THE MORNING AFTER – The Forests of Northern Vancouver

How’s everyone doing this morning?


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Last night was awesome. Walking around town, waiting in line all day, singing and dancing along and then struggling to find food in Vancity after 11pm is a physical and emotional roller coaster. After being turned away by one last call after another we settled in at Denny’s.

THIS is a big city? I have not settled on Denny’s after dark since high school in the burbs. I learned I love Vancouver during the day. Turns out the creeps come out at night. THE CREEPS COME OUT! Most adults reminded me of me and friends during high school trying to sneak into bars downtown DC w./o fake IDs way too impressed how cool we thought we were. That’s 80% of the Vancity nightlife partakers. The other 20% are creeped out  young ladies just trying to have fun. Misogyny  challenging drugs for chief epidemic at this hour. Sorry, I have always hated the player, not the game!

So Sunday was a bit of a late start, sleeping in till 9am. We went to bed later, but until Sunday our wake up schedules were on East Coast time regardless of bedtimes.

We took the hotel shuttle and then dedicated tour bus to the hills north of Vancouver, just below Grouse, where we froze in delight on Friday.

AS you first enter into the ticked area of the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park you are submerged into a mini museum dedicated to First Nation.

We then headed to the suspension bridge.  This is no easy task. If vertigo does not get you motion sickness might. I usually do not love heights. Somehow the beauty of the area surpassed me fears of falling.

Another view of this from the boardwalk.

More bridge woes

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Once across the bridge we walked the tree tops and boardwalk with one serene view after another.

I think that I shall never see. A poem lovely as a tree.

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This is exactly what w needed today.

#duchovniacs joined #firstnations

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And we un-winded with some humor too..

Again, our photos do not do this place justice.

Ranger Rick disappeared

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And now I'm this big… #featherbrain

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How big was that fish? #fishstory

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Two dementional photos do not capture the depth of the drop below…

It's a long way down

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We never saw any bears today.

No bears in Canada

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The mountain “HIKE” kicked our butts.

Lots of walking

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We took a bus back to Canada Place. A very clear day we could see Washington State Volcano

We see America #usa

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Mount Baker, also known as Koma Kulshan or simply Kulshan, is an active glaciated andesitic stratovolcano in the Cascade Volcanic Arc and the North Cascades of Washington in the United States. Wikipedia

We walked around Canada Place and the Downtown harbor area.

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Our Duchovniac friend from Spain, Gloria, is about to become a pilot. I was joking with David that we will be replacing the European RV with a Sea Plane with Gloria as pilot for Australia 2018. This was a fitting discovery.

We walked around downtown, recognizing a lot more sites form X-Files episodes, risking trouble with the local law enforcement.

Oops the Mounties coming for me

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And their trusty deputies.

The deputy deals me out Bullwinkle?

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No pee pants but nerves might explain this gibberish.

Our entire group of 16 Duchovniacs landed at Steamworks for Dinner

Karen had just returned from David’s recording party. NDA held back stories but smiles told all awesomeness experienced. Before leaving it was birthday time.

Happy Birthday @girlvsplanet

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And then Birthday Shot time

Birthday Drop Shots @girlvsplanet

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More about these Drop Shots, including my pink panties and lace. Don’t judge! lol

Dropped it like it's hot with my Pink Panties and Lace #drunkovniacs Only macho manly drinks for me

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After a long three days and a few goodbyes for Duchovniacs flying home Monday, we found bed early. Till next time…

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