinks and Duchovny.

Consider what we have been celebrating since.

Since that fateful night on May 12, when we helped launched HELL OR HIGHWATER, David’s first album, we have followed his career closely through two seasons of two TV shows – Aquarius and The X-Files, Two Albums – EVERY THIRD THOUGHT released this year, and Three Novels – HOLY COW, BUCK FUCKING DENT, and MISS SUBWAYS.

That would be a fulfilling career of work for many artists.

Since then there has been maybe 100 plus events where we have gotten to hang out and meet new friends on three continents. Live Concerts, Book Signings, and Comic Cons have inspired intercontinental travel for dozens of friends, and 100s more we do not closely associate, which I hope will change.

The road has not been without a few bumps – literally if you were trying to sleep in the RV while I drove across Europe. Like a big dysfunctional family this fandom has its ups and downs. The school yard has had its bullies. But we are a family that pulls through at the end of the day.

Now we anxiously await BUCK FUCKING DENT the movie, hoping for X-Files Season 12 news, new concerts dates (rumors flying about some upcoming USA dates) and so much more.

Maybe not the largest fandom in the world, we are certainly dedicated, and name another fandom that has SO MUCH fresh content to absorb.


We are just getting started!!!

But it all started with Charnette asking for FREEBIRD and me requesting NWA… BOTH of us are still waiting for these covers LOL

YUP We were sitting right in front of Pat, and later Gillian May 12, 2015.

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