originally aired November 4, 1994
written by Chris Rupenthal, Glen Morgan, Jam es Wong
directed by David Nutter

WIKI – In Los Angeles, Garrett Lorre, a middle-aged businessman, embarks on a one night stand with an anonymous woman he has met at a corporate party. However, as they are having sex in his hot tub, the woman bites Lorre to drink his blood. Two other men join the woman, helping her kill Lorre by repeatedly stabbing him using hypodermic needles.

The following day, before departing for Los Angeles, Fox Mulder stores the missing Dana Scully’s FBI badge in an X-File and files it under her name. At the crime scene, Mulder meets with the LAPD detectives investigating the case, explaining that Lorre’s murder is the latest in a series of seemingly vampiric serial killings that have spanned two other states. Because the killers write biblical passages in the victims’ blood, Mulder believes that they view themselves as an “Unholy Trinity”.

Mulder visits a local blood bank where a night watchman has been recently hired. Mulder has him arrested after he is caught drinking blood in the facility’s storeroom. During his interrogation, the suspect tells Mulder that he belongs to a trio of vampires who desire immortality; he is known as “The Son” while the other two, a man and a woman, are called “The Father” and “The Unholy Spirit”. Mulder does not believe The Son’s claims. However, at sunrise, The Son is burned to death when sunlight from the window touches his flesh. Mulder is taken aback, having previously assumed vampires to be purely mythological.

During an examination of The Son’s body, Mulder discovers a tattoo for Club Tepes, a local vampire club. There, he comes across a young woman named Kristen Kilar who partakes in the consumption of blood. Mulder, having his suspicion aroused, follows Kristen after she and another club patron, David Yung, leave for an erotic liaison; he initially fears that Kristen is targeting Yung, but is beaten by Yung when he catches the agent spying on them. After Mulder leaves, Yung is murdered by the three killers.

Mulder runs a background check into Kristen, discovering that she formerly lived in Memphis and Portland—both the previous locations of earlier murders. Mulder assists the LAPD in searching Kristen’s home, where he finds various blood-related paraphernalia. When Kristen arrives later, Mulder is waiting for her. Kristen tells Mulder that she met The Son in Chicago and that they had engaged in “blood sports” together. Later, Kristen fled The Son as he formed the Unholy Trinity with his accomplices and began their killing spree, following her across the country. Mulder and Kristen kiss while The Son, who has returned from the dead, looks on.

The next morning, The Son confronts Kristen and tells her that by killing Mulder and drinking the blood of a “believer”, she will become one of them. Kristen approaches Mulder with a knife but instead stabs The Father, who is hiding in the bedroom. The Son attacks Mulder but is subdued. Mulder and Kristen try to escape, but are attacked in the garage by The Unholy Spirit. Kristen drives into her, impaling her on a wooden peg on the wall. Kristen tricks Mulder into running outside of the house while she goes back inside and pours gasoline around herself and The Son. Kristen lights a match, blowing up the house and taking her own life in order to kill the other vampires. Firefighters find four bodies in the wreckage while Mulder stares at Scully’s cross necklace.

Guest actors
  • Perrey Reeves as Kristen Kilar
  • Frank Military as The Son/John
  • Malcolm Stewart as Commander Carver
  • Justina Vail as The Unholy Spirit
  • Gustavo Moreno as The Father
  • Tom McBeath as Detective Gwynn
  • Frank Ferrucci as Detective Nettles
  • Ken Kramer as Dr. Browning
  • Roger Allford as Garrett Lorre
  • Richard Yee as David Yung
  • Brad Lorre as Fireman
  • John Tierney as Dr. Jacobs
  • David Livingstone as Guard
  • Guyle Frazier as Office


originally aired November 11, 1994
written by Glen Morgan, James Wong
directed by R.W. Goodwin



WIKI – FBI special agent Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) is currently missing, having disappeared after being kidnapped by a deranged multiple-abductee in the two-part episodes “Duane Barry” and “Ascension”. Her partner Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) has continued his work without her, but is still investigating her disappearance, believing her to have been abducted by aliens. His investigations into similar abductions in the past have been aided by The Lone Gunmen, a trio of conspiracy theorists made up of John Byers (Bruce Harwood), Melvin Frohike (Tom Braidwood) and Richard Langly (Dean Haglund).

Scully’s mother, Margaret, (Sheila Larken) tells Mulder a story about Dana shooting a snake with her brothers as a child and regretting what she did afterwards. She indicates she is ready to let go of Dana, and shows Mulder Scully’s gravestone. Mulder, however, refuses to give up.


Scully then turns up mysteriously at a hospital in a coma. An out of control Mulder demands to know how she got there, and is escorted out by security but later calms down and meets with Dr. Daly (Jay Brazeau), who reveals that no one can figure out how she got there or what’s wrong with her. He tells Mulder and Mrs. Scully that she has a living will that dictates she be taken off of life support when her condition falls to specific criteria. At Scully’s bedside, Mulder meets her older sister Melissa (Melinda McGraw). Scully has a vision of sitting in a boat, attached by rope to a dock where Mulder and Melissa stand, and nurse Owens behind them. Frohike visits Scully and sneaks out her medical chart, which the Lone Gunmen later investigate. Byers finds that Scully’s blood contains branched DNA that may have been used for identification but now is inactive and nothing more than a poisonous waste product in her system.


The mysterious Nurse Owens visits Scully at her bedside, trying to reach her in her coma. Later Mulder visits Scully while another nurse takes her blood. When distracted, a mysterious man steals Scully’s blood sample and runs. Mulder chases him down to the parking lot where he is confronted by X, who demands that he stop pursuing what happened to Scully and let her die. He then executes the man who stole her blood. When Assistant Director Walter Skinner (Mitch Pileggi) calls Mulder to his office regarding the incident, Mulder denies any involvement and claims that the Cigarette Smoking Man is responsible for what happened to Scully. Mulder demands to know where he is but Skinner refuses to tell him.

In another vision Scully lies on a table and is visited by her deceased father. Mulder, sitting with Melissa in the hospital cafeteria, is asked by a woman for change for the cigarette machine. When she says that a pack of Morleys is already there and leaves, Mulder opens it and finds the Cigarette Smoking Man’s address inside. Mulder bursts into the Cigarette Smoking Man’s home and holds him at gunpoint, demanding to know why Scully was taken instead of him. The Cigarette Smoking Man claims he likes the both of them, which is why she was returned; he reveals that he told Skinner it was Mulder who shot the man in the parking lot, although he didn’t believe this to be true, incidentally revealing himself as unaware of who did shoot the man, namely X. He tells Mulder that he’ll never know the truth if he kills him, and Mulder decides not to.

Mulder returns to FBI headquarters and types out a resignation letter that he hands into Skinner. Skinner visits his office as Mulder is packing his things, and relates an out-of-body experience he had in Vietnam. Skinner refuses to accept Mulder’s resignation and Mulder realizes that he was the one who provided him with the Cigarette Smoking Man’s location. Heading to the parking garage, Mulder is met by X, telling him that he’ll have a chance for revenge that night when men, believing him to have information on Scully, will search his apartment at a specific time. Mulder is waiting with his gun at his apartment when Melissa arrives. Although he initially refuses to leave, Melissa is able to convince Mulder to see Scully, where he holds Scully’s hand and talks to her. Returning home to find his apartment trashed, Mulder sits on the floor and cries.

The next day, Scully awakens. Mulder is called to the hospital and sees her, returning her cross necklace, where she indicates she heard his voice while in her coma. Scully tells him she doesn’t remember anything after being kidnapped by Duane Barry. Later Scully asks one of the nurses if she can see Nurse Owens, as she wants to thank her, but the nurse tells Scully that no nurse named Owens works at the hospital.

Guest actors

originally aired November 18, 1994
written by Howard Gordon
directed by David Nutter

WIKI – Adam Pierce, a scientist at the California Institute of Technology, intercepts a visual transmission from Firewalker, a mobile robot sent by a volcanic research project on Mount Avalon near Bend, Oregon. Firewalker is broadcasting from inside a volcanic cave, where Pierce glimpses the dead body of the chief seismologist, Phil Erickson. He also sees a shadow moving in the cave, an impossibility due to the extremely high temperatures. The figure in the cave then destroys Firewalker’s camera, ending the transmission.

Pierce goes to Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson), showing them a TV interview of the project’s leader, Daniel Trepkos (Bradley Whitford); Pierce was with the project until he and Trepkos had a falling out. The agents take the case, but Mulder is reluctant to let Scully come along because of her recent abduction; Scully, however, insists that she is ready. Upon arriving at Mount Avalon, Pierce goes out in the woods to inspect the project’s equipment while the agents search the laboratory. They meet the seemingly traumatized team: robotics engineer Jason Ludwig (Leland Orser), systems analyst Peter Tanaka (Hiro Kanagawa), and graduate student Jessie O’Neil (Shawnee Smith). They claim that Trepkos destroyed their lab and disappeared after Firewalker’s first descent. Meanwhile, outside, Trepkos strangles Pierce.

After the team finds and stores Pierce’s body, Mulder reviews Trepkos’ fragmented notes. He finds references to a new silicon-based organism existing inside Mount Avalon; Scully, however, doubts his conclusions because of his mental state. Tanaka breaks into convulsions and displays a high fever, but refuses any help from Mulder or Scully. When he is put on a stretcher for a medivac pickup, Mulder notices a throbbing bulge in his neck. Tanaka flees into the woods and dies when a tentacle bursts out of his throat. An autopsy by Scully finds sand in his lungs, indicating the existence of a silicon-based spore; she theorizes that when exposed, the spore infects the nearest hosts or otherwise dies. Mulder contacts the CDC to have them quarantine the site.

Mulder and Ludwig venture into the volcanic caves to find Trepkos. When they find Firewalker, Trepkos shoots Ludwig in the back with a flare gun, killing him. He then burns Ludwig’s body, as he was infected with the spore as well. Trepkos tells Mulder that after Firewalker returned from its first descent, Erickson pulverized a rock in one of its samples, resulting in his death and the infection of all the scientists immediately surrounding him. Trepkos says that the spore is parasitic in nature, making its hosts pass itself on to others. Meanwhile, in the lab, an infected O’Neil handcuffs herself to Scully to expose her to the spore, but Scully protects herself by throwing O’Neil into a sealed chamber and closing the door. A protrusion bursts out of O’Neil’s throat, killing her without spreading the spore to Scully.

Mulder and Trepkos arrive on the scene. Mulder radios the evacuation team but—knowing that Trepkos will refuse to go—reports that only he and Scully have survived the ordeal. The agents enter a month-long quarantine while the Chemical Corps confiscates the lab and cordons off Mount Avalon. Firewalker is salvaged, but is too damaged to yield sufficient data. Trepkos and O’Neil are officially unaccounted for and presumed dead; Trepkos is last seen carrying O’Neil’s body as he disappears into the volcano.

Guest actors


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