DAY SIX and EPIC Duchovniacs Group Trip Reflections

Not much new to report. But very emotional right now. Just said good bye to 6 great friends, plus the few GBs from yesterday, and missing the folks that could not be with us this week etc etc etc


Today was a vacation from vacationing day. We all walked out with the idea of more exploring, headed towards a Chinese restaurant but settled on quick service Mexican. Mucho Burrito was not bad a step above or below Chipotle depending on who you talked to or the dish consumed. It was pretty good for the price, wo Canadian conversions considered.

But there was a groggy inspiring drizzle and we all – well most – were just feeling BLAH. So we chilled out. A few went for a walk. A few found out where some X-Files filming was happening and got close but not much to see.

We all ended up at the same Chinese Restaurant tonight – in two shifts that over lapped long enough for some goodbye hugs. Dinasty on Robson was phenomenal! The menu does a great job at selling the place.

Mass #foodporn to follow

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This is the height of our table full of food.

Nest Chinese Food Ever!!!! Duck, dumplings, homemade noodles etc etc etc are all amazing

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AFTER with just 5 tackling the task…

After… me and 4 skinny ladies done good #foodporn

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Not a bad dish on the menu…

Yeah… to all @thexfiles #thexfiles fans, cast and crew Go here now!!!

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I had duck with lotus buns

This crispy duck dish was all mine #foodporn yummy

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We then all cabbed it back and enjoyed one last soak in the hot tub.

SO at risk of sounding to sappy I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone that made this week so special. From the man of the hour himself, David Duchovny; Brad, Kerry, Colin, Pat and Mitch; all Duchovniacs here there and every where. If you were not rocking with us in person, you were with us in spirit. “DUCHOVNIACS” is far bigger than David, us or anything. It represents a common bond for hundreds, perhaps thousands of fans, far more than those that accept the label for themselves as far as I am concerned.

We joke about being crazy. But that is not quite it. I truly believe true happiness only happens when you accept and embrace you inner geek. Whether you are trekkies, whovians, philes or our specialized subset that focus on David’s work in and out of X-Files, you are happiest when you say FU to the judgmental folk that lack what we have.

And for me, as I always say, that extends far beyond our love of any show or celebrity. We came to Vancouver with a group of 16 from all over America, China, Spain, Germany, Slovenia, and I am sure I am forgetting somewhere else. This week I met many from Canada, Alaska, Chech, Oxford via Florida and more. You may not consider yourself a Duchovniac but I do. You are one of us when ever you want to be. You are always welcome here.

And of course we are emotional for our close friends that wanted to be here and could not due to schedules, illness etc. You are missed and loved. Thank you for playing along online.





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